Tuesday, June 28, 2016

May 30, 2016 Letter...

So yeah. This week has been fairly solid.. not many new things have happened. Hermana Maria is still doing extremely well, she is learning so much. Every time we go over to visit her she teaches us. She leaves us dumbfounded every single time due to the amount of spiritual knowledge and light she is able to obtain. She is going to be a great leader in the church. Also our other recent convert, Daniel is doing amazing. He had his interview with the bishop the other day and he’s going to receive the priesthood also serve in his new assignment which is greeting all the members in the doors as they enter into the church on Sunday. He is so exciting. Just a cute little old man willing and ready to serve the Lord.

Anyways you mentioned that maybe I could get a new suit why I was here.. that would be cool. I think I’m going to do it. The thing is that it’s 200 soles which translates to about 60 dollars. But the suits are SO DANG WAAAATT so pretty. I already have like 20 dollars in my account. So if you could throw on 45 more dollars, that would be awesome. Honestly I think that’s the last thing I’m going to buy here. I want to get you guys some SMALL fun souvenirs and all that, but I don’t expect to spend more than 100 dollars before I get home.

So this week as a zone we finished really, really well off. To be honest, this zone for over three years hasn’t accomplished more than 13 baptisms; which honestly isn’t a lot. This zone has it’s difficulties that always seems to complicate things a little bit. But this week, with all of the hard work and diligence of the Elders and Sisters and all the help of the Lord, we were able to break the record in the zone and get 14 baptisms! It was an amazing month. On top of that, this transfer cycle, we have officially won THE ZONE OF EXCELLENCE!!! I don’t really know if this zone has ever won that award. We are sooooo stoked though! Oh my heavens. I love this zone and these elders and sisters. They are the greatest and it has been the biggest pleasure working along side them to get to this point. Calling them last night and telling them that after all our hard work we had won the Zone of Excellence was also just a neat experience. They were so happy and excited and it was just a perfect way to end my time here as a Zone Leader in Limatambo. We saw soooooo many miracles this month and I have no idea how we even got half of them, but we did and I thank the Lord for it. To celebrate we had the opportunity to go to the mission home as a zone this morning and eat a 5 star breakfast that Sister Larson prepared for us! It was thee greatest. There was like French toast, pancakes, and all that good stuff. We played board games and just hung out. President and Sister Larson thanked us and congratulated us… it was special. We did it.

Also remember the investigators who I’ve been telling you about? Cristian and Jennyfer? Well… this week both of them were baptized and confirmed! It was an awesome experience. Honestly it was so great to see them enter into the waters of baptism after having worked with them for these past four weeks. The Lord really guided us to them and made it possible that they could get to this point. So officially all three investigators that we literally found and taught for the first time on April 29th (Daniel, Cristian, and Jennyfer) have all been baptized and confirmed. The Lord is great.

So President pulled me aside the other day and thanked me for the work that we’ve been able to get done here in the zone and told me that for my last transfer cycle I’ll be without an assignment and will be going to help either a sector or a missionary that needs help. It really makes me feel good knowing that President and his wife have confidence in me and I hope we can keep that confidence and relationship even after the mission.

I’m excited and ready to give this last transfer all I got. It’s going to fly by, but I’m ready and excited!

I'll let you know where I go next week!

Elder Cluff


The baptism of Jennyfer and Christian.. the white Colombian man.

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