Sunday, March 29, 2015

March 23, 2015 Letter...

Wow glad to hear everyone is doing super good. That always makes me happy :)

I love all my brothers and I'm glad they are happy. I´ll get home from the mish and dad will be retired.. that will be nice. We´ll be able to spend a lot of time together! I'm excited for that. I'm glad you guys got to go to Temple Square too.. I can´t wait to do that again. Such an amazing experience. How awesome.

This week was great. We were able to have two baptisms, one of Sabastian, and the other of Luz Maria. They were so happy and are still super happy and we´re all happy so everything is good. My comp´s name is Elder Mera from Trujillo, Peru. He is solid and he´s learning a lot. I have 8 months and I'm coming up on 9.. the time goes by soooo fast out here. We have a lot of investigators who we're working with who have dates for this April, so pray that we can complete with their goals. I´ve really seen the Lord´s hand in this work. I´m really so grateful for him and for the blessings he´s shed upon me and my comp. Really it´s amazing to see the hearts of people change, when they accept this gospel. There is nothing better :) I'm also so grateful for the Book of Mormon, the most powerful tool we have to teach with out here. One of the most powerful tools we have in our day-to-day life. Like I sound like a broken record, but my testimony of the Book of Mormon is much more powerful than anything else that I know, and it has helped me personally out here and my investigators, too; more that I would have ever thought before the mission. The book is SO powerful. It was written for our day and age.. and we are taking part in it. I LOVE IT :) I'm reading right now in Alma 44 getting into those war chapters... It just talked about Alma and how nothing was ever heard of concerning his death or burial, so it´s supposed he was translated. I believe that. I'm so grateful for prophets like him in the Book of Mormon, for all they went through to conserve the records, so we can benefit from them. Alma is one of my favorites, that dude had no fear, and he taught the gospel such an effective way, solemnly and by the spirit. I´ve been able to learn so much from him and his example. I have decided that Alma is my favorite book in the Book of Mormon. Purely missionary work, and I love it. Anyways I love you guys, everything is good here. We are getting a lot done, we just gotta remember who´s work this is, and that it´s not ours. The Lord will direct his work and his servants, we just gotta be ready and worthy so we can receive that inspiration. Loveee you guys. Read your Books of Mormon.

Elder Cluff

-- Now, some pics...

Sabastian's baptism :)

Luz Maria's baptism :)

Jean Franco's baptism :)

 Me and my son -- Elder Mera (from Trujillo, Peru)

 Elder Pedrera, and I with our Peruvian grandparents, Ramon & Corpusa.
 They are the sweetest people and Hermana Corpusa cried when I told her I was leaving
because I was transferred. I love them so much and I miss them everyday.

Elder Cluff and Elder Mera at the Zoo :)

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