Thursday, June 18, 2015

June 8, 2015, Letter...

Mac's a boss and I love him. I hope I get a sign like that on that fence when I get home :) hahahaha. plzzz.. it would be too great.

And I love you, Mom. I hope I have time to look at the pics :)

I'm gonna be in contact with Hermana Desiree so I get the package tho! thankkkss mama :) love you! and thank you for the other goodies.. they are things that I have needed but I'm too lazy to buy... love ya. Better when sent from home :)

Gma and Gpa make me laugh so much... cross country in their RV... too great.

I love you mom... the year mark is definitely coming. And the shirts I bought are siccckkk, aren't they? :) 

I love you guys and I hope everyone at home is doing amazing. I pray for you guys every single day and I know the Lord will continue blessing you as you continue reading and studying as a family. :) This week was super good. We had a lot of amazing lessons that the spirit guided. Really there in no better feeling than the spirit. We also went to the temple, and I was in the celestial room for maybe an hour... wow. My favorite place on earth. I'm so grateful for temples. We are excited here because
we´re going to be able to watch the temple dedication of the Trujillo Peru temple and that's gonna be a great experience. Even though I had 1000 opportunities to see the live broadcast of a temple dedication at home, I never went. So I'm happy I'll be able to see this one. This week we are going to have a "white night"... or better said, our zone will be baptizing more than 20 people in one night... and three of them will be from us. It's this Saturday and we are soooo stoked. The Lord has answered every one of our prayers out here and my testimony of this gospel and the Book of Mormon strengthens every day. This week has been great and we've been working extremely hard to get these baptisms ready for this 13th of June for the "white night" that our zone will be having. We have been praying extremely hard for miracles, and we´ve been doing everything to make those miracles happen. We have been working with an amazing married couple named Felix Sr. and Gladys. They are the worlds greatest people. Felix has been able to gain a powerful testimony in the course of the last month, and his wife, too. But she has had some doubts concerning being baptized again (she was baptized in another religion), having fear that it would be ¨playing with God¨. So the other day we were teaching her, praying for a way to help her, praying for an answer so she could get over this doubt and be ready for June 13th, and right in the middle of the lesson, her son Felix Jr. (a member who is super, super strong who lives in the north mission) Skype's them and begins helping us teach, shares powerful testimony, and then we were able to help her resolve her doubt with the help of her son. It was an answer to SO many prayers. The spirit was so strong during this lesson, and we taught it with pure testimonies. I know that's our most powerful tool as missionaries; testimonies. Even more so, testimonies from members and family members. Anyways, everything good in Zion. Love you guys! Thanks mama :)

Love, Elder Cluff

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