Monday, April 13, 2015

April 6, 2015 Letter...

Family -- I love you and I'm super happy to hear the family is doing well and that everyone is doing good. That´s crazy about the conference.. I didn´t know that happened... I didn´t catch it, but yeah, they´re idiots haha, whatever. I don´t how how anyone can watch the prophet speak and not become converted in an instant. Those men are SOOO powerful, and I was able to learn sooo much this conference. I had the opportunity to watch three of the sessions in English, and it was such an amazing thing. I understand it in Spanish and all, but it's just a lot more special in English. A huge difference. But it was so amazing. I took 18 pages of notes, and honestly I can say I´ve been more impacted by this conference than any other. I loved it. The sad thing is that I actually missed Elder Holland's talk because I had to help an investigator get situated and everything, so I'll wait for the Liahona to read it :) but some of the notes I took I'm gonna share with you guys.. the thing I want you to remember, more important than everything, is the question that Russel M. Nelson did at the beginning of his talk, "Because of what I´ve heard and felt during this conference, how will I change?" This is so important. Yeah, the talks were insanely spiritual, but if we´re not doing anything to apply them into our lives, we´re wasting our time. So remember that. How can we apply what we learned into our lives? How can we become better people and better disciples of Jesus Christ because of the inspired messages we´ve heard? :) Remember like Kevin W. Pearson said, once we make covenants with the Lord, there´s no going back. We need to always keep and honor our covenants, keep enduring, even though it requires total commitment, we´ll be able to do it. Also Elder Wilford W. Anderson´s talk about the music and dance compared to the gospel and the application of it in our homes was SO SICK. Every talk was just pure gold. We are SO blessed to have prophets that are inspired of God, to speak to us, and help us through this difficult life. I could write out a billion more things I liked but yeah, I'm not going to.

"If you cant hear the music in your home, if something is out of tune, remember two words, keep practicing." I challenge you guys to read that talk by Wilford W. Anderson when you can for Family Home Evening. Or all of them. Because yeah, wow.

Anyways I love you guys. This week was a little slower because of Conference, but in spite of that, we still met a lot of great and prepared people, who have baptismal dates for the month of April. We are killing it out here , and I love you guys so much. Tell my brothers, and dad, and my sister I love them. Because I do. And Kula and Bear, too please. I love you mom. Please really help the boys understand the significance of these talks that were given. Love ya!

Oh yeah, also we moved houses this week. We now live with our pensionista.. it makes life so easy. Because we eat lunch with her and dinner, and we just have to climb down our stairs from our apartment and there we are. I'll send pics. ;)

Elder Cluff

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