Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 13, 2015 Letter...

Are you kidding me? Again with Kula?! I hope you guys got that dog insurance like dad was always talking about... that honestly makes me super sad. Poor Kula... and his hair... that's gonna take forever to grow back. Poor Kula :( but everything is alright? I'm glad the boys are doing good and are staying busy. And it's okay... I just emailed in the morning to try it out and I realized that it's really not worth it. Hahaha it's the worst, so anyways, I'm probably gonna keep emailing in the afternoon. And Carrie is too funny... that makes me laugh hard, hahaha. And are you serious? So many kids grandkids and greats? That is amazing. I love Elder Packer, too. I'm gonna get some pics sent. But I love you, mom and hope this week has been good for you too! For me it was pretty chill... it was just the usual... nothing really. Haha, funny story the other day... we ate lunch at a members house and she made mashed potatoes... and I was like "Holy cow Sister Valedomar, these are seriously the best mashed potatoes I've had in Peru... the flavor is incredible... what is your secret? All the other Peruvian sisters gotta learn it"... and she was like .. "Huh? What secret? I didn't have time to make them for real so I just made them out of a pre-packed box." HAHAHAHAHA demoted. I laughed. I'm terrible... But really it was pretty funny you had to be there.. no one else laughed but me but I'm always crackin' jokes and laughing and sometimes people don't laugh, but that's all part of the game baby. We also had interviews with president this week. They were awesome... pres is a very smooth man and his wife reminds me a bit of you mom, and it drives me crazy (blonde and way nice:). Good family tho and it was fun. Alsooooo this week we have been working with all the investigators and they´re progressing and it's good stuff. We are working hard as always and the Lord is helping us out a lot and guiding us to prepared people. Hermano Jose Luis, the prepared guy I told you about last week is a stud. He is coming every week to church, tells us the BOM is better than the Bible every day and it makes me laugh. He always is signed up to take classes from Institute... and it's crazy because we literally taught him for the first time 2 or 3 weeks ago. SOOOO PREPARED. He is a good guy. A little crazy, but he makes me laugh. His baptism is the 25th and he is telling every about it. Awesome stuff. We are also working really hard with the less activities. We had a reactivation this week and more coming up. My comp is good... he is smooth cuz we can joke all day and it's fun. I can say that even though I love it here in Amakella, it's been a good 6 months, and I'm ready for a new sector. Changes are August 11 so we'll see. I'm pretty sure that I'll be leaving. Anyways just know that exactly one year from today.. at probably this hour, I'll be home, With you guys. It's super weird and scares me how fast time has gone, and I'm still not ready to go home, but we'll see if I am in another year. Take good care of the home, take good care of Bear and Kula please. And the boys. I'm still waiting for those little fools to write me. Tell them to do it plzz mama :) Anyways, love you guys! Hey question did you ever get you concealed carry permit? You should do that. Also how is work going? What did you have for dinner last night? What are you going to have tonight? Anyways, tell Zack to keep being a stud and keep working and also keep lifting and eating. Love you guys. When do you more or less plan on sending the package? 

Elder Cluff

 Having some fun...

Baptism of Felix and Gladys and their son, Felix Jr. (left) 

Our Pensionista's grandson's baptism... Joshua!

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