Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 1, 2015 Letter...

Hey first thing.. I'll send pics soon don't worry ... I promise.. and wow, holy cow what an email you have sent me.. But I want to reply to it because I have some questions. First off, when Grandma Cluff told me she bought an RV.. I thought camp trailer... hahaha but an RV? You are kidding me. That's the greatest thing I've ever heard, hahaha. I love them. And Bill and Jen's (haha, Ben and Jill) sealing just sounds like it was great. That's the point of life right there. The temple... being sealed for time and all eternity... that's the goal here in the mission :) get families to the temple!!! And that's hilarious Zack went on a date.. what a legend.. pics?? Glad he had fun. What a good date. I'm pumped... super pumped Zack was able to bless the sacrament the other day. I love him. I'm proud of him. And hey mom, we're going to the temple this Thursday, and really quick I need you to tell Grandma J to send me a temple name so I can do their endowments!!!! Okay??? PLEASE DON'T FORGET!

Anyways, I love Cam... he is a boss... hahaha "I need to start running to get in to shape," he says... hahaha he cracks me up. I'm glad he'll get a lot of good experience.. (I don't have apostrophes and I just swore sorry) Anyways I'm pumped for Skyler, too.. I knew he would kill it... I love him so much :) Glad Brig had a good b-day too... everyone is doing good and it makes me happy.

I'm sure I'll get the package next week... Lovveee ya mom.

Anyways, I love you and I have to go I'm short with time, but remember to talk to Gma Jensen to send me a name ready to print before Thursday...because I'll print it Wednesday...please don't forget.

Love you...

Elder Cluff

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