Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25, 2016 Letter...

Good for Jake.. really I love him so much. I'm so happy and proud of him. It stinks that I won't be able to see him for four years, but it's better that he's there in the mission. It's going to change his life. What a complete stud. All my friends have sent me pictures of the farewell and apparently everyone got to see each other.. that's amazing! I'm excited to see all of them.

Anyways... I watched that video from Madeline.. that brought back SO MANY memories... wow. That's so awesome for her though! She rocks. Her voice sounds like a big girl voice hahaha.

And thanks for giving the missionaries a ride... God bless you guys.. here that doesn't happen. They charge you... haha. Thanks for that though, really. And PS, I didn't know there were missionaries there haha.

Skyler did the right thing... good for him! I want my iPhone when I get home. Hey something important, don't buy me a phone when I get home! I want to use my old one or one of your old ones until the new 7 comes out.. and THEN you can get me a phone :) would that be okay?

This week has been pretty normal. Monday we decided to play Phase 10 all day and eat pizza, it was a good time. Then Monday night the assistants called us with the transfers.... and I'M STAYING. I honestly thought I'd be going but that's okay. I love my zone and this month we have worked so hard as a zone that it would have been a shame if I would've had to leave before seeing all of our fruits and how the month would end. So yes, I'm happy I'm still here. I can't believe either that I'm in my last 11 weeks.. the time is going by way too fast.

This week, like the past few, has been spent running countless errands from one end of the zone to the other, watching after sick missionaries, talking to landlords so missionaries don't get kicked out of their houses, moving missionary's things after the transfers, etc. It has been never ending lately and I do not know why. The only days we got to actually work in our sector last week was Thursday, Saturday and a little on Sunday. Nevertheless we are seeing a bunch of small miracles and we have a lot of faith and hope, not only for the zone for the month of May, but also for our sector.

On Friday we had a meeting with half of the mission in which President and Sister Larson talked to us about emergency procedures and reminded us of a few forgotten rules. At the end we got to talk to Sister Larson a bit (which is always a great time) and she was like "hey I heard you're ex-girlfriend is getting married" and I laughed and then was like yes.. And I've never been happier.. and she congratulated me and gave me some really heartfelt advice about who to look for when I get home and how to make the right choice. President and Sister Larson are champions and I love them.

Also, we met for the first time this week the new senior missionary couple... guess who they are? I don't know if you'd know them, but I'd assume that at least Zack and Brigham do... they are the Hill family... AKA Principal Hill and his wife from Timberline! How fun. They are GREAT. They are going to specialize in family history and wow they bring such a great and healthy spirit to the mission! What a blessing. We are so excited. Even though we will have very little time with them, we are going to try to take advantage. They are actually living in our zone.. so our missionaries will be able to go out and work with them! I don't know if you knew, but President and Sister Larson also live in our zone.. it's a good time.

This week has honestly flown by.. honestly there isn't enough time in the daytime. I've learned that being here. I'll tell you a fun story. They always say some stories are better to tell after the mission, but I think this one is fine to tell now. This week we went by one of our investigator's house at like 8:30 at night, it's in a pretty rich neighborhood called Santa Catalina where only tranquil people live, and we started knocking on his door waiting for him to opening it. We've heard stories that every once in a while bad people go to his particular neighborhood to rob and assault people and all that fun stuff because it's one of the richest parts of the district that's called La Victoria. Anyways, we are sitting there knocking the door and as we are there, this nicely dressed man starts walking our way. We didn't think much of it and we carried on with our business. Out of  nowhere we see this car drive over and park all fast and stuff and this large man gets out of the car, runs over to the nicely dressed man who was walking our way, puts a gun to his chest and asks him for all his belongings (sadly a veerrrryyyy common occurrence here in Lima.. not my first rodeo). Anyways we were like.. well, that's unfortunate... And then the guy who was getting robbed starting yelling and screaming ASSAULT ASSAULT.. and I was like yikes dude quit yelling you are going to get yourself in more trouble... and then as he was trying to run away, the guy with the gun didn't go as far as to shoot him, but rather started pistol whipping him as hard as he could in the head and were like yep let's go.. so we started walking quickly away (no one even saw us) and then the bad guy got in his car and drove away and the other dude just started limping away to his house.

I tell you this story, not to scare you, but rather to let you know that the choice is yours at chuck-a-rama. Anyways, things are always interesting. 

On Sunday, this random 80 year old guy named Daniel showed up to church and stayed for the entire 3 hours (a miracle) and was like yeah... come teach me. I really believe it was the answer to many of the prayers me and my companion have offered up. It's been extremely difficult to work here due to the small amount of time we have every day, but the Lord continues blessing us and we are very grateful. We are currently focusing in on a lot of part member families that are in our ward and it seems to be going well. We are working with our ward mission leaders parents, the second counselors' dad, and one of our convert's mom, all of whom are not members.. yet.

Love y'allll

Elder Cluff

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