Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015 Letter...

Yeah, I guess we can start planning a trip to Ruth´s Chris for the night I get back, haha, You´ll have enough time to start saving. That´s awesome about dad, I'm glad he is seeing a lot of success and getting a lot done. He is my hero.

Wow, and glad to hear all the family will be in town for Easter! Please takes lots of pics and let me know how everything goes :) I love you guys! 

I'm happy for Zack, Cam, and Brig. For real. They are the best. Freaking studs. The pic you sent me of them by the temple.. those kids are too smooth. I love my brothers.
And I'll send a huge good package really soon.. maybe Christmas, hahaha, but we´ll see. It's just hard to find time to be honest. Andddd I'm in the part of Lima called San Martin de Porres, in the stake of Condevilla. It's the greatest!

This week was super stressful. I´ll be honest, I was really tested with all that I´ve learned on my mission. Our ward only had four missionaries, but one missionary went home early, so they took his comp out too and transferred him. So their sector fell on our shoulders. We had to learn there "area book" and everything and find all of their investigators and everything. It was a super, super, SUPER stressful experience but we´ve pretty much got it all learned and figured out. Everything is getting a lot better. So yeah, now we´re the only missionaries in our ward and we have a huuuuggggeee area to cover. But lucky enough, it's still smaller than my last sector.. hahah my last one was ginormous. But we are seeing a lot of success here, I can't even begin to explain. Even though we have to use our time super wisely to be able to visit everyone, we have a lot of people who are preparing for baptism and a lot who are progressing beautifully. More than anything I just love to see this gospel take effect in peoples lives. It's great. And yes, this week we had another baptism! That marks 4 this month! We've had a really great month. The Lord has prepared so many and awww, it´s great. The person who got baptized is named Franklin, and he was an investigator from the other missionaries, and he had almost half of the lessons, so we finished him off, and we were able to get him baptized this week. It really was a miracle story. Their family is passing through a lot of difficulties, but we focused so hard in explaining that this is what the Lord wants for him, and his family, and we were able to commit him to baptism and he was baptized this past Saturday. The spirit was so strong in his baptismal service and I know that he was able to feel it. Great experience. Also, the elder who had worked with him a while back was able to come back to our ward to baptize Franklin. Great experience. We worked super hard together to make it happen, and the Lord blessed us, and we are happy. The month of April is gonna be another great month. Love you guys, I'll send pics, and have a great Easter weekend :)

Elder Cluff

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