Monday, December 28, 2015

December 28, 2015 Letter...

Concerning the suit, I already have one :) It´s dopppeeee. (I´m saving it for when I get home tho) And it was less than that, too. It´s brand spanking new and my comp gave it to me. I got it fitted to me and everything. superrrrr sick:) I want to get one more though! I love suits.

Love you though mom :) my health is feeling a bit better. My only worry right now is that I have dropped down a lot of pounds and I gotta get that back up. I´m going to buy some maltodextrin here but it costs 30 bucks, don´t worry about it right now just try to get me that WHEN YOU CAN.

It was so good to see you guys on Christmas. The fam damily is doing GREATTTTT. Everyone looks really good. Mom you look younger than ever. Dad also is looking like Cool STUFF. The brothers are getting huge. Brigham sounds like a man and Cameron is still the cutest little boy. Zack is tall as john. Bear needs to lose weight, he is a fatty. Kula´s training is paying off. That was fun to see. I´m glad everyone had a really good Christmas and just know that for the next one, we´ll be together! Wooohoo.

Not much has happened this week. Like I told you guys, I had been sick for 3 days, in bed wanting to die, but I´m feeling a bit better now. We had a lot of activities this week going out and contacting people, which is always a good time. We also had our mission activity this week. It was a good time cuz we got to get together with everyone and have some activities and watch some videos and then eat burritos, which I love. BTW I miss Mexican food more than anything. There is Mexican food here, but few and far between (I don't know if I said that phrase right LOLZ) We are a Mexican food family and I´ll cherish that forever. Two things I want when I get home, Pat´s BBQ and solid Mexican food. Anyways the mission activity was FUNNN even though I was sick. (the burrito helped) And allllll this candy is great :) I love the package mom! And also the songs you sent me! I´m living the rich kid life! Gooooo Knights! Alpine kids!

Nothing much is happening right now, we are just working and killing it and we should have a baptism this WEEK. Keep Ingrid in your prayers, that this week she can be baptized! Okay? It´s going to be GOOOODDD.

Funny story this week, so as usual, at about 8:45 I was buying my nightly slab of chicken with rice and potato (that´s all we eat here) and as I get to the small chicken grill stand, I see these 4 women sat down also buying chicken. Out of no where they started hitting on us, and I was like "What, stop.. don´t do that, I´m a missionary. Women terrify me." And then I realized that every one of these women were actually dudes! WORST! From there I felt even weirder. I offically got hit on by transformers and I will never be the same. We left from there and then I ate my chicken in the house and it tasted funny. Peru never stops suprising me.

Anyways,, keep it real,

Elder Cluff

December 21, 2015 Letter...

Good to hear everyone is well!

This week has been a little bit here and there, but the good thing; we have seen a lot of miracles! We have a large amount of investigators that are finally progressing towards baptism! My comp and I have increased our faith, and the Lord has blessed us for doing so. What I have come to understand in my mission is that increased faith comes as a by-product of a righteous and worthy life. In the mission, we are expected to live the commandments, but in addition, we have many other rules we need obey. As I have lived the rules of the mission and worked with diligence, I have been blessed with increased faith, and as a result of increased faith I have seen that, as the Prophet Joseph taught, faith isn´t only a principle of action, but also power. That very power works miracles; it helps me to complete with my purpose as a missionary by reminding me to put my trust in the Lord and not in the arm of flesh, and it gives me the spiritual confirmation that the Lord will complete with every promise he has made me, if I continue exercising faith with an eye single to His glory.

The bad thing; I am sick as a dog. I ate something on Saturday that literally gave me the black plague. I was slowly dying yesterday with huge chest pains, diarrhea, vomiting, fever of 102, and body pains like I have never felt before. I´m recovering right now and feel a bit better, but still got that classic shotgun diarrhea going.

On Tuesday, I could have sworn I was going to have a transfer, given that I have been here for almost 5 months and that I was basically already here in this same spot for 6 months before, but on Monday when they called us they called us to tell us the transfers.. I didn´t have one. Crap. That would mean, half of my mission here in Rimac in basically the same spot,and  my only two Christmases in the mission, here in Rimac, and 3 transfers with the same comp. I´ll be honest, at first I was pretty ticked, but later I recieved a confimation that this is the Lord´s will. It´s hard sometimes to be humble and say that he is right and that he knows what´s best, but truth be told, He DOES know what´s best, and it´s not just sometimes, but it´s ALWAYS. I know I was kept here for one more transfer with a wise purpose that only He knows. There is work to be done here, and there are people to help. I feel like I have to be the one to carry that work out. I´m pumped and I accept the Lord´s challenge and this transfer I will continue giving it my all.

I only have a half hour today to write because we´ll be talking on the 25th! Christmas!! It does not feel like Christmas here, super weird. But hey, remember Bishop Garcia? From Leoncio Prado? My first ward? Anyways, I´m going to be spending Christmas with him and his family AGAIN. Hahaha. I might as well consider them my new family :) So yeah the call on Christmas.. how about we do it at 2:00, I don´t know if we are on the same time or how many hours we are apart, but let´s say at 2:00 PM Peru time.

Love you guys, see you soon!

Elder Cluff

P.S. I´m gonna use Skype, so please try and coordinate with Sky and Ash so they can be in on it, too! Also any young hot single adult lady is welcome to the Skype sesh. LOL. I´m still hilarious.

Monday, December 14, 2015

December 14, 2015 Letter...

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!! <3 

Elder Pedrera was an answer to many of my prayers. I love that Elder so much. I credit him as the person who taught me the majority of what I know. What a boss. Super, super good guy. I´m glad you have been able to talk to him :)

And it sounds like everyone is having fun and everyone is doinggggg well! Good to hear that. I love you guys a lot :) also pumped for the packages... sorry I suck and don't send anything home.. I literally have 0 time...

Okay, we have to plan at what time we are going to Skype on Christmas day.. what time you guys thinking ... like 8? or like 10? or something like that. Just let me know so I can get it arranged here.

The work of salvation this week took a leap! We are seeing MIRACLESSSSS!!! We made the goal to increase our faith this week... and we did it... and now we are seeing many blessings because of it. Something that has really helped me this week has been changing my attitude from doubting and thinking... "well.. that's gonna be hard to do... I don't know how we´re gonna to meet that goal...the Lord´s not going to do that for us" to a positive attitude based on a firm foundation of faith and trusting more in the Lord´s merits than in my own. I have seen the most success in my mission when I have most trusted in the Lord and left the work in His hands. On the contrary, I´ve had the hardest times when I have thought that my ways are better and doubted in the Lord and the miracles that He can perform.

I don't know why we tend to forget about the witnesses and confirmations or the blessings we have received for having put into action a gospel principle. I guess it's all part of what King Benjamin talked about... "putting off the natural man and become a saint through the Atonement." The natural man wanders and wearies, and tends to forget, but an essential part of this life is remembering what the Lord has done for us, and continuing to apply that every day and having the new-found knowledge that the Lord has given us. We tend to forget sometimes, but we need always remember. 

Anyways, we have solid investigators that are finally progressing towards baptism. I'm so grateful. We taught a lot of solid lessons this week and the spirit has been strong. I'm learning patience and humility. That's something I have always lacked. But I feel like I'm getting better everyday.

The sacrament yesterday was also a wonderful experience. I'm so grateful for the emblems of the sacrament, in which we have the amazing opportunity to remember the Savior and his everlasting sacrifice. There is not a better moment to feel the spirit and communicate with the Lord than in that moment. The sacrament is essential and it's become something sacred for me here on the mission.

We are also teaching a man with generalized cancer (terminal) named Julio. It hurts seeing him on the verge of death, but it gives me great peace to be able to enter his home, and teach him about the gospel and the plan of salvation. What brings me peace is that, thanks to Christ, death no longer has victory. He loosened the bands of death and he did it because he loves us and wants us to go back to him. I know that Hermano Julio might not have much longer, but I hope and pray that before he goes he can make the decision to accept the gospel in it's fullness.

Anyways, love you guys so much.

Elder Cluff

p.s. funny story...

The other day we had a lesson and we brought this member with us because we needed a dude or we couldn't enter into the house alone... and we get there and sit down ready to teach a lesson about obedience to the commandments, the sabbath day in especial.. and out of nowhere, the member we brought starts talking about how he drinks his own pee every day to stay healthy and tells that to our investigator and I was like, DUDE WUT.... STOP. And then yeah, I wanted to punch something, but turns out our investigator happened to drink her own pee, also, so it ended up not being that bad....... weirdest day of my life. Hahahahaha. Goooo Peru.

Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7, 2015 Letter...

Love you mom! It's good to hear from you guys. I hope everyone at home is doing well. This week has been a real butt kicker, to say the least. I don´t know what it is with Rimac, I don´t know what it has against me, but it is kicking my bootie. We are fighting and fighting and fighting to help the people receive and accept the only true and enduring help for their problems, but in spite of all the people that we are finding, which are a lot, they aren´t wanting to progress nor change their way of life.

We have people who are progressing and who are going to be baptized, like Ingrid for example. She is a solid girl we met a while back who was receiving visits from the Jehovah's Witnesses. Currently we are helping her now gain her testimony by personal revelation, and she is coming along beautifully. Another one is Tito, this boss who wants to be baptized after so many years of hearing about the church, but never taking the firm decision.

Even though we have these people, sometimes I feel like it´s not enough. I feel like the work here in this ward, Rimac 2, should be advancing a lot more quickly that it is in reality. It seems sometimes as if everyone is content with living in their sins. It´s something I don't understand. To be honest, it´s heartbreaking. The truth is that people aren´t understanding the doctrine. Even though the doctrine is presented in its most basic form, by the holy ghost, if the person doesn´t want the holy ghost to enter in, then it won't. It´s like what Nefi said.... ¨When a man speaks by the power of the Holy Ghost, it carrieth it unto the heart of the children of men.¨ Although that is true, it doesn't mean the holy ghost necessarily carries the message INTO the person´s heart. For that to happen; for the message that carries the holy ghost to enter INTO the heart of the person, the person receiving the message needs to permit it. He needs to act as an agent. We are really searching and praying to the Lord right now in the midst of the difficulties that we are having, that the people can act as agents, and allow the holy ghost to penetrate their hearts, so they can feel it and know. That´s the only way I have seen that my converts and the people I teach can understand the doctrine, if it's not like that, it goes right over their heads.

But that is the mission in a nutshell, and I am so grateful for the opportunity that the Lord has given me to serve and preach His holy gospel. I can say I have never worked so hard for something in my life, and I can also say I have never felt better doing anything else in my life. It feels good to serve the Lord. Even though sometimes when we don´t see the things go the way we want them to, and every once in a while the Lord has a different plan for us than we had originally thought, it´s all part of his great plan, to shape us and mold us and help us reach our divine potential as his true disciples that bear his holy name. I can honestly say that every day I am becoming more like him, and in the trials that he gives me, I am able to learn and prepare myself for what comes next.

The Christmas devotional last night was the greatest thing of my entire life. I am not kidding. I loved it. Every talk given, had something super special for me that the holy ghost was able to teach me. Amazing. I don't have a favorite because I loved them all. Okay, maybe Elder Bednar´s was my favorite. As you know I have a sacred crush on that man. (wuttt) And motab last night was on point.. even better, I listened in English and yeah, good stuff.

Keep it real peeps,

Elder Cluff

Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30, 2015 Letter...

WUT UP! I don't wanna take a lot of time, because a lot of fools emailed me this week and I have to administer to those sheep who aren't of this fold alsoo... WOOW. JK love you guys most. I give you all my heart.

Fredonia and St. George.. I miss those two places. I'm glad you guys had some amazing holidays. I miss the holidays back home, but at the same time it's like... wut. Last year's holidays were hard for me, but this year... notttt at all. Which is good.

The package is going to be awesome.. something cool is that Pres. and Sister Larson`s ward in Idaho are doing this activity in which they are putting packages together for all the elders in this mission who aren't going to receive anything... how touching. I love that. It's gonna be a good Christmas here :)

MY RELEASE DATE HAS BEEN MOVED TO AUGUST 30TH. But yeah, I'm fine with it.

Just kidding, my date WILL NOT BE AFFECTED. None of the dates in our mission will be. July 13th is my date. Prepare the way before me.

I'm going to try to send pictures this weeeekkkk. okay? Imma do a mass picture send. I'll try to do that right now. yaaaa.

This week was a good week. We honestly worked our BOOTIES off. And I feel so pleased with the work that got done. I know the Lord is, too. We found a lot of new people, taught a lot of people, and had a good number of people at church on Sunday :) We met a girl this week named Ingrid who is sooo prepared. We met her Saturday and taught her a little bit of the Plan of Salvation. She had so many amazing questions that we only had time to explain the pre-earth life, and then she went to the 3 hours of church on Sunday. COOOOOLL. Conversion. Woooeehoo.

Tuesday we had a multi-zone meeting that lasted like 10 hours or something like that and Pres. Larson talked for the majority of it. LOVED IT. Pres. Larson and Sis. Larson are super special and I think so highly of them. We are blessed to have them in this mission.

Changes are coming up.. I'll be honest.. I'm praying for a change so that I don't have to be in Rimac... or better said the same neighborhood for my only two Christmas`s in the mission. I`m ready for a new zone.. I do believe that I'll be changed.. but we gonna see.

Thanksgiving Day was a Thanksgiving that I'm never going to forget! It just so happened that this day, my zone and only my zone, went to the temple! We hit a 7:30 sesh.. so early to be in the temple, but it was great. Every time I go I learn so much and I'm able to receive so much personal revelation. My favorite place on earth (it's in a constant fight for first place with Disneyland)! Afterwards, we ate a Thanksgiving meal at Subway. ROAST BEEF TOASTED. (I don't know why  didn't get Turkey, but I didn't, so don't bug me I forgot). SUBWAY IS COOL. There was this longgggg hair in my sandwich that I saw as the chick was making the sub, but I was so hungry and so proud to be in a little piece of America that I just said.. "There is a hair in there Miss Subway... but don't worry about it. I'll eat it anyways." I ate it. It felt great.

Love you all...

Elder Cluff

P.S. A little something that happened yesterday. There was a huge riot... or like a giant fight between fanatics of two soccer teams in Lima.. we were walking out of a members house with our lunch (because we cant eat with the sister missionaries in the member`s house, so we have to carry it home and eat it... lol) and out of no where we hear screams and yelling and we look and there is the mob of shirtless Peruvians throwing giant rocks and trying to kill each other. I was pumped. Then I was like "hey we should probably go"... then we started to go and then the mob who was fighting started coming our way and I almost got pegged with a HUGE rock. WAY TO KEEP THE SABBATH DAY HOLY. We started to run so we didn't die... then they started shooting each other and the cops came and started shooting them... insane. but we are okay.

Me at the Beach

Enjoy the view!

 My Zone

Elder Coayla and me

Elder Cluff, Elder Benites and Elder Coayla

New and improved Cluff Gym :)

November 23, 2015 Letter...

Ah... Milk. There is powdered milk here and all the jib jab but it's terrible...ahh I miss the real milk.. if you feel me. The milk here is fake and full of chemicals and makes me sick. Sooo I'm gonna rough it out 8 more months and when I get home I'll enjoy real milk.

And ouch that makes me hurt. Poor LP. That sucks. Anyways, there is always next year! HA.

Thanksgiving this week... if you wouldn't have told me it would have past right by me without me even realizing it. I don't imagine Pres. or Sister Larson doing anything for Thanksgiving, haha. But yeah, last Thanksgiving and I'll be home for the next one. The dogs are the best. Does kula have free reign of the house now? Or still gets kenneled?

Anywaysssssss ... cool. :) Good to hear all is well. And grandma told me a few weeks ago that Trev and his wife are moving to Fredonia to work there? And that B and Bob are moving to St. George? Is this for real? How come you didn't tell me, hahaha? Insane. I thought they would die there in Turlock... sad though because now we have no one to visit...lolllllzz.

This week was good. We are honestly working our trashes off, but most of our investigators are having trouble with the commandments. So we are going to be focusing this week a lot on them and in what way we can help them to better keep the commandments. Last week we focused a lot on teaching the blessings we receive when we keep the commandments, but that didn't work, so this week we plan to use a little more fire and teach what happens when we don't keep the commandments, so it can get past their heads :)

This week we met a dude named Tito and he is a boss. He has gone to church for like the past 3 weeks, and we talked to him the first week and got to know him and he told us that he was from Trujillo and that he was only visiting... so we were like ahhh crap. Well then, we´ll leave it at that because he´s going to be going back to the motherland soon... anyways.. the weeks passed by and passed by, and he kept showing up at church and we were like dude wtfetch? You told us you were going home soon, and he was like, yeah, well my time extended here and I want you guys to teach me. So we took out an appointment with him and visited him the other day in the church and wow.... PREPARED. It just so happens that he lives in Trujillo alone, and that all of his family are the leaders of our ward here. All of his family. He is the only one who isn't a member, but all of his brothers and sister have served missions and all that, so he knows what's going on and knows about the gospel. The only reason as to why he isn't a member, is because he says that before he didn't consider it too important and that because of his job he didn't have time. Anyways, things have changed and he wants to change and finally learn more. He is insanely ready and willing to learn and be baptized, and he wants to do it here so all of his family can be there. So we are are going to be working with him this week getting him ready to be baptized in beginning of December :) the Lord continues blessing us here and it's another addition to my testimony that miracles exist and that faith always precedes the miracle. Letsssssss getttttt it baby. December is going to be a month of miracles.. it always is. :)

We have a multi-zone conference tomorrow and that's gonna be cooool!

The catholic church members (or better said the people who live by me who had catholic parents and read the bible once so now they´re catholic) last night had a worshiping a false idol saint thing party (it's a common occurrence here, lol) and it was funny cuz they were all out there drinking and dancing (hilariously) and it reminded me of the Lamanite daughters who went and chilled in Shemlon dancing and singing and probably swiggin' back on papa Lamanite´s cough syrup... then they got kidnapped. I don't know if the people last night got kidnapped, but I imagine so. Apostasy isn't cool.

There is this music called regatone here and it is horrible.

Did I ever tell you the story of the guy who died from the cold soda? A good story for next week.

I put my Chums back on my glasses and everyone makes fun of me, but it's toooooo sick. Anyways, I'm eating 5 cups of oats everyday and I don't know if that's dangerous, but I feel good.

Love you guys a lot... :)

Elder Cluff

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

November 16, 2015 Letter...

Hahahaha freaking Carrie and Packer that was hilarious ... I could not believe my eyes. That's too funny. I'm glad they got to see each other though.. Carrie is such a mother coon. She will forever be so. Also, it's good hearing about Kula... gotta get him socialized around other dogs. I'm pumped to see the dogs again. How is Bear doing? Just chilling around still? Is he healthy? Good to hear about the family and that all is well in Zion...I love you very much.

This week was interesting. We had some super spiritual experiences and also some super not so great experiences. To start the week off, on Monday we were doing business all day searching for a house for the sister missionaries... we found one finally right next to the house of the relief society pres and we had to help them move and that was hard, but it was fun at the same time cuz service is fun and when we do service we feel good :). Haa. What else happened... so my comp had an interview with pres this week.. everything is good now, which makes me happy. I don't like it when people aren't obedient.. it hinders the spirit and when the spirit is hindered, the work doesn't move along, and when the work doesn't move along, the church doesn't grow and we waste our time.. But yeah, right now we are going chill and teaching with the spirit and we are happpy and that's what the mission and life is all about. It's been a struggle lately getting people to go to church, because the Sabbath day here is not respected at all. Literally, no one cares. The Sabbath day literally doesn't exist here, even the majority of the members don't respect it and it drives me INSANE. So this week the mission had a training that had to do with the importance of keeping the Sabbath day holy, and we watched the training that the 12 Apostles gave in April before General Conference where they talked about that day. WOWWWW. It was amazing. First off, the Sabbath day has become one of my favorite days. I must say I have recently come to know how important this day is and how sacred it is to the Lord and how sacred it should be to us. Before the mission I guess I just didn't really understand the doctrine (understanding the doctrine is always the answer) of why the Sabbath day is so important, but I can say that now I do and I'm doing all I can to make the Sabbath a delight for me so it can, in turn, be a delight for my investigators. ALWAYS STRIVE TO KEEP THE SABBATH DAY HOLY IN THE FAM:) ...

Anyways, we are working with some real cool investigators right now.. and we are going to get them baptized, because they are cool and need those blessings. We have a family right now that is Juan, Melissa, and their daughter Silvana. They have to get married so they can get baptized, as always, but this family is super promising. Melissa's side of the family are all recent converts that we baptized; so now they are just waiting for her to get baptized. Anyways, they have a goal to get married this December and be baptized the same day. Letsssss get it. The good thing is that there aren't any problems with their papers or anything; so that makes it easier. Oh yeah, we had a super spiritual experience with Melissa the other day, we were giving the closing prayer and we gave it kneeled, and at the end of the prayer I felt such a strong witness from the spirit that every thing that we taught was true, and I know that everyone else felt it, too. As I looked over at Melissa there were tears in her eyes, and I didn't ask anything, I just simply told her, "Melissa, what you feel is the spirit. The spirit will continue testifying like that, as you continue reading the Book of Mormon and praying and asking if it is true." And I said nothing more and let her meditate on that. Wooooowwwww...amazing. The Lord is watching out for us and he is blessing us. It feels good. Our other investigators are good too, we just gotta get them to church and they´ll be baptizeddddddddd. Woooohooooo.

We taught a good amount this week and contacted over a hundred new people to visit for next week. The work is progressing and it feels so good. I gotta say that this ward is one of the hardest yet, because we don't have a lot of help, but we are pushing through. All of my converts here are doing well, too. Two of them received the priesthood yesterday and are going to help prepare and bless the sacrament next week :)

Sister Larson (pres wife) baked cookies this week and when we went to my comps interview she gave me one. I love her. She makes good cookies. A little piece of the UNITED STATES. In Peru cookies don't exist. Neither does milk.. anyways what else.. she always talks to me about church politics. I love it because that news doesn't arrive here to Peru. It usually stays in the US. But she is my source of what's going on in the church. Pres. Larson and Sis. Larson are really my heroes.
Anything else? Nope. Love ya fam :)

Elder Cluff

Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015 Letter...

Helllloo guys. Good to hear that the week was good and you guys went to Logan. I went there once when we went to Cokeville, Wyoming on a bro outing. I plan on going back one day to enter the hospital where I took my first breath from the womb. Anyways, I don't have a lot of time to write today as allllwwwaayyyss, but yeah everything is cool.

This week has been wild, to be honest. If you didn't know ,I have served my whole mission without being with sister missionaries. I don't know how, or if it's been a blessing or a curse. HA. I started my mission in Rimac, where it's too dangerous for them, then I went to Condevilla, where it's also too dangerous for them, and then I'm back in the Rico Rimac where for like 20 years it's been too dangerous for them. Anyways.. President talks with me the other week, and he's like, how would you feel about sisters in your district.. I was like what. Then he was like yeah... we gotta get them sisters in more places, cuz they are workers. And I was like.. hmm sister missionaries.. well, it just so happens that in one of the sectors in my district, one elder went home and the other got sent home, so it would be a perfect opportunity, and also, the sector where it would be is probably the safest in the zone, so I was like... yes. President do it. And he did it. Now I have sisters in my district.

It feels soooo weird. I honestly didn't even know there were sister missionaries in our mission.

But now they are in my district, and I am their leader, and it's fun. They work hard and they both happen to be like sister trainers so that's cool. We are going to get worrrrkkkk done this month. I also got two new elders in the other sector in my district. Two Peruvians.. they're cool.

This month we have to baptized a lot of people, but we have a lot of good people lined up. For example, there is a sister named Berta Velasquez and her BF Antonio, who she, thank goodness, doesn't live with. So yeah, we taught one of the coolest lessons of the restauration yesterday, and they both understood it so well, and accepted baptismal dates for the end of this month. Now we just gotta get members there to slay demons and be their friends. Pray for those two.

Also, we have a doppppeee dude named Gustavo who is so solid. This man has made sooooo many changes in his life, and he now wants to be baptized and follow the example of the Lord. YYYESSS. He used to live in the USA, and he was exported for drug problems. He is here alone, while all of his family is in the USA. He has been able to, with much fighting, overcome his addictions and now helps and works in a recovery center to help others that are like he was. Such a huge example to me. I love this man. We talk english all the time and he has this Virginian accent and it cracks me up. We are getting him prepared for the end of this month, too.

There are some others also, but yeah, swaaahhhgger dagger.

Love ya'll!

Elder Cluff

Thursday, November 5, 2015

November 2, 2015 Letter...

That's awesome.. what a week. Garth.. he is my hero. I love everything that man does. He is an inspiration. You wouldn't believe it, but I miss his music more than whatever other music I hear on the mission. He is my hero. And that`s great the all the family came into town, I always enjoyed that. Skyler and Ashley look good and happy and that makes me really happy. Tell them I really love them for me. And yeah, there is a Rodizio's here, but it's expensive and it's not as good as Tucano's so I think I'm just gonna wait until I get home to partake of that delicious fruit. And Ephraim looked awesome. I have never been there, but one day I would enjoy going to the temple in Manti. Anyways, that's also cool that Lauren is home... so weird tho. I went to her farewell and it feels like it was yesterday. But yeah, I'm sure her and Teej get marrrrriiiieeeeeeeeddddddddd.

This week was better. So yeah, since that Elder went home, I was in a trio this past week.. another Elder came with me and my comp, and you'll never believe who it was.. my trainer ... Elder Fernandez! Awesome hahaha. To be honest, it was weird at first because I started the mission with him, and now he is finishing it with me. Super weird situation, but it turned out okay. If you remember correctly, we had a few problems when I started the mission. I was new, I didn't know much, and I wanted to do things right and at that time he didn't always think with that mentality. So for that reason we used to butt heads a lot, and I got really sick of him. So what ended up happening was that he left after one transfer together, and we left kind of on a bad note. So yeah.. like 13 months passed and I didn't really talk to him much because I still had a little bit of resentment in my heart. But then the Lord, to humble me as he always does, put him in my district to finish his mission. Yeah... okay... weird I thought at first. So he came, (after he had been a DL for like 9 months), and I thought in my head like, yeah... he trained me, but now I'm his leader so I'm gonna get him back for what he did to me. Not that extreme, but like... I just wanted to show him the Elder that I had become and I wasn't in the right mindset. So we butted heads once again for the past change and I thought,  "Are you kidding me... what is going on... why can't we get along? Is it me ... is it him.. I don't get it." So I really started thinking.. why did the Lord put him in my district.. what am I supposed to learn from him? Why is he here again. Then I thought, "You know what.. maybe it's so we can reconcile ourselves.. so we can end on good terms. And then once I realized that, boom! His comp went home, and Pres put us in a trio. This last week we were really able to talk, get to know each other better, and really get over our pride. More so, me getting over my pride. Last night we had to get to his last interview in the offices, and we were able to talk for like an hour on the bus about life and that, and it was a super spiritual conversation, for which I learned that I need to be more humble. Because that is one thing I have always struggled with. So I really thank the Lord for the opportunity he game me to be with him again. I'm grateful that we were able to talk, and the truth is I have so much love and respect for Elder Fernandez. He is one of my heroes. It's funny how the Lord works sometimes, that he is constantly teaching us, and he will always provide the means so we can learn the lessons that he wants us to learn. Because every single one of us still has something to perfect and get better at. And now I know what I need to improve, and I'm seeking for the Lord`s guidance to do it. I invite you all to analyze yourselves and think of what you can improve. Whatever it may be, whatever the spirit tells you, do it. There was a Conference talk this past Conference that touched on that subject. I don't know what it was called, but it was by a '70. I invite you all to read it :) I'm happy. My heart is full.

Oh yeah, to end we went and played beach volleyball today on the beach and it was the sickest Pday yet. I'll send pics. CHAU WEIRDOS.

Love you, Elder Cluff

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

October 26, 2015 Letter...

IT'S MY DREAM TO SEE GARTH LIVE, THAT MAN IS MY HERO. MY FAVORITE ARTIST OF ALL TIME. And I'm not joking either. That man is an animal and I miss his music. Please take a lot of pics. I wanna see him live one day...really is a huge dream of mine. Christmas package is gonna be coooool. Thanks mom. Diego got his mission call, good guy. Good to hear the bros are laxing hard. Cam is a baller, haha. Ahhh, I love Sister Ada and Brother Jay. It's sad that I might not see them again. But I'm really happy you guys have been able to make a difference in their lives. That's the most important thing. Thank you mom for the Christlike love that you show to all.

This week we had a baptism! Enrique... a stud got baptized and his baptism was great. He is happy and we are happy and the Lord is blessing us out here:) really we are giving it 100 percent. Every single night I am soooo tired, but full of the spirit and of gratitude for the blessings the Lord gives us. I love the Lord´s work. There are no greater blessings that one can receive then when he is giving all his time to the Lord. It's not always easy being here to be honest, every day people in the street look at me and laugh because I'm from the US and give me crap every day, but it's worth it. (I don't think you know it, but white dudes here in Lima are like aliens, haha) This week had its difficulties, but I'm grateful that I was able to find peace and comfort in the Book of Mormon and losing myself in the Lords will.

I love you guys and hope all is well. 

Elder Cluff :)

Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19, 2015 Letter...

Tell Dad I wish him a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY and that I love him very much. Good to hear dad has weekends off... the man does derserve it. He is almost done there anyways. French toast and hashbrowns... yum. Goosebumps... that's awesome. And Cabela's... sounds like a good bday. I love dad.

And lately we´ve been working our tails off... we are going to have baptisms this week :) my comp is good.. I gotta push him to work and be motivated, but he is getting a lot better. That would be awesome if I saw the Schwarz fam here, haha.

And that whole thing with the dog bite suit is awesome! I know the Lord does bless us with tender mercies :) I see them every single day out here. When we are obedient and follow the Lord´s guidance, the Lord will show us his tender mercies and we will be so blessed. Honestly, I love the gospel. I love the Lord. Obedience is the key.

How is Kula´s wound doing?

And YEAH.. I think there is a whole bunch of Nashville Tribute Albums... I want you to verify for me... honestly if there are a lot, I think there is like a Joseph Smith Nashville Tribute also, then could you either send them to me with the Christmas package on USB or CD? Mormon Christian Country brings the spirit like no other and I kid you not, there is a CD I have here that's like a pioneer country album.. with the song ¨Like Comin' Home¨ on it.. and wow. I highly recommend downloading that for you and dad. Amazing... please do it.

And I have honestly been waiting for that CD Madeline sent me, but it still hasn't gotten here! So I'm a little confused. But I'm sure it's here, the office just has to go get it. When did she send it? I really want it.

And yeah, Jake Irving is a stud.

Today we went and played ¨middle school PE games¨ in this big field haha as a zone and it was a good time. We played dodge ball, then played like Sharks and Minnows and all that stuff. I felt like I was two, but I had such a blast. I'm burnt as John though and I praying that I don't have skin cancer because apparently, it's like super easy to get it here?? Anyways..

This week we just gave it our all... talked with like 65 people this week teaching them the gospel... and we had a lot of spiritual lessons. This one family, the family Morales, is a family who is passing through some difficulties, because recently their son died, and they're asking, "Why us, why us, we don't know why, where is he, what is he doing, we don't know." We explained to them the Plan of Salvation and the Atonement.. wow. Amazing. I'm so grateful for the opportunity that I have to teach families here about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It is the center of the Plan of Salvation and the thing that makes the Plan of Salvation even possible. Thanks to the Savior, we will see our loved ones again, and if we are obedient and live the gospel, we'll live with them forever in an endless state of happiness. We explained these things to them and they were brought to tears and just wow! We tied the Atonement into baptism and they accepted a baptismal date for the next month. Just amazing. We had a lot of great experiences this week. Keep praying for us... :) The prayers are always felt. Pray for Adrianna in especial. Pray that she will have the desires to be baptized this week :)

Anyways, love you guys a lot.

Elder Cluff

October 12, 2015 Letter...

Haha, the McEwan's are too great. I love them. Good to see you guys are getting your hang out time in. And maybe they´ll see Packer and McKay while they´re there, hahaha. That would be too great. She is going to be the photographer... haha. Awesome.

I'll be riding dad´s motorcycle a lot when I get home, FYI. And dad told me about is patriotism speech.. that makes me happy. I love dad and I love the amazing example he has given us. What a stud :) How is Bishop Rasmussen? I think of bishop every time I look at Elder Rasband, haha. Idk why. Ya I'll send pics today cuz I think I'll have time. Peru is good, all is well. And yes we will be Skyping here very soon :) and Christmas package.. I'll start thinking now. It's almost here.. crazy.

But yeah, not much happened this week, as always. Super chill. Haha... It was a little stressing to be honest because of some of my responsibilities, but everything is good and I'm grateful for all the opportunities the Lord gives me to serve with the other Elders. I really feel like I'm beginning to understand here.. I feel like the gospel has taken a whole new meaning as I have served here in my mission. I´ll be honest, it hasn't been easy. It's taken me a long time to understand a lot of things, but as I have strove to be exactly obedient things always work out, and I can feel that the Lord´s spirit is present and guides me. As I have been guided by the spirit, I have learned SO many things. Plain and precious truths. I have been touched so many times by the spirit. I look forward every morning to reading my Book of Mormon, because in those moments, I'm able to receive impressions and whisperings and teachings from the spirit that always help me to become better, and what I can do to bless the lives of others. This week I have been studying a lot about grace. Grace is the divine assistance and endowment of strength by which we grow from the flawed and limited beings we are now into exalted beings of "Truth and light, until [we are] glorified in truth and [know] all things." (Elder Uchtdorf). Grace is what helps us to become more like Christ. We can receive Christ´s grace, or his enabling and strengthening power, thanks to his Atonement. I feel like in the church, sometimes, we spend too much time focused on the saving part of the Atonement; how we will be able to be saved one day because of Christ´s suffering, but we sometimes forget about the other part, the part of the Atonement that helps us in the here and NOW, that gives us help and strength to become better and eventually return to his presence. His grace is essential to make it through this life. As Elder Uchtdorf explained last conference, we are flawed and limited beings. Grace helps us change that. Grace helps us separate ourselves from the natural man and become saints. We received grace, because it's a gift. When we search for it, pray for it, and when we are obedient and keep the commandments the Lord can bless us through the Holy Ghost. I wanna keep going, but I'm short on time and there are a million scriptures that I have but I'm not going to list them. I challenge you guys to study more about grace :) 

This week we also had a baptism! His named is Brandon, and we taught him only 3 times before he was baptized. He received his testimony after the first lesson and wanted to be baptized. What a stud. He is only 14 years old, but has one of the strongest faiths I have ever seen. :)

Love you guys a lot! 

Elder Cluff

 Brandon's Baptism

Fernando's Baptism

Friday, October 9, 2015

October 5, 2015 Letter...

Yes. I got to see every single second of conference, and better yet, in English. I have to say this has been the most edifying conference I have ever seen. I absolutely loved it. I love the new Apostles. They are perfectly qualified for the positions the Lord has put them in. Every single talk this conference was SPOT ON. There wasn't a talk that I didn't enjoy. Wow. And Ponderizing hahaha.. I love that. What a solid talk! I challenge you guys to start doing that in the home! I'm starting it, too! Elder Bednar.. what a stud. You have no idea how much respect I have for that man. He is one of my great heroes and role models. And wow.. Elder Holland... when he spoke.. I cried. I will be honest... it made me think of YOU mom. I love you so much mother. I'm grateful for the unconditional love you have given me, even when I have been a punk in the past. You really are my hero. :) Honestly what a perfect conference. And hey, please keep me updated with President Monson, he didn't look well towards the end of his talk, and I don't know how many more conferences we`ll be able to listen to him.

I got so much out of this conference. I cant wait to read them and go over them again. They focused a lot this conference on the importance of being obedient and keeping the commandments. The importance of doing that, so we can have the constant guidance of the Holy Ghost. The course of becoming true disciples so one day we can be exalted. I loved every piece of it. We are all in this journey to return home to live with our Father in Heaven and we need to decide now if we are going to submit ourselves to His will and follow Him. I'm so grateful for our living prophets, men of a secure and firm understanding of the gospel, that can lead us, and guide us, and give us direction. I have never felt such an inner peace and love and confirmation of these men as I have this conference. I know that this is the truth.

And my comp is Peruvian from Moquegua, southern Peru. He is talkative, but a solid dude. :)

And dad, I can't wait for you guys to finish the BOM as a family. That's an awesome goal. Also, good luck with all the CPA stuff! I know you`ll kill it. And running detection dogs would be awesome. I hope to see Kula in beast mode when I get home.

And mom, keep working too so you can get your license. I know you`ll be able to get it done. :)

I love you guys! Have a great week! :)

Elder Cluff

Sunday, October 4, 2015

September 28, 2015 Letter...

Lawn mower repairs.. first world problems. But that's good that everything is working in tip top shape :) and I love Brigham.. I hope he knows that and I love hearing he has a strong testimony. Keep helping him so it grows and grows and grows. Keep it up with him, I can't wait to help him a little more when I get home. He is a stud. And a new Cluff family! Awesome :) My cousin Elder Schade, his mom is a Cluff, and he comes from the Moses Jr. Cluff line is the new mission assissant. Super stud :) I love you though and I love your letters.. I love them simple and I really do enjoy hearing about what's going on at home and everything!

Our investigators are doing well. We had one baptizm last week, and guy named Fernando. He is a stud and his baptism was the best. A really, really spiritual experience for everyone. When we met him like a month a go, the first day we met him, we invited him to be baptized for the 26th of sept, and he accepted, and it completed and we are completely stoked here that the Lord has blessed us in such a big way. He has gained a strong testimony of the gospel and that's honestly my joy. I had the opportunity to baptize him, too. It was perfect:) We have 3 others for the next 2 weeks are so that will get baptized. They were going to be baptized in Sept., but there were some difficulties we had to get figured out, but we did it and now they are ready to get baptized :) it's gonna be an amazing month. We are pumped.:) I'm pumped. I'm feeling really, really good lately. The Lord has shed so much of his Spirit over me and I can really say the greatest happiness and joy comes from when we are obedient with exactness to the Lord. Honestly... it's the only true way to find peace and joy in this life :) Even though we didn't complete with our goals in the month of September, we will be able to do it in October and even beat it at the same time :) All is well. I love you guys a lot.

I'm going to try to send pics! Love you guys :)

PS.. my homey Elder Larson, lifting buddy in the mission finished his mission the other day, and I got all of his big weights... like 250 more pounds of weights :) hahaha transfers are gonna blow. But ya I'm ready. And my comps name is Elder Coayla.. he is from Peru :) hahah good kid :) I'll send pics! If not this week then next!

Elder Cluff

September 21, 2015 Letter...

Maammmmaaa. I love you, it is good to hear from you. And I would be lying if I said I didn't take that pic for dad hahahaha. Glad he got a kick out of it, haha. Isoseles shooting stance.. haha I miss that man. 

I'm glad Skyler is getting work done. He is my hero. I love him.

And yeah, for now the missionaries are safe here in Peru :) don't worry about it maaammaa. We are always safe :)

Grandma and Grandpa are the best.. I'm so glad they are retired and just having a blast living their lives and visiting family.. I just hope they stay super safe on the road.

And Tanner Lloyd received his call!? That's the greatest news I have ever heard. I'm pumped. What a stud. And Ebe's.. I'm gonna send him a letter. I love that guy, too. Good bros.

I love you mom and thanks for your words. You are the greatest. I really think about you a lot and hope everyone is treating you well and I hope you are just happy because that's all I care about :)

This week was very tiring, to be honest. We had to search for a lot of new people to get going for the month of October. But we are giving it our all to get these 5 baptisms this week. Please keep praying for the names I sent you, because we need to get it done :) I know the Lord is gonna bless us though, I have seen it in my mission over and over again and I have a very strong testimony of his power to help us and answer prayers. I know he is real. I know he exists. I know he lives, And I know this is His work. Carolina, Enrique (13), and Adriana (11) are a family that I just love. They are so great. Carolina is the mom, and she is such a sweetheart. Like I see her parenting, and I'm impressed. I really, really, really pray that this week that can complete with their goal, because they are going to be the best converts ever. Fernando is a young adult that lives with his mom and brothers and sisters. Like half of his family are members and he is ready to be baptized. He knows what we are teaching is true, he is reading, praying and coming to church, he is ready :) Evelyn is a single mom who has kids from 18 to 2. She is great. The only thing is that she doesn't want to change her catholic traditions. She is scared of her family and what they´ll think more than anything. Her mom hates members of the church for some reason. So we are praying really hard for her so she can get it done. Keep these names in your prayers and I know that we will be able to get it done and complete what the Lord has given us. :)

Anyways, I will be getting a new comp tomorrow because my comp will be leaving because he has a lot of time here. I'll keep you updated with who it is :) I love you guys and don't forget to continue reading your Books of Mormon. That books is changing my life every single day. :)

Love you all :)

Elder Cluff

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September 14, 2015 Letter...

It's gonna be awesome to be honest to go to the BYU games and see my boys play. Me and Teej Haws are gonna live together at BYU so we gotta get that worked out lollllzz. Anyways, sounds like a good week. Good to see Cam is having fun. Lol, it's gonna be good for him to have an inexperienced team though because he´ll be able to learn how to be a leader. Little stud. Anyways, yeah I'm gonna shoot Brig a quick letter. Tell him I love him. I'm glad that Bronwen and Josh had their baby... that's good to hear :) send me a pic if you can!

But yeah, Peru is good. Everything is going good right now. Us Elders here in Rimac are working and praying and doing all we can to complete with our goals that we have made. My district in particular is putting in an extremely solid effort and they are working hard to complete with their own goals. I really am proud with their effort, but I know that there is always room for improvement. I reminded every one of them last night of the importance of obedience with exactness. In our districts, we need miracles, and nothing short of miracles. We have people that are ready to be baptized. But as always, there is a lot of opposition, and that opposition will only get stronger as these final days before the baptisms arrive. I remember clearly what our mission president said when he first arrived, that obedience brings blessings, but obedience with exactness brings miracles, and I know that to be true. We need to strive to stay focused and obedient and continue exercising our faith and putting in our part so that these people can be baptized and make that sacred promise with God. I know we are going to be able to do it. In my sector, we are getting it done. I'm learning a lot from Elder Badal and we are seeing miracles as we speak. We just got to hold out and keep working until the end of the month so we can see the fruits of our labors. :)

Anyways, everything is good :) please pray for Carolina, Enrique, Adriana, Fernando, and Evelin, so that this month they will be able to be baptized :) Love you guys!

Don't forget to be reading your Book of Mormon. I love that book. Every time I read it I receive a spiritual witness of it's truth, and as I read it, I'm more able to resolve the problems that I have during the day. Or better said, the spirit is able to be with me and guide me so I can do what the Lord wants, which in turn makes me happier and more productive:) I love it. GET ON IT :)

Elder Cluff

Me in an alley.

The last baptism we had, Jose Anselmo, I love him! We worked with him for so long in Condevilla! Now he is baptized! ;)

Me eating cow gut and chicken gizzard and giant corn.

Remembering 9/11.

 Never Forget.

Sunday dinner... (aka whatever you can find... french fry chips with mayonnaise).

Sunday, September 13, 2015

September 7, 2015 Letter...

That would be awesome if Zack got a bike.. and does the scooter not do the trick? I always wanted a bike too, but the scooter always did it for me. That's fun though, good to hear everything is solid and good :) also good to hear that someone is taking care of the yard... I can't believe how fast time is going by.. I know I still won't be home for 10 months.. but that's honestly insanely quick and I don't know how I feel about it. It's super weird, but yeah, whatever.. let's just get it done. Work, work, work :)

I have started reading the Book of Mormon again in English.. (btw it's amazing in both languages.. but in English it has a more personal feel.. I'm reading it in Spanish too still tho) because Elder Bednar extended us the sickest invitation. He told us he wants us to start the Book of Mormon in our native tongue from the beginning, with a cheap economic Book of Mormon. He told us he wants us to mark and write notes wherever it talks about being "Steadfast" or "Firm in the Faith" or "Enduring til the End" that kind of stuff. He wants us to read it all the way through and ONLY mark those things. But the notes we write, should only, only, only be what the spirit teaches us, and nothing more. Then he said when we finish it, we should look back at all of our notes again and write a one page paper on what we learned, on what the spirit taught us. Then he said, take the paper, fold it in half and put it in the book. We should put a label on it saying "Steadfast #1", and put that book away, and start the process over again. When we finish the second one he said do the same thing. Write a one page summary from what the spirit taught you, and then compare the two papers. See the difference and the new things the spirit taught you as you read. Then put a label on the second book, and then start the process again until the end of our lives. This will help us learn the importance of enduring to the end and standing steadfast in the faith :)

Elder Bednar told us he has done this for a long time, and the things that the spirit have taught him are sacred.... and his 300 plus BOMS are hidden in a sacred place where no one will ever find them.. haha. He said that his kids always want to see them and read them but he will never permit it.. he said before he dies he plans to burn every single one so no one can ever read it.. and it makes sense.. because it's what the spirit taught HIM. Too good. So that's what I'm doing... and it's an awesome spiritual experience :) I think he has talked about this before, but it's the first time I have heard of it.. I invite you guys to do it, too. :)

Oh yeah, this week an investigator named Jose Anselmo, the son of my converts Gladys and Felix finally got baptized in Condevilla and I was invited to the baptism :) I worked with him for 5 months and it's so good to see him baptized :) awesome experience. I'm pumped.

Love you guys :) 

Elder Cluff

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

August 31, 2015 Letter...

Suppp mother, father, sister, brother.. lolololz. Anyways, Sup. Yes, thank you for the money. I got the protein today and I am one happy camper :) yessss ...I love it, thanks mamma. District Leader is easy and fun. Nothing too crazy. Just more responsibilities, but it's good because it keeps things interesting and new. I like that. And yes... I do feel like I'm in the groove. I have got things figured out. I know how to work and I know how to help others work. I'm killing it. Like is perfect. (knock on wood ;) 

Jacob got a new boat.. what the heck.. that's too great. Good to see he is seeing a lot of success.. what a stud. I miss that family. That is so great. I'm not in the same apartment.. it's a different one :) but it's good. I'll send pics today I hope :)

Tell Brig CONGRATZ.. I'm still not a member of that club haha.. thank goodness.. all the kids.. (including Skyler) are, except me. I am the angel. And ah, Bro and Sis Bennett :( I'm sorry. I'll be praying a lot for them. She is awesome. Love you guys.

This week... was good. We worked hard. Like every day. We are working to baptize 5 this month. That's our goal and I know we'll get it done. It's a good time. Also, this week Elder Bednar talked to us... it was AMAZING. He is my hero. I went in thinking like, oh yeah, he is gonna give us like an hour talk and it's gonna be cool, so yeah, let's go. But that's not what it was. It was like a 4 hour training.. wait.. more like a spiritual discussion... and a question and share session. It was so weird I was not expecting something like that, but it was one of the most special and sacred experiences of my life. I'm not kidding. We got there... and okay, you always see him in conference and he looks like such a serious dude, but he was actually super hilarious. He mentioned that the Apostles are 180 degrees different from what you see in Conference. When they are in Conference, they need to be serious because they are speaking doctrine, but when they are together amongst themselves, they are funny dudes. Elder Bednar said Elder Oaks is one of the funniest guys he has ever met. He tells quirky jokes and laughs at them and his whole body shakes, apparently, and we all laughed hearing that. Haha. Elder Bednar told us as soon as we got there for the training, to not take notes. He doesn't know why, but in the culture of the church people are always taking notes of every thing they hear, and that's wrong. Instead, we should keep our "small plates" (a spiritual history), instead of "large plates" (a secular history). He said, "Taking notes in a meeting like this is stupid." And Sis. Bednar stood up and said "I have been trying to get him to not use that word." And then Elder Bednar was like "Well, I can't repent because I'm not sorry." Hahahaha. It killed me. What a stud. So he told us, only the things that the holy ghost teaches you, write down. And wow, so amazing. He talked so much about faith, about agency and how it's more than just choosing, but it's acting and not being acted upon. He talked about how we need to be our own agents and act for ourselves in all things, and as we teach, we need to let our investigators be agents, instead of us acting over them. He told us about how the 12 (Apostles) talk about topics and discuss them and it was awesome. It was the most amazing experience of my life! Oh, there is so much more that he explained that I haven't written. He really changed my outlook on so many things. He also told us his biggest concern as one of the 12 is steadfastness. Members being steadfast and immovable until the end. We got to ask him so many questions and that was one we asked him, and that's what he said. His biggest thing is staying steadfast on the path. As he finished, he told us, "Put your notebooks away, and listen to this part; it's going to be intense, but I want you to pay attention, and if you do so, the holy ghost will help you remember it when you get home so you can write it down." (which is true, when I got home I remembered literally everything he said in this little intense 30 min part... amazing). He started off saying, "If the Lord was here, what do you think would be the most important thing to him?" (something like that) and then he went on to explain if we want to know the answer, we can read about it in the gospels when he says my hour has arrived, because right before he died, he taught the most important things. Likewise in the Book of Mormon, he taught the Nephites the most important things while he was there. Elder Bednar challenged us to read and make a list. He told us the first two things he taught were in Jerusalem; the Sacrament, and the Americas; the correct way to baptize. He told us the most important things for the Lord are ordinances. That's the way we make it back to him. That a person absolutely needs to do them it they want to make it back to God. There is no maybe... there is no wiggle room... no exceptions. Every one of us needs the ordinances so we can endure faithfully to the end and partake of the fruit of the tree of life, so we can really apply the Atonement in our lives, and be changed by grace. Then he used that to practically say we need to baptize more here because the people need these ordinances. I loved it. He explained a lot more, but when I get home you can read my notes :) I will forever remember that experience.

Anyways, love you all!

Elder Cluff

 Martha's baptism, her son baptized her with Elder Badal and me :) 

Elder Badal and me at Larcomar in Miraflores :)

Monday, August 31, 2015

August 24, 2015 Letter...

Heeeeeyyyy mom how are you?! So yeah, I'll be buying protein next week.. and it's gonna be around $110 dollars. Yikes, I know that's a lot. Don't kill me. But like I said, just go take it from my piggy bank or something haha. LOLOLOL. But yeah, next week I'm gonna go buy it. Love yaaa :) anyways what else.... good to hear the boys are still playing lax... that's fun. That's good for the bones. Also, I'll send pics today yaaaa? Also.. what else.. my clothes are all good.. my shoes are ya gross but I polished them the other day with a shoe polish that was super dark so they were reddish brown for a while, but they are good now. Everything is GOOD. I'm easy to please. Anyways, thanks for the pics you sent me too.. I loved them. And yeah, the tie clip... I loved it. Cool as BEANS. So sounds like the boys are doing good. I'm doing good. For real.. it's insane being district leader.. I have to make a lot of sacrifices for my own sector to help out other ones, but it's good though and I really enjoy it. I enjoy helping people.:) This week our district had 4 baptisms.. I'm proud of the lads.. one of them was like a last minute thing that I had to work my trash off to help them get it, but they got it and it was awesome. Hard work, and diligent faith in the Lord Jesus Christ really does pay off. Also, I have a blast doing the baptismal interviews. They are such a spiritually uplifting experience. We also had a sweet conference with president Larson this week. He talked to us a lot about the faith and got us ready for what's going to be happening this Wednesday.. you'll never guess what opportunity we are going to have, that's right.. you guessed it.. A VISIT FROM Elder Bednar (and Elder Soarrez from the 70 pres, and Bishop Stevenson, the presiding bishop of the church)...Elder Bednar is my hero.. my favorite apostle (you prolly shouldn't pick favorites, but I just did) He is a pure teacher.. such a Christlike good man. I CANNOT WAIT TO LISTEN TO HIM. What an amazing opportunity I'll be honest. So get ready for next Monday cuz I'll be updating you with everything.

But yeah, we also had a baptism here in our sector this week.. it was a complete miracle :) The sisters name was Martha. When I got here, her desires to be baptized were very low. She had all the lessons, but didn't care much about baptism, but me and my comp knew that it was the Lords will for her to be baptized this week. We kept her in our prayers every night, we did follow ups with her every day, and we were able to show the Lord that WE had faith that she would be able to complete with her baptismal goal. I think the biggest thing that made a difference was when we were in her house, she was telling us she just didn't feel it.. she was still in doubt. So knowing it was the Lords will that she should be baptized, we told her.. okay Hermana, we are going to kneel down right here, and you are going to ask God if all these things that we have taught you are true, and we promise you, that in this very moment, you will recieve the answer you are looking for. We felt inspired by the spirit to do so. We did it, she prayed, we then gave a moment of reverence and silence kneeled, and the spirit testifyed to every single one of us in that circle that this gospel is true. She felt it. We asked her how she felt, and sure enough, she had recieved her answer. She was then baptized this week. I know that the faith is so important. I know it requires constant work, constant trust in the Lords will, but it works miracles. To complete our goals with the Lords help, faith is essential. I know when we actually put it into practice, we will see miracles like we saw, and like we are going to continue to see here. 

Anyways, love you guys a lot!

Elder Cluff

August 17, 2014 Letter...

I love you mom that sounds great. Honestly sounds like you guys had a great trip and I can't wait to go when I get back. We are gonna have a blast. But yeah, it makes me extremely happy hearing all that. Tell all the family I really love them and I'm always praying for them :) Anyways.. yes being district leader is super fun. I love helping other missionaries and now I get to do it even more. I'm in a district of 6 elders and we are killing it. You'll never believe what zone I'm in though... BACK IN RICO RIMAC BABY. hahaha. I'm in the Rimac 2 ward that shares the church with my old ward... so I've seen every member of my old ward and the bishop (who I love) and they're like, what are you doing here, and I'm like idk, but here I am. Like this never happens... a missionary leaving a zone then going back... but it happened with me. I'm sure there is a wise reason as to why :) there are a lot of people to teach here and I'm pumped to start working. It's like a refreshing start. I love changes. My comp is awesome. He is white. His name is Jacob Badal.. he is from LA and has like 9 months in the mission. This week we had ward conference and we brought an investigator, and it just so happened that an area 70, Elder Costa was speaking.. pure teacher.. that man is a prophet of God.. and anyways, he gave many inspiring and amazing sermons and afterwards Elder Costa personally went out and searched out our investigator and talked to her a bit and gave her some inspiring words and personal encouragement. It was AMAZING. What a blessing it is to have living prophets today. And how humble... he probably had a million things to do, but after the conference he came and found us just to talked to our investigator and give her loving words. What he said to her made SUCH A BIG IMPACT ON HER. She has the goal to be baptized this next week :) I'm extremely happy and blessed here in Rimac and now we just gotta put our shoulders to the wheel and do what the Lord expects of us.

The package came! I love it. I absolutely love it. Next week I will explain what I especially loved. Ties.. socks.. the treats.. the pics.. LOVE. I LOVE YOU GUYSSSSSSS. Go missions!

Love you guys! Sorry this letter is short I gtg soon :) but love you all. Read the Ensign always please.

Elder Cluff

August 10, 2015 Letter...

Lake Powell trip... I'm so jealous mother. I want to go to Lake Powell when I get back please. It's a dream there. I'm glad you guys are gonna go do something fun tho :) And that's good too that the boys are starting school soon, they need to do something productive. And I love Sky and Ash and miss them a lot, please take a lot of pics :) Ya transfers are this week. We will know at about 7. I'll let you know what my destiny is. Alpine Dayzzz was too great. Everyone wants horses again... hahaha ME TOO. Not kidding. I want to get back into roping... that was the life.

And yes, keeping the Sabbath day.. so important... one thing I do admire here in Peru is that they do a pretty good job at keeping the Sabbath day holy. No TV, no games, nada. But they do buy stuff and that bugs the tar out of me. But keep it up :) Remember also that the Sabbath day doesn't mean only "refrain from doing things" but it also means, and even more importantly "doing things that are important" such as go out as a family and visit people who are in need of your visits. It could be a grandma (I love visiting grandma's) who doesn't have much family or is in need of help. Go get your visiting and home teaching done, go give service to those who need it. It could be a number of things. Don't ever think that we can't give service on Sunday because it would be "work" and we´re not supposed to "work" on Sunday. Remember, it's the work of the Lord, not ours:

Mosiah 2:17  And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God.

I never really understood these things before the mission, but now I do. It's the Lord's day, which we should dedicate to him by trying to be as much like him as possible. Remember the Lord, remember his example, that is what we should do on the Sabbath day. Keep it up, go give service and help on Sunday AS A FAMILY :) that will help you guys soooo much, I can really promise you. I know if you guys make goals to help people, to give service, to keep the Sabbath holy, the family will be more united than ever.

This week not much happened. To be honest, it was rather difficult. But yeah, what am I gonna do about it. Just smile and keep working. I gave a talk yesterday and it was sick and everyone was like, "Who is this white Peruvian?" And I was like, yeah.. that's whats up PERU. I'm so blessed that the Lord has loosened my tongue to such an extent that I can speak clearly this language, because at the beginning, it was IMPOSSIBLE. Anyways, love you guys! I will keep y'all updated. Keep kicking baby's!

Elder Cluff

August 3, 2015 Letter...

I love you mom.. I love Skyler, too.. I'm pumped to hear that they got to visit you guys! And you are going camping? As a family? That's awesomeeee. Have fun! Cam's a beast and I'm glad that he is scoring... as a goalie? [There are annoying girls in this computer lab place and I want to yell at them cuz my headphones don't work and their yelling and screaming, and my heavens, stop it please.] Sorry about that.. anyways mommaaa.. I love you. Jacob bought a boat.. what the shane the dude is a legend. I love that guy. I hope Uncle is doing well. How is all the fam? Uncles and aunts? Anyways ... package.. it´ll come Wednesday.. I can't go get it but yeah, I'm sure it´ll come :) And gooo mom teaching little kiddies about the priesthood is the dream! And how lucky are you?! You are surrounded by a lot of priesthood holders. One perk to having all boys. :) [and my heavens, people are standing over my shoulder watching me and it's like, kids leave.] Anyways, Diego is a pure bread coon.. I love him and he is always watching out for me. Solid buddy :) Anyways mom, I'm glad everything is going well and tell Ashley I told her happy b-day and that I hope she had a good one.

This week not much happened, to be honest... we worked... and worked... and worked... but we are working so that this week we can have two baptisms. Pray please for Omar Mendoza and for Enzo Chapi.. Omar is a teenager of 16 years old and so is Enzo. Omar needs permission.. or better said, he needs to convince his mom because she is a strong catholic... and with Enzo... we just gotta work hard with his desire to be baptized. So if you guys could pray for them so that this week, the 8th of August, they get baptized :) I know we´ll be able to get it done.. we just got to put in the work and follow what the spirit tells us to do... :) This isn't my first rodeo...:)

Oh yeah, also transfers are next week and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have one cuz I have 6 months here...I'm ready to go. I'm ready to work with new people and get my focus redialed. Changes are always solid because they help us get focused and all that good stuff again :) I really do love it here though and was able to see so much success. The Lord has blessed me substantially here and it is probably the best sector and area I'll have in the mission. I love the family I live with, and all the amazing experiences I've had. My convert, who was recently baptized.. Jose Luis Mongilardi is doing amazing! He bore his testimony again yesterday on the truthful of the Liahona (the church magazine) and the reading of the scriptures... haha he scolded the members and it was hilarious... because he recently was baptized. I love seeing people becoming converted to the gospel mom.. I just love it. The greatest feeling ever. Anyways, all of my other converts here are doing AMAZING. Everyone is active :) we´ll see what happens when I leave... but they are all rocking it. I love you guys so much. Keep reading your books of Mormon. Every night. Keep saying your prayers. Every night. Keep happy :)

Elder Cluff

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 27, 2015 Letter...

~PREFACE:  "Coon" is an endearing term for someone who is truly a unique individual and does not follow the crowd. (Ex., Joseph Smith, Nephi, Carrie McEwan, Elder Cluff, Diego Benites Gonzales :) )~
Hahaha, straight coon blood is the TRUTH... if you do your family history, and if you are Peruvian.. you will see a common ancestor.. the coon. Literally, it's not a joke. Coon country. I love these people!

And my heavens mother..  now you are the coon for rolling your ankle. I'm glad your doing better and I'm glad Carrie gave you her medicated lotion, hahahaha. Friends or die.

I would love to see that Price family here.. that would be cool beans. They are good people.

And that's awesome.. I wanna go 4x4ing. When I get back we´ll go check it out :) that's great.. get it planned out and we are gonna go do it when I get back.

Yaaa have the boys writeeeeee me mother.

Anyways, I love you guys. This week was good. We spent all of it getting Jose Luis ready for his baptism.. but wow, the guy was way ready even before we met him. We taught him and he understood everything. He signed up for classes from institute and is now studying church history.. you got to remember he has like 68 years old, but he is so ambitious to learn because he knows that it's the truth. His baptism was super chill. President and his beautiful family came to be a part of it! It was so weird that he was there, not something we're use to, but such a blessing for everyone. He has such an amazing spirit. His whole family has such an amazing spirit. I love them. Anyways, they came, we got started, president baptized Jose Luis and it was such an amazing experience for everyone. Aww, I can't stop thinking about it. Anyways... another amazing experience for Jose Luis is when he received the gift of the holy ghost the Sunday after.. I had the opportunity to be a part of it.. and wow.. such an amazing thing. Jose Luis felt it and shed some tears and I was like.... ya...... this is what matters. This is the truth. Really, there really isn't anything more important. Helping people learn the gospel, apply the Atonement in their lives, and helping them make sacred covenants with the Lord is the worlds most important work. The worlds most important thing! It's a blessing to be a part of it and really right now my heart is full of gratitude. I have been blessed immensely here in the zone Condevilla. I have been able to meet a lot of amazing people and help them in their eternal course towards eternal happiness. I love it. I'm SO grateful also for everything that I'm learning here. For all the good habits I've made and that I'm still making. Even though the Lord gives us trials here and there, and sometimes we´re tired, and sometimes the food gives me the runs, I'm happy. I have a strong testimony that I will carry with me for the rest of my life! I now know my purpose in life. What I need to do. What my goals really should be.

I love you guys so much and hope you all have a great week :)

Elder Cluff

 P-day fun.

 Jose Luis Baptism.  Elder Cluff, Jose Luis, President Larson and Elder Caipo.

Jose Luis and President Larson's family :) 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 20, 2015 Letter...

Good to hear everything is going good. That makes me really happy. Zack is a bossss and I'm glad he is killing it out there. Also Cam is a boss.. that kid is a prodigy... not kidding. And I'm glad Brig had a good time at scout camp. Thanks for making him go... scout camps slash ward camps were a blast even though at first they sounded horrible.. good stuff. One thing I regret is not participating more... but ya, what are you gonna do. I'm pumped for the package!!

This this week was good. We worked our little bums off to be serious and it was good. Hard work and obedience with exactness out here really brings miracles. The other day we were with our investigator... super prepared investigator named Jose Luis in the church to teach him and in walks our mission president (our church is the stake center and he had a meeting with the president of the stake).. we were like okay sweet, our investigator will have the chance to meet the president... so Jose Luis starts talking to them in English because he speaks it because he's been to the U.S. a lot... and Jose Luis was like... hello.. and we're like, hey this is our mission president.. our "boss".. and Jose Luis was like, oh my heavens it's such an honor! Okay.. then out of no where Jose Luis was like... President... I have been reading the Book of Mormon every day since the elders have showed me it, and I decided to memorize the names of the 11 witnesses of the Book of Mormon.. so he recited every single one to the president and his wife and they stood there like awe-struck .. like are you serious? This guy is a legend.. haha it was awesome.. Jose Luis shared his testimony with them and president was like... stoked. It was cool cuz president just got here and for him to see someone like that who has been changed by the gospel was something cool. Anyways, pres went upstairs.. we taught Jose Luis... and as we were leaving.. president happened to be leaving too.. and we were like hey dude, ask president to baptize you on the 25th.. and he was like.. ya okay.. so Jose Luis asked the president to baptize him and president Larson said YES. So he'll be coming to our baptisms on the 25th to baptize our investigator :) whatttt a solid experience. I love this mission. Greatest thing of my life. The Lord has prepared Jose Luis so much its hard to believe sometimes.. like every day he has a new story to tell us of how he received even a stronger witness and testimony of the gospel... and it's crazy because we literally met him like 3 weeks ago hahaha. In the street. Out of no where. It just goes to show that the Lord will guide us to where we need to go and will tell us what we need to do if we are obedient and listen to the spirit. We have to be worthy though :) I'm so grateful for every experience in my life that has gotten me here. Every challenge... every hardship... I love it. Bring on the challenges. I was watching a video the other day.. The Refiner's fire... a Mormon Message and I highly recommend it... something that the sister who was talking said that really struck me was about Newton's Law; that says every action has an equal and opposite reaction not only applies to the physical world, but also the spiritual. When we experience a lot of difficulties and hardships in this life.. it will make the ability to feel happiness and joy in this life greater. The action is the hardships and trials, the reaction is the capability to experience more happiness. So we have to pass through trials and hardships to be able to experience the fullness of joy in this life. Vital part to the plan of salvation. For that reason Lehi counseled his son Jacob that all his difficulties and trials, even though they were many, would be for his benefit... and it's true, because he became one of the greatest prophets and leaders in the Book of Mormon. Anyways just some thoughts I had this week. Love you guyyys.

Elder Cluff

July 13, 2015 Letter...

Are you kidding me? Again with Kula?! I hope you guys got that dog insurance like dad was always talking about... that honestly makes me super sad. Poor Kula... and his hair... that's gonna take forever to grow back. Poor Kula :( but everything is alright? I'm glad the boys are doing good and are staying busy. And it's okay... I just emailed in the morning to try it out and I realized that it's really not worth it. Hahaha it's the worst, so anyways, I'm probably gonna keep emailing in the afternoon. And Carrie is too funny... that makes me laugh hard, hahaha. And are you serious? So many kids grandkids and greats? That is amazing. I love Elder Packer, too. I'm gonna get some pics sent. But I love you, mom and hope this week has been good for you too! For me it was pretty chill... it was just the usual... nothing really. Haha, funny story the other day... we ate lunch at a members house and she made mashed potatoes... and I was like "Holy cow Sister Valedomar, these are seriously the best mashed potatoes I've had in Peru... the flavor is incredible... what is your secret? All the other Peruvian sisters gotta learn it"... and she was like .. "Huh? What secret? I didn't have time to make them for real so I just made them out of a pre-packed box." HAHAHAHAHA demoted. I laughed. I'm terrible... But really it was pretty funny you had to be there.. no one else laughed but me but I'm always crackin' jokes and laughing and sometimes people don't laugh, but that's all part of the game baby. We also had interviews with president this week. They were awesome... pres is a very smooth man and his wife reminds me a bit of you mom, and it drives me crazy (blonde and way nice:). Good family tho and it was fun. Alsooooo this week we have been working with all the investigators and they´re progressing and it's good stuff. We are working hard as always and the Lord is helping us out a lot and guiding us to prepared people. Hermano Jose Luis, the prepared guy I told you about last week is a stud. He is coming every week to church, tells us the BOM is better than the Bible every day and it makes me laugh. He always is signed up to take classes from Institute... and it's crazy because we literally taught him for the first time 2 or 3 weeks ago. SOOOO PREPARED. He is a good guy. A little crazy, but he makes me laugh. His baptism is the 25th and he is telling every about it. Awesome stuff. We are also working really hard with the less activities. We had a reactivation this week and more coming up. My comp is good... he is smooth cuz we can joke all day and it's fun. I can say that even though I love it here in Amakella, it's been a good 6 months, and I'm ready for a new sector. Changes are August 11 so we'll see. I'm pretty sure that I'll be leaving. Anyways just know that exactly one year from today.. at probably this hour, I'll be home, With you guys. It's super weird and scares me how fast time has gone, and I'm still not ready to go home, but we'll see if I am in another year. Take good care of the home, take good care of Bear and Kula please. And the boys. I'm still waiting for those little fools to write me. Tell them to do it plzz mama :) Anyways, love you guys! Hey question did you ever get you concealed carry permit? You should do that. Also how is work going? What did you have for dinner last night? What are you going to have tonight? Anyways, tell Zack to keep being a stud and keep working and also keep lifting and eating. Love you guys. When do you more or less plan on sending the package? 

Elder Cluff

 Having some fun...

Baptism of Felix and Gladys and their son, Felix Jr. (left) 

Our Pensionista's grandson's baptism... Joshua!

Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6, 2015 Letter...

Yessss! I will be home in a year babbyyyy.. that's gonna be awesome but sad at the same time. We`ll see though. Yeah Hermana Rocio talked to me about her cousin... poor guy :( he is super strong tho and he`s fighting. I told her to ask you because you might be able to verify the prices. Thanks momma. (I told her it would probably cost more in the US). That's great that Paul and Candice came to visit... are there fotos??! I hope so. Haha Paul, I miss that guy a lot and his terrible jokes. I can't wait to destroy him when I get home.. haha. what else... Good to hear you`re sewing again! I hope your curtains are COOL. You'll have to send me pictures. I love you mom and know that you are my hero too (heroine) right? goooo english. But not the drug, that would be weird. That makes me sad the Boyd K. Packer has passed away. I loved that guy. But yeah, he is on the other side now continuing his work... and it's so true that the next conference is going to be awesome :) Tell Skyler I'm pumped for him, too and all the work that he is getting done. I'm proud of him and how hard he has worked. He has always been such a strong example in my life. 

Anyways, good to hear everything there is going good. Everything here is also going good. We got to meet president Larson and his wife and family yesterday.. I love them. I absolutely love them. His thing is obedience with exactness and I like that. He is soooo loving and soooo caring and his wife, too. It's gonna be an awesome year to work with them. For real. We are going to see so much success awwwww, I love it. And for real, the new president's energy is awesome. Two of his kids came and visited from the U.S. yesterday to meet us, too.. they are both RMs; one a girl of like 23 years and the other one a son of 21 years. They both served in Spanish speaking countries and it was awesome to hear them talked to us and everything. Their little kids, a boy of 11 and the other 14, a girl who are living here with their parents gave their testimonies in Spanish and it was so cute. I can't imagine how hard it would be to leave your home at that early of an age.. but they are happy and we as missionaries are pumped :) anyways... what else happened.. not much. Our sector is progressing which is good to see, also we have interviews with Pres. this Wednesday so that'll be cool. Our investigators are doing good. We hope to see at least 4 baptisms this month and even more in August. We should have more, but we're running into a rough patch right now, and we're just barely getting out of with, with a lot of prayer and fasting. Right now we are searching for a new job for a lady named Isabel, of whom all of her kids are active members that I have baptized. She wants to be baptized, wants to come to church, but she has to work Sunday's. She gets ripped off and it's hard to see the sacrifices she makes so her family can eat and have clothes. We are giving our all to help her. Keep her in your prayers that she can find a new job, and be able to come to church. Haha, we also have this other investigator named Jose Luis who is just insanely prepared. A true cornelio. Like... we met him a while back ago in the street.. and taught him a little bit in the street and invited him to be baptized and he accepted, but after that we never saw him again. Til the other day we saw him and we were like, hey dude come.. we're going to the church to teach you. So we took him, went to the church and taught him the Book of Mormon. It just so happened that he had lost a contact card a while back that was really important for a job, and when we taught him the Book of Mormon, he found the contact card in his BOM when he opened it up and told us... Elders... this is a sign from God... I know that this book is true and that this is the true church... haha WHAT?! Too good to be true... so yeah, I didn't buy it so we gave him Moroni 10 to read as homework.. and like the next day he called us and told us that what we gave him to read in the BOM was the greatest thing he's ever read, even better than the Bible he told us, hahaha. What a stud..... he was like... I know this book is true. So we taught him again the next day and same thing... he has a hand that just got surgery... but he told us that it doesn't hurt him anymore ... another sign from God that it's the true. Anyways, the funniest thing was that he came to church on Sunday... and it happened to be his first Sunday there, and it also happened to be fast and testimony meeting... and omgosh the guy bore his freakin' testimony. A guy we had only taught like two or three times, and his first time in the church bore his testimony on the truthfulness of the gospel... it was also a little irreverent, hahaha, because he comes from a baptist background and you know how they are when they speak... but it was awesome. I was soooo nervous when he got up there to talk.... but he did good and all the members were so taken back. He was like.. these Elders.. Cluff and Caipo are the highest quality.. their love has converted me. Too good. Crazy experience now we just gotta get him baptized. He should be this month. Love you guys :) good stuff here.

Elder Cluff :)