Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014 Letter...

Winter is hereeee, how sweet:)

Yeah it's summer here. It's starting to get really hot and sweaty. I don't really like the heat here. The sun destroys us. But what can I do! 

And, yeah I'm gonna look at those pics on Dropbox of Zack! I'm excited:) watch out also for the fotos that I'm gonna upload! 

Ah yeah, Christmas there would be really, really sweet! I miss Christmas at Grandma's house.. some of my best memories are there. Every morning opening presents, then going to Grandma's to open more. Ah. I want to have another Christmas there with all the family! Haha, and Meet the Mormons.. that movie sounds great. I wonder if we could watch that on the mission, because, isn't it produced by the church? Haha, idk but I want to see it someday! And no, you didn't tell me Dallin Warnick came home for knee surgery. How is he doing? Poor guy.. that would be the worst. I'm praying that I can stay healthy and safe so that I won't have to come early.. it would be absolutely terrible. There is a kid in my mission who had 9 months, cut his finger really bad, and had to go home for 2 months for surgery, then came back and kicked off at 9 months again. Yikes. Gotta be safe.

Yeah, this week not much happened. We worked hard, as always, and kept really busy. We had to help a couple, two of our investigators, move this week, luckily still in our sector :) We had to carry cabinets seriously miles because renting trucks and stuff is expensive.. so we carried it all. This was the couple that we have a baptismal date and a wedding date in December! They are the greatest. Their names are Gian y Adela. Pray that everything will fall into place so that they can be married and that Adela can be baptised. (Gian is less active.)

This week we got another baptismal date for December. Her name is Celen, and she rocks. We got her to come to church yesterday, and she loved it. It was great. December is gonna be a busy month, our goal is 4 baptisms in December. We are working hard to accomplish this. Also we want to have 2 more reactivations in December.

We had a reactivation this week! This Hermana named Juanna Maria has been a member for 30 years but was inactive for 7 or 8. We started working with her, retaught every single lesson, got her an interview with the Bishop, and voila. We are excited. She is awesome. This week we had the opportunity to go to the temple with the ward to do baptisms with them. So we took this Hermana, Juanna Maria along. It was a good experience. We taught her about the temple and baptisms for the dead before, but in the end, she didn't really understand. She is about 75 years old or more, so because of this age she has trouble understanding the deeper points of the doctrine. But yeah, we brought her and it was sweet. The experience for her wasn't as good as it could have been, because of the age barrier, but we did all we could to help her and love her. She is awesome. Oh, and I got to do confirmations at the temple, and was a witness for baptisms! It was super awesome, and the Spirit was amazing. I really love the temple, do all you can to make it there at least once a week:)

What else happened this week? Ahh, not much. OH YEAH, I bought weights to lift in the mornings. So make sure their is money in my account because I'm gonna need to take some money out. I don't know how much, but just make sure I have a good chunk of money. Thanks mama.

Anyways I'm gonna send pics!

I love you family! Keep it up!

Elder Cluff

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