Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015 Letter...

I love you mom. Glad to hear everyone is doing good. And yes, when I get back I want to hike Angels Landing. That would be a blast. I want to do a lot of things with the fam when I get home. I want to go to Fredonia tho, I really love it there. It has such a special place in my heart. But anyways, I love you guys a lot and tell my brothers I love them. Tell dad to write me too when he has time.

This week was a good week. A bit slower, but we taught a lot of people. I just felt like the week was going so slow. I´ve been super stressed too this week because we have a couple, Wilber and Jessica, that want to get married so Wilber (less active) can be reactivated in the church, and so Jessica can be baptized. It´s another Gian and Adela case. Which really dis-animates me, because we have to marry them, and it´s such a difficult process that we weren´t able to accomplish after 6 months in Rimac. The good thing is that this couple is a lot older and mature, and Wilber has lived his whole life as a strong member, only the last 5 years or so he became inactive. They have strong desires to change their lives, but more than anything I'm praying that the Lord will give us a way or help us find a way to get them married. There won't be as many complications this time, which is good, but we just gotta figure it out and get it done. I know we can do it. Also this week we met a cornelio (someone that´s prepared to be baptized when you first meet them) and his name is Jose Anselmo. His brother is a member, and has helped Jose learn about the church. The first day we met him and taught him, he told us he wanted to be baptized and that he knew the Book of Mormon was the true word of God, even more than the Bible, haha. He said that and it made me laugh. I was like, "Yeah, you´re prepared -- let's go to the font." He´ll be baptized this May. We´re super blessed and I really mean it, the Lord has prepared so many people for us, and we are finding them, it just gives me a stronger testimony that this really is the Lord's work, and not ours.

Also this week, we met a man named Paul Moreno. His cousins and aunt and uncle are super strong members, and he has assisted the church a few times but had never talked with the missionaries. So finally, we met him and talked with him and made an appointment to meet with him at his uncle's and aunt's house. This man too, is super prepared. We got to the house, got to know him and taught him the restauracion and the spirit was SO strong. I can´t even describe how strong it was. His two cousins were in the lesson with us and they were both able to bear powerful testimony of Joseph Smith and also of the Book of Mormon. It was sooo amazing. At the end of the lesson.. the spirit was strong.. everyone felt it. Things got quiet for a minute, and then he asked us, "Elders, is this book really true?" He asked it in such an honest way, with such a sincere desire, I looked him straight in the eyes, tearing up a bit and told him, "Yes Paul, I know this Book is true. I know it. I know that
you´ll know it, too." After this moment.. the spirit got even stronger, and it was such an amazing experience. My comp did great in this lesson, too, he is learning a lot. Paul accepted a baptismal date in May, and we´re gonna be doing all we can to help him obtain a testimony.

I just want to say that I know the Book of Mormon is true. I don´t care about whoever says it's not, whatever evidence someone can find, the Book has changed my life, and I have seen it change the lives of others. The Book of Mormon is everything to me, and I hope you guys can treasure it as much as I do. Love you guys. 

Elder Cluff

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