Thursday, November 5, 2015

November 2, 2015 Letter...

That's awesome.. what a week. Garth.. he is my hero. I love everything that man does. He is an inspiration. You wouldn't believe it, but I miss his music more than whatever other music I hear on the mission. He is my hero. And that`s great the all the family came into town, I always enjoyed that. Skyler and Ashley look good and happy and that makes me really happy. Tell them I really love them for me. And yeah, there is a Rodizio's here, but it's expensive and it's not as good as Tucano's so I think I'm just gonna wait until I get home to partake of that delicious fruit. And Ephraim looked awesome. I have never been there, but one day I would enjoy going to the temple in Manti. Anyways, that's also cool that Lauren is home... so weird tho. I went to her farewell and it feels like it was yesterday. But yeah, I'm sure her and Teej get marrrrriiiieeeeeeeeddddddddd.

This week was better. So yeah, since that Elder went home, I was in a trio this past week.. another Elder came with me and my comp, and you'll never believe who it was.. my trainer ... Elder Fernandez! Awesome hahaha. To be honest, it was weird at first because I started the mission with him, and now he is finishing it with me. Super weird situation, but it turned out okay. If you remember correctly, we had a few problems when I started the mission. I was new, I didn't know much, and I wanted to do things right and at that time he didn't always think with that mentality. So for that reason we used to butt heads a lot, and I got really sick of him. So what ended up happening was that he left after one transfer together, and we left kind of on a bad note. So yeah.. like 13 months passed and I didn't really talk to him much because I still had a little bit of resentment in my heart. But then the Lord, to humble me as he always does, put him in my district to finish his mission. Yeah... okay... weird I thought at first. So he came, (after he had been a DL for like 9 months), and I thought in my head like, yeah... he trained me, but now I'm his leader so I'm gonna get him back for what he did to me. Not that extreme, but like... I just wanted to show him the Elder that I had become and I wasn't in the right mindset. So we butted heads once again for the past change and I thought,  "Are you kidding me... what is going on... why can't we get along? Is it me ... is it him.. I don't get it." So I really started thinking.. why did the Lord put him in my district.. what am I supposed to learn from him? Why is he here again. Then I thought, "You know what.. maybe it's so we can reconcile ourselves.. so we can end on good terms. And then once I realized that, boom! His comp went home, and Pres put us in a trio. This last week we were really able to talk, get to know each other better, and really get over our pride. More so, me getting over my pride. Last night we had to get to his last interview in the offices, and we were able to talk for like an hour on the bus about life and that, and it was a super spiritual conversation, for which I learned that I need to be more humble. Because that is one thing I have always struggled with. So I really thank the Lord for the opportunity he game me to be with him again. I'm grateful that we were able to talk, and the truth is I have so much love and respect for Elder Fernandez. He is one of my heroes. It's funny how the Lord works sometimes, that he is constantly teaching us, and he will always provide the means so we can learn the lessons that he wants us to learn. Because every single one of us still has something to perfect and get better at. And now I know what I need to improve, and I'm seeking for the Lord`s guidance to do it. I invite you all to analyze yourselves and think of what you can improve. Whatever it may be, whatever the spirit tells you, do it. There was a Conference talk this past Conference that touched on that subject. I don't know what it was called, but it was by a '70. I invite you all to read it :) I'm happy. My heart is full.

Oh yeah, to end we went and played beach volleyball today on the beach and it was the sickest Pday yet. I'll send pics. CHAU WEIRDOS.

Love you, Elder Cluff

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