Monday, November 30, 2015

November 23, 2015 Letter...

Ah... Milk. There is powdered milk here and all the jib jab but it's terrible...ahh I miss the real milk.. if you feel me. The milk here is fake and full of chemicals and makes me sick. Sooo I'm gonna rough it out 8 more months and when I get home I'll enjoy real milk.

And ouch that makes me hurt. Poor LP. That sucks. Anyways, there is always next year! HA.

Thanksgiving this week... if you wouldn't have told me it would have past right by me without me even realizing it. I don't imagine Pres. or Sister Larson doing anything for Thanksgiving, haha. But yeah, last Thanksgiving and I'll be home for the next one. The dogs are the best. Does kula have free reign of the house now? Or still gets kenneled?

Anywaysssssss ... cool. :) Good to hear all is well. And grandma told me a few weeks ago that Trev and his wife are moving to Fredonia to work there? And that B and Bob are moving to St. George? Is this for real? How come you didn't tell me, hahaha? Insane. I thought they would die there in Turlock... sad though because now we have no one to visit...lolllllzz.

This week was good. We are honestly working our trashes off, but most of our investigators are having trouble with the commandments. So we are going to be focusing this week a lot on them and in what way we can help them to better keep the commandments. Last week we focused a lot on teaching the blessings we receive when we keep the commandments, but that didn't work, so this week we plan to use a little more fire and teach what happens when we don't keep the commandments, so it can get past their heads :)

This week we met a dude named Tito and he is a boss. He has gone to church for like the past 3 weeks, and we talked to him the first week and got to know him and he told us that he was from Trujillo and that he was only visiting... so we were like ahhh crap. Well then, we´ll leave it at that because he´s going to be going back to the motherland soon... anyways.. the weeks passed by and passed by, and he kept showing up at church and we were like dude wtfetch? You told us you were going home soon, and he was like, yeah, well my time extended here and I want you guys to teach me. So we took out an appointment with him and visited him the other day in the church and wow.... PREPARED. It just so happens that he lives in Trujillo alone, and that all of his family are the leaders of our ward here. All of his family. He is the only one who isn't a member, but all of his brothers and sister have served missions and all that, so he knows what's going on and knows about the gospel. The only reason as to why he isn't a member, is because he says that before he didn't consider it too important and that because of his job he didn't have time. Anyways, things have changed and he wants to change and finally learn more. He is insanely ready and willing to learn and be baptized, and he wants to do it here so all of his family can be there. So we are are going to be working with him this week getting him ready to be baptized in beginning of December :) the Lord continues blessing us here and it's another addition to my testimony that miracles exist and that faith always precedes the miracle. Letsssssss getttttt it baby. December is going to be a month of miracles.. it always is. :)

We have a multi-zone conference tomorrow and that's gonna be cooool!

The catholic church members (or better said the people who live by me who had catholic parents and read the bible once so now they´re catholic) last night had a worshiping a false idol saint thing party (it's a common occurrence here, lol) and it was funny cuz they were all out there drinking and dancing (hilariously) and it reminded me of the Lamanite daughters who went and chilled in Shemlon dancing and singing and probably swiggin' back on papa Lamanite´s cough syrup... then they got kidnapped. I don't know if the people last night got kidnapped, but I imagine so. Apostasy isn't cool.

There is this music called regatone here and it is horrible.

Did I ever tell you the story of the guy who died from the cold soda? A good story for next week.

I put my Chums back on my glasses and everyone makes fun of me, but it's toooooo sick. Anyways, I'm eating 5 cups of oats everyday and I don't know if that's dangerous, but I feel good.

Love you guys a lot... :)

Elder Cluff

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