Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6, 2015 Letter...

Yessss! I will be home in a year babbyyyy.. that's gonna be awesome but sad at the same time. We`ll see though. Yeah Hermana Rocio talked to me about her cousin... poor guy :( he is super strong tho and he`s fighting. I told her to ask you because you might be able to verify the prices. Thanks momma. (I told her it would probably cost more in the US). That's great that Paul and Candice came to visit... are there fotos??! I hope so. Haha Paul, I miss that guy a lot and his terrible jokes. I can't wait to destroy him when I get home.. haha. what else... Good to hear you`re sewing again! I hope your curtains are COOL. You'll have to send me pictures. I love you mom and know that you are my hero too (heroine) right? goooo english. But not the drug, that would be weird. That makes me sad the Boyd K. Packer has passed away. I loved that guy. But yeah, he is on the other side now continuing his work... and it's so true that the next conference is going to be awesome :) Tell Skyler I'm pumped for him, too and all the work that he is getting done. I'm proud of him and how hard he has worked. He has always been such a strong example in my life. 

Anyways, good to hear everything there is going good. Everything here is also going good. We got to meet president Larson and his wife and family yesterday.. I love them. I absolutely love them. His thing is obedience with exactness and I like that. He is soooo loving and soooo caring and his wife, too. It's gonna be an awesome year to work with them. For real. We are going to see so much success awwwww, I love it. And for real, the new president's energy is awesome. Two of his kids came and visited from the U.S. yesterday to meet us, too.. they are both RMs; one a girl of like 23 years and the other one a son of 21 years. They both served in Spanish speaking countries and it was awesome to hear them talked to us and everything. Their little kids, a boy of 11 and the other 14, a girl who are living here with their parents gave their testimonies in Spanish and it was so cute. I can't imagine how hard it would be to leave your home at that early of an age.. but they are happy and we as missionaries are pumped :) anyways... what else happened.. not much. Our sector is progressing which is good to see, also we have interviews with Pres. this Wednesday so that'll be cool. Our investigators are doing good. We hope to see at least 4 baptisms this month and even more in August. We should have more, but we're running into a rough patch right now, and we're just barely getting out of with, with a lot of prayer and fasting. Right now we are searching for a new job for a lady named Isabel, of whom all of her kids are active members that I have baptized. She wants to be baptized, wants to come to church, but she has to work Sunday's. She gets ripped off and it's hard to see the sacrifices she makes so her family can eat and have clothes. We are giving our all to help her. Keep her in your prayers that she can find a new job, and be able to come to church. Haha, we also have this other investigator named Jose Luis who is just insanely prepared. A true cornelio. Like... we met him a while back ago in the street.. and taught him a little bit in the street and invited him to be baptized and he accepted, but after that we never saw him again. Til the other day we saw him and we were like, hey dude come.. we're going to the church to teach you. So we took him, went to the church and taught him the Book of Mormon. It just so happened that he had lost a contact card a while back that was really important for a job, and when we taught him the Book of Mormon, he found the contact card in his BOM when he opened it up and told us... Elders... this is a sign from God... I know that this book is true and that this is the true church... haha WHAT?! Too good to be true... so yeah, I didn't buy it so we gave him Moroni 10 to read as homework.. and like the next day he called us and told us that what we gave him to read in the BOM was the greatest thing he's ever read, even better than the Bible he told us, hahaha. What a stud..... he was like... I know this book is true. So we taught him again the next day and same thing... he has a hand that just got surgery... but he told us that it doesn't hurt him anymore ... another sign from God that it's the true. Anyways, the funniest thing was that he came to church on Sunday... and it happened to be his first Sunday there, and it also happened to be fast and testimony meeting... and omgosh the guy bore his freakin' testimony. A guy we had only taught like two or three times, and his first time in the church bore his testimony on the truthfulness of the gospel... it was also a little irreverent, hahaha, because he comes from a baptist background and you know how they are when they speak... but it was awesome. I was soooo nervous when he got up there to talk.... but he did good and all the members were so taken back. He was like.. these Elders.. Cluff and Caipo are the highest quality.. their love has converted me. Too good. Crazy experience now we just gotta get him baptized. He should be this month. Love you guys :) good stuff here.

Elder Cluff :)

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