Sunday, October 4, 2015

September 28, 2015 Letter...

Lawn mower repairs.. first world problems. But that's good that everything is working in tip top shape :) and I love Brigham.. I hope he knows that and I love hearing he has a strong testimony. Keep helping him so it grows and grows and grows. Keep it up with him, I can't wait to help him a little more when I get home. He is a stud. And a new Cluff family! Awesome :) My cousin Elder Schade, his mom is a Cluff, and he comes from the Moses Jr. Cluff line is the new mission assissant. Super stud :) I love you though and I love your letters.. I love them simple and I really do enjoy hearing about what's going on at home and everything!

Our investigators are doing well. We had one baptizm last week, and guy named Fernando. He is a stud and his baptism was the best. A really, really spiritual experience for everyone. When we met him like a month a go, the first day we met him, we invited him to be baptized for the 26th of sept, and he accepted, and it completed and we are completely stoked here that the Lord has blessed us in such a big way. He has gained a strong testimony of the gospel and that's honestly my joy. I had the opportunity to baptize him, too. It was perfect:) We have 3 others for the next 2 weeks are so that will get baptized. They were going to be baptized in Sept., but there were some difficulties we had to get figured out, but we did it and now they are ready to get baptized :) it's gonna be an amazing month. We are pumped.:) I'm pumped. I'm feeling really, really good lately. The Lord has shed so much of his Spirit over me and I can really say the greatest happiness and joy comes from when we are obedient with exactness to the Lord. Honestly... it's the only true way to find peace and joy in this life :) Even though we didn't complete with our goals in the month of September, we will be able to do it in October and even beat it at the same time :) All is well. I love you guys a lot.

I'm going to try to send pics! Love you guys :)

PS.. my homey Elder Larson, lifting buddy in the mission finished his mission the other day, and I got all of his big weights... like 250 more pounds of weights :) hahaha transfers are gonna blow. But ya I'm ready. And my comps name is Elder Coayla.. he is from Peru :) hahah good kid :) I'll send pics! If not this week then next!

Elder Cluff

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