Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015 Letter...

Helllloo guys. Good to hear that the week was good and you guys went to Logan. I went there once when we went to Cokeville, Wyoming on a bro outing. I plan on going back one day to enter the hospital where I took my first breath from the womb. Anyways, I don't have a lot of time to write today as allllwwwaayyyss, but yeah everything is cool.

This week has been wild, to be honest. If you didn't know ,I have served my whole mission without being with sister missionaries. I don't know how, or if it's been a blessing or a curse. HA. I started my mission in Rimac, where it's too dangerous for them, then I went to Condevilla, where it's also too dangerous for them, and then I'm back in the Rico Rimac where for like 20 years it's been too dangerous for them. Anyways.. President talks with me the other week, and he's like, how would you feel about sisters in your district.. I was like what. Then he was like yeah... we gotta get them sisters in more places, cuz they are workers. And I was like.. hmm sister missionaries.. well, it just so happens that in one of the sectors in my district, one elder went home and the other got sent home, so it would be a perfect opportunity, and also, the sector where it would be is probably the safest in the zone, so I was like... yes. President do it. And he did it. Now I have sisters in my district.

It feels soooo weird. I honestly didn't even know there were sister missionaries in our mission.

But now they are in my district, and I am their leader, and it's fun. They work hard and they both happen to be like sister trainers so that's cool. We are going to get worrrrkkkk done this month. I also got two new elders in the other sector in my district. Two Peruvians.. they're cool.

This month we have to baptized a lot of people, but we have a lot of good people lined up. For example, there is a sister named Berta Velasquez and her BF Antonio, who she, thank goodness, doesn't live with. So yeah, we taught one of the coolest lessons of the restauration yesterday, and they both understood it so well, and accepted baptismal dates for the end of this month. Now we just gotta get members there to slay demons and be their friends. Pray for those two.

Also, we have a doppppeee dude named Gustavo who is so solid. This man has made sooooo many changes in his life, and he now wants to be baptized and follow the example of the Lord. YYYESSS. He used to live in the USA, and he was exported for drug problems. He is here alone, while all of his family is in the USA. He has been able to, with much fighting, overcome his addictions and now helps and works in a recovery center to help others that are like he was. Such a huge example to me. I love this man. We talk english all the time and he has this Virginian accent and it cracks me up. We are getting him prepared for the end of this month, too.

There are some others also, but yeah, swaaahhhgger dagger.

Love ya'll!

Elder Cluff

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