Sunday, September 13, 2015

September 7, 2015 Letter...

That would be awesome if Zack got a bike.. and does the scooter not do the trick? I always wanted a bike too, but the scooter always did it for me. That's fun though, good to hear everything is solid and good :) also good to hear that someone is taking care of the yard... I can't believe how fast time is going by.. I know I still won't be home for 10 months.. but that's honestly insanely quick and I don't know how I feel about it. It's super weird, but yeah, whatever.. let's just get it done. Work, work, work :)

I have started reading the Book of Mormon again in English.. (btw it's amazing in both languages.. but in English it has a more personal feel.. I'm reading it in Spanish too still tho) because Elder Bednar extended us the sickest invitation. He told us he wants us to start the Book of Mormon in our native tongue from the beginning, with a cheap economic Book of Mormon. He told us he wants us to mark and write notes wherever it talks about being "Steadfast" or "Firm in the Faith" or "Enduring til the End" that kind of stuff. He wants us to read it all the way through and ONLY mark those things. But the notes we write, should only, only, only be what the spirit teaches us, and nothing more. Then he said when we finish it, we should look back at all of our notes again and write a one page paper on what we learned, on what the spirit taught us. Then he said, take the paper, fold it in half and put it in the book. We should put a label on it saying "Steadfast #1", and put that book away, and start the process over again. When we finish the second one he said do the same thing. Write a one page summary from what the spirit taught you, and then compare the two papers. See the difference and the new things the spirit taught you as you read. Then put a label on the second book, and then start the process again until the end of our lives. This will help us learn the importance of enduring to the end and standing steadfast in the faith :)

Elder Bednar told us he has done this for a long time, and the things that the spirit have taught him are sacred.... and his 300 plus BOMS are hidden in a sacred place where no one will ever find them.. haha. He said that his kids always want to see them and read them but he will never permit it.. he said before he dies he plans to burn every single one so no one can ever read it.. and it makes sense.. because it's what the spirit taught HIM. Too good. So that's what I'm doing... and it's an awesome spiritual experience :) I think he has talked about this before, but it's the first time I have heard of it.. I invite you guys to do it, too. :)

Oh yeah, this week an investigator named Jose Anselmo, the son of my converts Gladys and Felix finally got baptized in Condevilla and I was invited to the baptism :) I worked with him for 5 months and it's so good to see him baptized :) awesome experience. I'm pumped.

Love you guys :) 

Elder Cluff

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