Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 20, 2015 Letter...

Good to hear everything is going good. That makes me really happy. Zack is a bossss and I'm glad he is killing it out there. Also Cam is a boss.. that kid is a prodigy... not kidding. And I'm glad Brig had a good time at scout camp. Thanks for making him go... scout camps slash ward camps were a blast even though at first they sounded horrible.. good stuff. One thing I regret is not participating more... but ya, what are you gonna do. I'm pumped for the package!!

This this week was good. We worked our little bums off to be serious and it was good. Hard work and obedience with exactness out here really brings miracles. The other day we were with our investigator... super prepared investigator named Jose Luis in the church to teach him and in walks our mission president (our church is the stake center and he had a meeting with the president of the stake).. we were like okay sweet, our investigator will have the chance to meet the president... so Jose Luis starts talking to them in English because he speaks it because he's been to the U.S. a lot... and Jose Luis was like... hello.. and we're like, hey this is our mission president.. our "boss".. and Jose Luis was like, oh my heavens it's such an honor! Okay.. then out of no where Jose Luis was like... President... I have been reading the Book of Mormon every day since the elders have showed me it, and I decided to memorize the names of the 11 witnesses of the Book of Mormon.. so he recited every single one to the president and his wife and they stood there like awe-struck .. like are you serious? This guy is a legend.. haha it was awesome.. Jose Luis shared his testimony with them and president was like... stoked. It was cool cuz president just got here and for him to see someone like that who has been changed by the gospel was something cool. Anyways, pres went upstairs.. we taught Jose Luis... and as we were leaving.. president happened to be leaving too.. and we were like hey dude, ask president to baptize you on the 25th.. and he was like.. ya okay.. so Jose Luis asked the president to baptize him and president Larson said YES. So he'll be coming to our baptisms on the 25th to baptize our investigator :) whatttt a solid experience. I love this mission. Greatest thing of my life. The Lord has prepared Jose Luis so much its hard to believe sometimes.. like every day he has a new story to tell us of how he received even a stronger witness and testimony of the gospel... and it's crazy because we literally met him like 3 weeks ago hahaha. In the street. Out of no where. It just goes to show that the Lord will guide us to where we need to go and will tell us what we need to do if we are obedient and listen to the spirit. We have to be worthy though :) I'm so grateful for every experience in my life that has gotten me here. Every challenge... every hardship... I love it. Bring on the challenges. I was watching a video the other day.. The Refiner's fire... a Mormon Message and I highly recommend it... something that the sister who was talking said that really struck me was about Newton's Law; that says every action has an equal and opposite reaction not only applies to the physical world, but also the spiritual. When we experience a lot of difficulties and hardships in this life.. it will make the ability to feel happiness and joy in this life greater. The action is the hardships and trials, the reaction is the capability to experience more happiness. So we have to pass through trials and hardships to be able to experience the fullness of joy in this life. Vital part to the plan of salvation. For that reason Lehi counseled his son Jacob that all his difficulties and trials, even though they were many, would be for his benefit... and it's true, because he became one of the greatest prophets and leaders in the Book of Mormon. Anyways just some thoughts I had this week. Love you guyyys.

Elder Cluff

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