Tuesday, June 2, 2015

May 18, 2015 Letter...

Hello Familia!

Zack wrecked the Geo? Are you kidding? What happened? :( poor guy I bet he feels horrible.. please go easy on you guys. Tell him I love him a lot. hahaha okay wait I just read that you guys were pretty cool with it, that's good to hear haha. :) Dad... "Here son, take the truck!" Classic loving Dad, lol. Tell Zack to be freakin careful especially in the rain... rookies these days. amen and amen, life goes on, the Lord continues blessing us. I got pulled over maybe 10 times but never got a ticket. I always pulled the good ol "Ahhh, my dad is gonna kill me. He is a cop too, and he takes these things seriously." "Oh, crap son.. I'm not gonna give you a ticket this time, just be more careful."

LESSS GOOO high school memories all day baby!

Glad the tenants rock hahah that´s great.. 3 families living in my house.. too amazing. Keep it up! GO Josh and Breeeecia lol.

This week was good mama, not much happened, but I love you guys. And hey I'll update you guys more next week I don't have a lot of time today. We met a couple a week or two back and their names are Felix and Gladys. One of their sons is a super faithful member who has his own family and for that they are super receptive and prepared and want to learn more. So we have been teaching them. This week they came to church for the first time and stayed for the three hours (and absolutely LOVED it) and they have their baptismal dates for June 13th. They are the greatest. I have seen the spirit work in them, and they have changed SO MUCH since the first time we met them. They have such strong desires to follow the Savior. We are so grateful. We are still seeing so many miracles here. They never stop. Honestly my testimony of obedience strengthens every day. We´re not perfect but when we strive to just do our best, the Lord blesses us and guides us to what he wants us to accomplish. :)

Love you guys,

Elder Cluff

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