Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30, 2015 Letter...

WUT UP! I don't wanna take a lot of time, because a lot of fools emailed me this week and I have to administer to those sheep who aren't of this fold alsoo... WOOW. JK love you guys most. I give you all my heart.

Fredonia and St. George.. I miss those two places. I'm glad you guys had some amazing holidays. I miss the holidays back home, but at the same time it's like... wut. Last year's holidays were hard for me, but this year... notttt at all. Which is good.

The package is going to be awesome.. something cool is that Pres. and Sister Larson`s ward in Idaho are doing this activity in which they are putting packages together for all the elders in this mission who aren't going to receive anything... how touching. I love that. It's gonna be a good Christmas here :)

MY RELEASE DATE HAS BEEN MOVED TO AUGUST 30TH. But yeah, I'm fine with it.

Just kidding, my date WILL NOT BE AFFECTED. None of the dates in our mission will be. July 13th is my date. Prepare the way before me.

I'm going to try to send pictures this weeeekkkk. okay? Imma do a mass picture send. I'll try to do that right now. yaaaa.

This week was a good week. We honestly worked our BOOTIES off. And I feel so pleased with the work that got done. I know the Lord is, too. We found a lot of new people, taught a lot of people, and had a good number of people at church on Sunday :) We met a girl this week named Ingrid who is sooo prepared. We met her Saturday and taught her a little bit of the Plan of Salvation. She had so many amazing questions that we only had time to explain the pre-earth life, and then she went to the 3 hours of church on Sunday. COOOOOLL. Conversion. Woooeehoo.

Tuesday we had a multi-zone meeting that lasted like 10 hours or something like that and Pres. Larson talked for the majority of it. LOVED IT. Pres. Larson and Sis. Larson are super special and I think so highly of them. We are blessed to have them in this mission.

Changes are coming up.. I'll be honest.. I'm praying for a change so that I don't have to be in Rimac... or better said the same neighborhood for my only two Christmas`s in the mission. I`m ready for a new zone.. I do believe that I'll be changed.. but we gonna see.

Thanksgiving Day was a Thanksgiving that I'm never going to forget! It just so happened that this day, my zone and only my zone, went to the temple! We hit a 7:30 sesh.. so early to be in the temple, but it was great. Every time I go I learn so much and I'm able to receive so much personal revelation. My favorite place on earth (it's in a constant fight for first place with Disneyland)! Afterwards, we ate a Thanksgiving meal at Subway. ROAST BEEF TOASTED. (I don't know why  didn't get Turkey, but I didn't, so don't bug me I forgot). SUBWAY IS COOL. There was this longgggg hair in my sandwich that I saw as the chick was making the sub, but I was so hungry and so proud to be in a little piece of America that I just said.. "There is a hair in there Miss Subway... but don't worry about it. I'll eat it anyways." I ate it. It felt great.

Love you all...

Elder Cluff

P.S. A little something that happened yesterday. There was a huge riot... or like a giant fight between fanatics of two soccer teams in Lima.. we were walking out of a members house with our lunch (because we cant eat with the sister missionaries in the member`s house, so we have to carry it home and eat it... lol) and out of no where we hear screams and yelling and we look and there is the mob of shirtless Peruvians throwing giant rocks and trying to kill each other. I was pumped. Then I was like "hey we should probably go"... then we started to go and then the mob who was fighting started coming our way and I almost got pegged with a HUGE rock. WAY TO KEEP THE SABBATH DAY HOLY. We started to run so we didn't die... then they started shooting each other and the cops came and started shooting them... insane. but we are okay.

Me at the Beach

Enjoy the view!

 My Zone

Elder Coayla and me

Elder Cluff, Elder Benites and Elder Coayla

New and improved Cluff Gym :)

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  1. Can you send me Caden's address this is Connor Copelands mom. We want to send him a Christmas card. 801 234 0152. Thanks


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