Monday, November 17, 2014

November 10, 2014 Letter...

I love you mom and miss you tons too! Glad to hear the family is still kickin' and that everyone is good! Brigham, Cam and Zack are studs.. glad to hear they are all doing good too! I love them sooo much. Make sure they know that, and that I think about them soo much. Tell them to keep working hard in school because one day it will pay off and they'll be so glad they did. And yeah mama you too, keep working really hard. I'm proud of you and all you do. It will be cool when you get your real estate license :) you got it!

Can you believe Caleb has 6 months in his mission?! I'm coming up on 4.. so wild... the time here flies so rapido.. It's super weird.

Anyways this week was cool. We went to Parque de Los Aguas (park of water displays) on P-day and I took a ton of pics that I'm gonna send. It was superrrrr fun. We all chilled as a zone and hung out and had a good time. My zone is seriously the greatest. Hilarious kids, let me tell you. My zone leaders are way tight too.. one of them, one of my heroes here in the mission named Elder Itzep is leaving December 2nd. I'm gonna miss him. He is one of the most solid Elders here. Anyways, the missionary work this week was really slow... everyone that we had appointments with, cancelled. Ahhh. It happens a lot here, people say, "Ya come at this time," and then we go and they aren't even there... like, come on people. But we are working really hard with a couple named Gian and Adela. They are about 20 years old, and we are working our butts off to get them married so Adela can be baptized. She wants to be baptized super bad, and this desire is awesome. They also desire to follow the Savior and be married. There are a few details we are trying to work out that are super technical, but we can do it. Our date we are going for is 13 de Deciembre. Pray that we can meet this goal. Pray that the details will work out, so we can get them married and follow more closely the Savior and so Adela can be baptized. Oh, and Gian has his interview with the Bishop soon, and after that he is reactivated! My first reactivation.. Reactivation's are about the same amount of work as a baptism. We also will have another reactivation this week! With an Hermana named Juanna Maria. She is great. She lives in an old folks home in our sector. And we love visiting her. She loves telling people she is a decendent of Inca princesses. Haha. Entonces ya. Good week.

Ah, once again I loved this week doing family history, reading about David Cluff, Sr.'s 12 sons. All of them have the coolest stories about the prophet Joseph Smith, and of the gospel. It's honestly something special having direct ancestors that personally knew the Prophet, and testified of his truthfulness and good works. It's a testimony builder for me. Our family rocks. Oh, there are two elders here that we are related too! One, Elder Schaudie or Schauddy can't remember, comes from David Cluff, Sr., then Moses Cluff, Sr., and then branches off from there. So, we are about 4th cousins with him! HOW COOL?! He is from Arizona and right now is a secretary in the office, and is hilarious. Definitely Cluff blood. Solid dude. Also there is an Elder Chatwin that comes from one of the 12 sons David Cluff, Sr. I don't know which son, but yeah, he is a cousin too:) Pretty great. 

Anyways, I love you family... next week I want a little paragraph from each kid telling me about school, and everything in their lives.. new video games, how Kula and Bear are, how everything is :)

Elder Cluff

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