Monday, July 6, 2015

June 29, 2015 Letter...

Yeah, I had to carry my comp to the hospital, lol. jk But yeah, we had to go like 400 times and we have to go back Tuesday.. he has like a blood clot in his leg.. the doctors say its cellulite .. but I don't think they know what that even is. The medicine here is CRAP. The medical advice is even worse. Funny pics tho that Diego sent, huh? I had to call him to come help us cuz I needed to leave to teach people but no one in my ward could go.

That's awesome tho about the lax stuff.. Cameron for real is my hero.. and glad it's bringing the family together :) honestly, that's the most important thing.. everyone's having a good time out there :) And yeah dad's retirement is coming .. that's gonna be such a blessing. And even more of a blessing I'll be home right after he retires .. wooo hoooo. 

That's awesome Riley left on his mission.. he´s gonna love it. The greatest experience ever. 

I'm glad to hear everyone is happy! Keep working hard mom, keep at it, and the Lord will bless you. I promise. Keep studying too. Just get it done. Loveee ya.

This weeeeeek was almost impossible cuz my comp was in the house all day for 3 days straight because the doctors told him he couldn't walk... so yeah, we had to call members to come on divisions with us.. but they only came like 2 times and it was terrible. Worst weeeeek ever. Fun thing tho is that Diego came and we took those funny-as-John pics hahahaha. Good stuff. Mission life babbbbyyy. But ya know.. And now our sector needs a lot of work, so this week we are going to kill it. We need to finish the week with a lot of people with baptismal dates so we can get a least 5 baptisms this month of July. I know we`ll be able to do it. We always meet our goals when we plan with the Lord, and seek His guidance to accomplish what He has given us. Really it's true. I started the BOM over again like 2 weeks back or so.. I can't remember, but it is the greatest book ever written. I love it. I absolutely love it. It is true, and no one can deny it without denying Jesus Christ. Anyways, not much else happened this week... oh yeah, we had to go to the office before going to the hospital to get money, and while we were there we gotta talk to President Borg for like 30 min and it was awesome. I'm gonna miss him. He leaves today late or tomorrow idk. But then Pres. Larson from Idaho will be here ... woooohooo. It's gonna be fun :) Anyways, not much else.. I've been pounding a lot more food lately to grow.. I do 6 eggs and 2 cups of oats with a huge protein shake for breakfast. it feels good. Elder Larson, one of the assistants (how ironic the mission will be ran by pure Larson`s) and a good buddy told me that he's gonna probably give me his weights when he leaves in Sept. and he has like 500 pounds of weights.. so I'm excited. LESS GOOOOO. Anyways, this week we have a lot of work to do and I'm so excited to do it. All of our converts here are doing so well and are so strong. Life is good. Love you guys and I want all the boys to write me this week :)

Elder Cluff

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