Tuesday, June 2, 2015

May 25, 2015 Letter

Yeah, soon I'll upload fotos.. sorry for slacking on that.. but I'll get that done super soon don't worry about it. :) My new son's name is Elder Caipo (K-eye-po) Like eye from your head... yeah. He's a boss.. and he's ready to work which makes me happy because that's what I needed. Someone ready to work and get things done. And that's awesome school is out.. it makes me sick how fast it went.. but hey what do you do.. seriously so weird how fast it went. But happy birthday also to Brigham! I love him and hope he is happy and got cool presents for his birthday :) And delinquent stoner longboard... hahahahahaha. My heavens I love dad. That kid is one of a kind. Glad Zack got through school though!

And that's awesome you guys are getting in shape and losing weight and are gonna work out at Golds/Vasa! Super sweet :) Keep working hard and working out hard. You guys rock and I love you all! And yeah, that will be solid for Zack's college application.. coaching lacrosse. solllidd. I'll keep Skyler in my prayers. He'll be fine. I love you all.

This week was good.. my old comp is gone and I have my new comp who is a boss. We're learning a lot together and working super hard. We are happy and it's awesome. Yesterday not a lot of people came to church and I'll be honest it ticked me off, but hey what can you do? We did sooo much to get them to go to church, but in the end no one came. So irritating. This week we're gonna be focusing more on going to church so they can get there, then get baptized. We have a lot of people ready to be baptized. June will be a super successful month. I love the family we live with and when I leave I'm gonna miss them so much. They are seriously my family now and it's been such a blessing having been able to live with them. They'll be there first people I visit when I come back :) The family Culqui! Soliiiidddd. But yeah, we have a lot of investigators who will be baptized in June.. and I'm excited. We are seeing so much success here. I love getting work done, because when we put in our all, the Lord blesses us, and helps us with what we can't do by ourselves. Remember that. If we want a special blessing, if we need something, we need to put in our part; put in our all, to receive that special blessing. The Lord is more than willing to help, he knows what we need, but he wants us to exercise our faith in him with our obedience. Obedience is the key to life. I know as we live obediently to the commandments -- not just some of them, but all of them -- we are going to feel such a more complete feeling of joy and love in our lives. We'll be more patient, more loving, more understanding, more like Christ. This really is the ultimate goal, becoming like Christ. Loving everyone like he did. Like he does. It's not always easy here in the mission... it's never easy haha, to be honest. There are a lot of people I would love to punch, but as I try to do what I can to love them, I start to see them as Christ does, in their true potential, and the ways that I can help to change them into better people. The gospel is true. Don't ever doubt it.

Love you guys!

Elder Cluff

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