Monday, August 31, 2015

August 3, 2015 Letter...

I love you mom.. I love Skyler, too.. I'm pumped to hear that they got to visit you guys! And you are going camping? As a family? That's awesomeeee. Have fun! Cam's a beast and I'm glad that he is scoring... as a goalie? [There are annoying girls in this computer lab place and I want to yell at them cuz my headphones don't work and their yelling and screaming, and my heavens, stop it please.] Sorry about that.. anyways mommaaa.. I love you. Jacob bought a boat.. what the shane the dude is a legend. I love that guy. I hope Uncle is doing well. How is all the fam? Uncles and aunts? Anyways ... package.. it´ll come Wednesday.. I can't go get it but yeah, I'm sure it´ll come :) And gooo mom teaching little kiddies about the priesthood is the dream! And how lucky are you?! You are surrounded by a lot of priesthood holders. One perk to having all boys. :) [and my heavens, people are standing over my shoulder watching me and it's like, kids leave.] Anyways, Diego is a pure bread coon.. I love him and he is always watching out for me. Solid buddy :) Anyways mom, I'm glad everything is going well and tell Ashley I told her happy b-day and that I hope she had a good one.

This week not much happened, to be honest... we worked... and worked... and worked... but we are working so that this week we can have two baptisms. Pray please for Omar Mendoza and for Enzo Chapi.. Omar is a teenager of 16 years old and so is Enzo. Omar needs permission.. or better said, he needs to convince his mom because she is a strong catholic... and with Enzo... we just gotta work hard with his desire to be baptized. So if you guys could pray for them so that this week, the 8th of August, they get baptized :) I know we´ll be able to get it done.. we just got to put in the work and follow what the spirit tells us to do... :) This isn't my first rodeo...:)

Oh yeah, also transfers are next week and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have one cuz I have 6 months here...I'm ready to go. I'm ready to work with new people and get my focus redialed. Changes are always solid because they help us get focused and all that good stuff again :) I really do love it here though and was able to see so much success. The Lord has blessed me substantially here and it is probably the best sector and area I'll have in the mission. I love the family I live with, and all the amazing experiences I've had. My convert, who was recently baptized.. Jose Luis Mongilardi is doing amazing! He bore his testimony again yesterday on the truthful of the Liahona (the church magazine) and the reading of the scriptures... haha he scolded the members and it was hilarious... because he recently was baptized. I love seeing people becoming converted to the gospel mom.. I just love it. The greatest feeling ever. Anyways, all of my other converts here are doing AMAZING. Everyone is active :) we´ll see what happens when I leave... but they are all rocking it. I love you guys so much. Keep reading your books of Mormon. Every night. Keep saying your prayers. Every night. Keep happy :)

Elder Cluff

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