Monday, October 19, 2015

October 12, 2015 Letter...

Haha, the McEwan's are too great. I love them. Good to see you guys are getting your hang out time in. And maybe they´ll see Packer and McKay while they´re there, hahaha. That would be too great. She is going to be the photographer... haha. Awesome.

I'll be riding dad´s motorcycle a lot when I get home, FYI. And dad told me about is patriotism speech.. that makes me happy. I love dad and I love the amazing example he has given us. What a stud :) How is Bishop Rasmussen? I think of bishop every time I look at Elder Rasband, haha. Idk why. Ya I'll send pics today cuz I think I'll have time. Peru is good, all is well. And yes we will be Skyping here very soon :) and Christmas package.. I'll start thinking now. It's almost here.. crazy.

But yeah, not much happened this week, as always. Super chill. Haha... It was a little stressing to be honest because of some of my responsibilities, but everything is good and I'm grateful for all the opportunities the Lord gives me to serve with the other Elders. I really feel like I'm beginning to understand here.. I feel like the gospel has taken a whole new meaning as I have served here in my mission. I´ll be honest, it hasn't been easy. It's taken me a long time to understand a lot of things, but as I have strove to be exactly obedient things always work out, and I can feel that the Lord´s spirit is present and guides me. As I have been guided by the spirit, I have learned SO many things. Plain and precious truths. I have been touched so many times by the spirit. I look forward every morning to reading my Book of Mormon, because in those moments, I'm able to receive impressions and whisperings and teachings from the spirit that always help me to become better, and what I can do to bless the lives of others. This week I have been studying a lot about grace. Grace is the divine assistance and endowment of strength by which we grow from the flawed and limited beings we are now into exalted beings of "Truth and light, until [we are] glorified in truth and [know] all things." (Elder Uchtdorf). Grace is what helps us to become more like Christ. We can receive Christ´s grace, or his enabling and strengthening power, thanks to his Atonement. I feel like in the church, sometimes, we spend too much time focused on the saving part of the Atonement; how we will be able to be saved one day because of Christ´s suffering, but we sometimes forget about the other part, the part of the Atonement that helps us in the here and NOW, that gives us help and strength to become better and eventually return to his presence. His grace is essential to make it through this life. As Elder Uchtdorf explained last conference, we are flawed and limited beings. Grace helps us change that. Grace helps us separate ourselves from the natural man and become saints. We received grace, because it's a gift. When we search for it, pray for it, and when we are obedient and keep the commandments the Lord can bless us through the Holy Ghost. I wanna keep going, but I'm short on time and there are a million scriptures that I have but I'm not going to list them. I challenge you guys to study more about grace :) 

This week we also had a baptism! His named is Brandon, and we taught him only 3 times before he was baptized. He received his testimony after the first lesson and wanted to be baptized. What a stud. He is only 14 years old, but has one of the strongest faiths I have ever seen. :)

Love you guys a lot! 

Elder Cluff

 Brandon's Baptism

Fernando's Baptism

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