Thursday, August 14, 2014

August 14, 2014 letter...

Mom!! How are you?! That sounds like so much fun skim boarding! I'm glad you guys had a blast:) I really do love you all!

Zack.. man I love him. I hope he loves high school. It was the greatest experience of my life so far! I'm guessing this will be better? Lol. I'm glad you guys got to stay at Skyler's and Ashley's! It feels like Candice and Paul's, huh? And Brigham and Cameron.. gotta love them, too. I miss Cameron and his funny little sayings and the funny things he does. And Brigham just being so chill. I hope he loves middle school a lot! And thanks for sending stuff with Zach Framp! That will help a lot :) if you wanna send anything else, please do. I'll be praying for dad on the CPA exam. I know he'll do well. He has worked very hard. And yes I'm so glad Tara dropped the Origination DVD off! Keep it in a safe place because I want to see it someday! It was such an amazing experience and I'll never forget it! It helped prepare me for out here! 

Woww... 2 weeks down already. Time has gone by pretty quickly. It should only get quicker:) Haha. 

I forgot to tell you all the food here is cheap cafeteria food, so most of it has soy, so I have to ask the workers every meal if there is soya. I found out the hard way the FIRST day I got here. I had to take a Benadryl my first darn day, haha. What a joke :)

My Spanish and accent is improving. It's getting a lot easier to understand people and speech also. When people start speaking fast it gets way difficult though. But I'm working hard to keep up on it. We spend literally all darn day in class and it is not fun. I mean it's spiritually fun, but mentally and physically nooooo way. Drains me like a drain.

Today we went to the temple! Just the visitors center, because everything else is being remodeled! But it was SUPER nice. It was fun and spiritual, also. I got some pictures I'll send.  

Highlight (not so much) of my week: I was sick for about 48 hours straight. Like 150 kids got sick at the same time, and I was one of them. I had terrible diarrhea (still kinda do) and the worst head ache and a 102 degree fever. Yes, I went to the doctor and checked. I felt absolutely horrible. I got a blessing though from my comp and some other elders in my room, and also gave one. It was special. I'm better now, but that was the worst thing of my life. I had to lie in bed all day and all I could think about was home. I never want to do that again.

It's crazy to think I'll be doing this for two years.. a little bit overwhelming. But I'm just gonna keep pushing through and work as hard as I can! 

Our teacher in the morning's name is Hermano Palma, he is like 5 foot nothing and we always give him a hard time! He is great though and we learn a lot. Our night teacher is Hermano Salazar, and he was our first investigator, and now he teaches us. It's good! Every day here is the same though... just grindin and windin.

I really do love it here and it's getting so much easier to be away from home and stuff, which is reallly nice. I can't wait to get to peru though, that's going to be the greatest thing. 

Anyways, I love you guys so much and I pray for you all!!

Elder Cluff

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