Thursday, June 18, 2015

June 15, 2015 Letter...

The only thing I need... hmmm idk but the TIES YOU SENT ME WERE SICK. SEND ME MORE LIKE THOSE. 80'S ONES TOOOO LEGIT. I love you so much. The congo bars... are you kidding me... pure divinity. Also the other things (I forgot what they were called), but they were amazing. Also, the zucchini bread... mom all of it was perfect.. so delicious. I love you. Best piece of home that you could have sent me hahaha.. your cooking. Too amazing. Also everyone who lives with us loved it.. your famous now and everyone wants the recipe hahaha. Thank you, mom, once again! Just know that it was super special for me. So divine.

Thank you Hermana Desiree for delivering the treats!! :) 

Glad to hear you guys are getting into hiking ... are you guys taking Kula with you? Haha. I hope. Sounds awesome tho. When I get back I'd love to go hike a bit. Glad to hear all the brothers are good and that everyone is happy. That always makes me happy :) make sure to always keep the blog updated please, because I'm famous and people wanna hear what I'm up to, but I don't have time to send everyone pics or forward the email to everyone. :)

This week, we had a complete miracle! Felix and Gladys, the married couple we have been working with for the last month and a half or so, got baptized this week along with one other person named Israel!!! I'm so pumped I'm not kidding. The work is progressing so much here. We are destroying it. So many people are knowing the gospel and we are working are tails off to get them baptized. And it's happening. And hey, this week we have another baptism!!!! Wednesday. But really, the baptism of Felix and Gladys was a miracle. The first time we met them, back in May, we put a baptismal date on them for the 13th of June, because that's what the spirit told us. Honestly, I don't know why the 13th of June came into my head over a month ago, but that's what came, and that's when we invited them to be baptized. We put in our part and all of our effort and worked hard and they met that goal. We completed with the Lord. I'm not gonna lie and say it was easy, moreover it was one of the hardest and most stressful times of my life, but it was worth it. When the Lord gives us responsibilities, we need to complete them. Felix received his testimony more quickly than Gladys, and for the last 2 weeks or so she has had so many doubts concerning the baptisms, due to the fact that she was baptized in another church when she was younger with her mom, and it was a really special experience for her through which she was able to feel the spirit. Anyways, we kept helping her overcome her doubts with the Book of Mormon and kept inviting her to pray about it and ask the Lord. The Friday before the baptism, she still wasn't sure if she was going to be baptized on Saturday. She still had this doubt; this insecurity. We had fasted, prayed every day, visited them every day and in every moment so that she would feel ready to be baptized the Saturday. It was hard for us not to doubt, but we managed to put our faith in the Lord, that if we did all our part, he would do His. So we had our final visit with them the Friday before their baptisms, and this lesson was a battle. Let me tell you, it was a straight battle. I walked into that lesson, SO nervous. Because their destiny, if they would be baptized on Saturday or not depended on this lesson, and if we would be able to pay enough attention to the spirit to help her feel secure and ready. Felix and Gladys have a son named Felix Jr. and he accompanied us in the lesson, and helped us SO much. We also brought a SICK Hermana from the relief society that teaches gospel doctrine. Anyways once we got in and sat down, the spirit just hit me, and I knew it would be a lesson guided purely by the spirit. We taught, and it was so present. The spirit was the real teacher, like it always should be. We had to help her understand that the baptism that she would be performing was ordained from God, and not man. After touching on various points of doctrine, with the help of the Book of Mormon, and the members, and her husband who was ya already ready for Saturday, she made the decision. She accepted the invitation with a firm YES!!! "I will be baptized tomorrow." WOOOOO HOOOOOO. Then Saturday in the morning they had their interviews, and that night they got baptized! Our zone had a "white night" because we baptized like 19 people. I'll send pics. It was amazing. So freakin' stressful that day and night, but we got everything arranged and got it done. They are so happy, and we are so happy. We worked for our goal and we accomplished it. We completed with the Lord, and we feel great. We had faith that it would happen, but instead of just believing, we did everything in our power to make it happen... that is the true faith. That's the faith that the apostle James talked about. If we have faith, we need action. We have another baptism Wednesday and I'm pumped.

All is good here. I know God exists, I know he answers prayers. I know what we need to do, is listen. Listen to the spirit, and ACT. ACT in every moment. I love you guys.

Elder Cluff

Me and zone leader Elder Patterson did the tandem bike (felt like 400 miles up a Suncrest hill, lol).

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELDER MERA! Pretty much our last time together before his transfer.

Elder Mera, Me, Elder Ramirez and Elder Richards with the familia of our pensionista.

Saying goodbye to the big family Tello.. I love them.

Sick shirts I bought.

Me with a neighborhood kid Andres. He is too bossss.

 The temple!

Elder Caipo and me at the temple!

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