Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 15, 2014 Letter...

Tell all the boys I love them and thank you for their letters, they mean the world. I´m so happy and glad to hear they are all doing so well. Cameron cracks me up... Brigham is still just chill and happy.. and Zack is a stud.. make sure to tell him he needs to eat a lot of food if he wants to grow:) I was so happy to call you and dad.. it was great. Oh my comp´s card wasn't working, so he couldn´t call, so I let him use my debit card.. hope that´s alright. Oh today is P-day so I´m going to buy a new backpack. My shoulder bag destroys my shoulder. I love you mom and family, please start making noche de hogar a priority. It´s so important, the family is where we grow and learn the principles of the gospel the best. This is why families are so important. I loveee you guys so much:)

Okay now to reply to this letter and to tell you a little bit about Peru:

A contestar su preguntas..
My companion, Elder Fernandez is from Puno, Peru. He is learning English here on the mission; we only speak in spanish though. Which can be veerrrryyy difficult at times, because sometimes I need to say things that I don´t know how to say, but I´m learning very quickly. Oh fun fact.. Peru.. doesn´t speak pure Spanish. Here it´s called castellano. Which is Spanish, but super slangy, fast, and difficult to understand. It´s like someone learning Utah English for six weeks, then goes to the UK to continue learning English. It´s difficult but I´m picking up on the slang and different phrases and words and sounds.. slowly, but surely:)

Okay.. Area of town, hahaha. I live in Rimac. Rimac is probably the second poorest district, and second most dangerous. The people here, the area, all of it is extremely poor. Like I´ve been extremely humbled seeing how people live here compared to Alpine. It´s so different, but it´s amazing. Me and my comp´s sector is called Leoncio Barrio 3, and we have the hill with all the houses on it. So we have to climb up mountains of stairs every single day.. I can already feel my legs growing, hahaha. It´s fun though. The people here are great, especially the members.. they are so loving. The investigators always make fun of me because I´m a gringo and don´t speak much Spanish haha.. good stuff.

We don´t have a pensionista in this area. But every single day we go to a members house for lunch, and holy wowowwowow is the food good... One thing I´m learning here, is how to eat, and how to eat a lot. There is rice with probably every meal, but it´s always amazing and flavorful. Lot´s of chicken and potatoes, too. Also, there is this drink called chicha morada - it is this purple corn drink with piña and sugar. It´s good if it has a lot of piña. But, the members feed us sooo much. I´m not kidding. Infinite amounts. The other day at the stake president´s, we first had a huge plate, stacked to the roof of pasta, the second course was a huge plate of rice, chicken, and veggies.. soo good, then we had a break with a banana, then dessert was ice cream. Sooo much food, but MY stomach feels healed and can pound food:) I can´t wait to get fat.. actually, I probably can´t because of the infinite amounts of walking we do. But it´s great!

Oh we get to go to the temple here about every 3 months! Which is awesome! I´m really excited.. We go for the first time on october 6th!

I need to continue working and continue to learn this language so I can help people to the best of my abilities! We have several investigators right now, and we just commited one to baptism!!! We are arranging a marriage first, because cohabitation is the norm here. We can´t have that:) So yeah marriage first, then baptism! We are so excited. Many more to come:) 

I´m still adjusting here, but I do love it. I love you family!

Elder Cluff
 CCM District

Five Star Hotel Breakfast - First morning in Peru!

 View from my apartment window!

 View from District Leader's window!

 Elder Fernandez, Elder Cluff, District Leader, Elder Hiatt

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Elder Cluff with his Mission President and Wife!

Presidente and Hermana Borg with Elder Cluff :)

Dear Cluff Family,

We are delighted to report to you that your son, Elder Cluff, has arrived to begin his service in La Misión Perú Lima Central.  He looks great, is healthy, and is very excited to begin his service (see the enclosed picture). We are thrilled to receive him and we will take good care of him.  It was our privilege to share breakfast and lunch with him while he was being interviewed and trained in the mission office. 

Elder Cluff has been assigned to the area of the mission called Leoncio Prado 3.  He is in the Rimac Zone.  His companion is Elder Fernandez.  Please be assured that these assignments are not made randomly, but are a matter of serious pondering and prayer.
Because of the geographical size of our mission, Elder Cluff was introduced to all of our missionaries at a general meeting held in a local stake house that same afternoon.  There he met and was joined with his new companion and trainer, Elder Fernandez.

We thank you for the support that you give to your son during his mission.  Elder Cluff will look forward to positive, uplifting letters from home.  We ask that he corresponds with you weekly, and we encourage you to do the same, using the e-mail address he will give you if you do not already have it (the same one he used at the CCM).  

We will watch over your son during this time in which he will be serving the Lord in this important work.  We also know that your family will be blessed by his service.  If there are any emergencies that need to be forwarded to Elder Cluff, please use the telephone number or e-mail address listed above.  

Con Cariño,

Map of Elder Cluff's area, Rimac Zone (outlined)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Quick Email... Next Stop ~ PERU!!

Hello Everyone!

I just want you to know I leave the CCM in two hours, so I get to email and say I'm packed, and ready to go. I haven't checked the weight limit yet, but I'm gonna check it soon and figure things out. I love you and the CCM was really great, but I'm ready to go. I'm ready to go into the field and fish for the souls of men:) Tell the family I love them and am proud of everything they do! I hopefully will call today.. it will be around anywhere from 11-3 your time, so maybe be ready! But at Christmas we'll talk for longer!

Talk to you later, from Peru:)

Elder Cluff

Last days at the CCM!

Farewell to the CCM! (and some random Elder)

We helped decorate the Comedor for Mexican Independence Day! YAY!

 Kissing statues is good luck.

 Our district and our night teacher, Hermano Salazar!

Thursday, September 4, 2014


We have to cut out naughty pictures on the chip bags here :)

Doing service for Hermana Rosa. Ella es mi favorita:) pero, tengo muchos favoritos. Lol, the funniest part was she wanted to take a selfie with us. We were so excited to take a selfie.

Just chillin' on P-day

September 4, 2014 Letter...

Hello mom and family!!!

How is everyone? I loved your letter mom! I got my flight plans and I leave Monday, at 2:57 PM! So I'll call around that time, probably sometime before (hopefully). I hope I can call because I'm really just unsure with how it all works and stuff. I'm excited for dad and his exams, he'll pass them all I'm not worried. Captain America sounds really good! And so did that motorcycle ride! Sooo fun. I miss riding the scooter everywhere I'm not gonna lie.. that was such a blast.

Haha, definitely do not get a cow.. please. That would be weird.. and what would the dogs do with it? Haha. Just buy milk:)

Yes I'm doing well.. and the CCM is pretty great. It's the same schedule every day, so it gets tiring, but I'm learning a lot and working hard to I can become the best missionary I can be. I know I have to work as hard as i can, and be obedient as possible, so I can reap the blessings here in the field, and the blessings of when I get home, and for the rest of my life! It's sometimes hard to keep those thoughts in sight when I'm tired, miss home and friends, but I know this is where I'm supposed to be, and no matter what, I need to trust in the Lord, pray with all diligence and strength, and endure to the end. I can't wait to teach and help real investigators with this same thing. I can't wait to bring happiness to others lives. I'm starting to realize that my mission isn't going to be easy. Apart from missing home, and worries of what will happen while I'm gone, I'm beginning to realize that I'm going to be doing a lot of suffering while I'm here, for my investigators. I often think of a lesson dad taught in Gospel Doctrine, where he talked about how his mission was the hardest experience of his life. How he talked about how for the last 8 months of his mission he was a branch president, and had to remove more names from the church than add. How every night he kneeled in prayer, pleading with the Lord for help, for direction, and for comfort for him, and for the members. I'm beginning to see this in my own mission. I'm beginning to see how this "missionary work" people take so lightly, isn't light at all. When I think of how dad felt on his mission for his investigators and the members of his branch, and how I will feel for my future investigators, I need to remember I'm not the first one to walk this path. A man, much greater, much more perfect than us walked this path. His name was Jesus Christ. As perfect, as loving, as Godly as he was, It was NEVER easy for him. Jesus Christ, the son of the Living God, asked his Father, (his mission president, if you will) if there was an easier way. The point is, we have to suffer here. I have to suffer here. We need to walk somewhat a glimpse of the road he walked. Because in times of suffering for our investigators, for the work of salvation, in those times is where we are shoulder to shoulder with the Savior. He is always here for us. He knows better than we do, exactly what we're going through. Salvation was never easy, it was never cheap, and it's going to be hard. I'm ready. I'm here for nothing but to bring souls unto our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I'm ready to begin this journey in Lima, Peru. I'm ready.

Jeffery R. Holland and Henry B. Eyring gave talks that touched heavily on what I just talked about and they hit me hard this week.

Oh, this week I also gave a talk in church...yes. all in Spanish. I gave it on the restauracción and it went really well. I went like 10 minutes on accident, it was only supposed to be 5, but it was really good! My Spanish is progressing extremely well. I spent 3 hours with the Mexican workers (they prefer to be called Mexicans over anything else) and boy did my Spanish get good in those 3 hours. It's way tough to understand them with their thick accents and speed, but it's becoming much easier! The word is that Peruvians speak much faster, and more difficult Spanish.. so that will be fun:)

Anyways, I love you guys! I'll try to get some pics!

Elder Cluff

August 28, 2014 Letter...

Hello Family -- 
How is everyone? 
Don't worry I will keep you updated on everything...I'm good at that kind of stuff. I'll let you know all the details! I got a letter from my Mission President...I'll forward it to you!

I leave the CCM like September 10th! I probably fly straight there, so we'll see! I'll get to email you like the day before! So I'll fill you in on everything!

Glad to hear there is snow already... I'll be honest I miss snow... It rains every other day here and then others is really sunny. My blue umbrella we bought saves my life every day!
Grandpa came all the way up to give dad a blessing? Are you serious? That is amazing. I love grandpa so much. I really do. I love dad too and I pray for him everyday, I know he'll pass it though. He's done what he's needed to do, and now The Lord will bless him. I know he will do amazing on the test. I love hearing that story. Made me tear up a little bit :)
I'm so glad to hear kids are loving school, and ahhh, I wish Zack could have got Mr. Nelson so bad.. he's one of my heroes. I hope he continues loving LP because it is seriously the greatest thing of all time.
Elder Cluff's district, and one Hermana :)

 Elder Lemon, Elder Tasker, Elder Cluff and Elder Pearce
Okay so these two pics.. The first one is my whole district and a random hermana who just left and wanted to take a picture with all of us lol...And the second one is the main guys I'm with, from left to right, Elder Lemon, Elder Tasker, me and my comp Elder Pearce. I share a room with all these guys! Solid dudes!
While I'm here, every single day, I realize how important it is to have the spirit with you always; to teach by it especially. The most important thing with investigators is teaching them, not lessons. I'm learning how key it is to teach to their exact needs, to answer their questions, and to ask them thought provoking inspired questions. It's so key and it's becoming so easy to do in Spanish. It's when I talk about things that aren't gospel is where I struggle, haha. But it's all coming. Also... holy cow, as I read the Book of Mormon and New Testament, I'm beginning to learn and realize how important baptism really is, and how often we are told we need it. I was reading in 2 Nephi 31 the other day and wow... The doctrine of Christ. I can't wait to share that with investigators:) faith, repentence, baptism, the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end are so important and I love reading the scriptures now. And instead of searching for things that impress me, I search for things that will impress investigators and help them come unto Christ, and be taught by the Spirit. I have color coordinated my Spanish scriptures with crayola colored pencils I bought to go with topics that are key for investigators. It's pretty smooth and it's already helping a lot when I teach. Yes, this is the most important work in the world, and I'm blessed to be able to be a part of it. I love the gospel with all my heart and I want to work hard so I can be blessed.
I love you all. I hope everyone stays well and Good luck on your test dad, don't even stress. The Lord has already blessed you and will continue doing so.
I love you so much mom:)
Elder Cluff