Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June 22, 2015 Letter...

Hahahahaha, okay that story of dad absolutely killed me.. that is such a dad thing to do.. I'm not kidding. Too great. It makes me smile. Even better, it was at a Willie Nelson concert.. that's good stuff. Hahaha. I'm gonna check the pics out :) thank you I love you mom :) Glad to hear everything is good and everyone is good... it really makes me happy! Dad only has like 11 more months of badge-flashing power left ... he better use it up!

Anyways, this week was good. A bit slow because we had 3 baptisms last week. But, we managed to have a baptism this week also! It was awesssssomeee :) Good stuff. I`ll send pics soon. What else happened this week.. oh ya, we said bye to President Borg and it was sad, but I was like ya, we`ll get a new president ... we`re gonna meet him 5th of July. I'm pumped. He's gonna crack down the hammer and I cant wait. Lettttsss gooo baby. What else happened... ummmmmm... I love seeing my friends here in the mission... and the new homies I've made here. It's awesome stuff. Oh ya, also this week, we got a call from the assistants that one of my investigators I had when I was in Rimac was going to be baptized and he invited me to go to it!!! After 6 months of me praying that he could be baptized... and after 6 months of him praying that he could be baptized... our prayers were finally answered and permission was given (he went to church every week without fail since the first day we met him, but couldn't be baptized because of a situation). So yeah, we went to Rimac and witnessed that baptism.. took pics.. and my beloved investigator Walter Lagos was finally baptized :) SO PUMPED. Prayers really do get answered. If we have faith, and if we`re doing all we can here to be obedient... the Lord is gonna help us out. I really have a testimony so strong of that. Anyways, good stufffffff. Also this week was the dedication of the Peru Trujillo temple... and all of Peru got to watch it. The churches changed into like extensions of the temple for one day, and only those with recommends could enter, and it was such a perfect service. President Uchtdorf and Elder Bednar came and did it, and I have to say, those men are my heroes. I felt the strongest confirmation in my heart, that those men are really called of God. They are His prophets. I know it. They are thee most solid men and I love them. What a blessing it is to have prophets today. Pres Uchtdorf is hilarious and when he was sealing the corner stone he kept cracking jokes and it made me die. Him and Elder Bednar also gave some of the greatest talks regarding temples I have ever heard. Elder Bednar really stressed the fact the OUR ancestors need our help to be saved... and we need THEIR help to be saved, because without them we can't. He really, really focused in on saying OUR ancestors.. OURS. We need to do temple work for OUR ancestors. Anyways, it's important that we do family history, and take the names to the temples. I love you guys.

Elder Cluff

Baptism of Walter Lagos in Rimac District.  Six months of hard work paid off! :) 

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