Tuesday, March 3, 2015

February 23, 2015 Letter...

Hey Family, 

Haha, that's cool you got to talk to her a bit.. she told me.. how awesome. But yeahh... me voy. I'm leaving tomorrow... it's pretty sad to be honest, saying goodbye to everyone, especially converts and the Bishop and his family, but it's time. As of right now, my whole mission has been here, so I'm excited to transfer and meet new people and places. I find out today in the afternoon where and with who. So that will be fun :) and yeah, moving the weights will suck, but I can do it.. And I'm glad Zack is killing it. I'll be praying for him so that all will be well. He is such a stud.. all my brothers are. And hey I hope you get to go to Cali soon... that would be awesome :)

I hope all goes well with the transfer, too... there is still some talk with what might happen to me.. but I'm not gonna say it because like I said before, it might not happen. Haha, but we'll see though :) Keep killing it mom with everything, and dad too.. please tell him to send me an email when he has time.. I want to know how he is doing.

This week I read a bit in Alma 34 and wow.. the Atonement. The Atonement is beautiful. I'm so grateful for the Atonement, and what Jesus Christ has done for us. God cannot save us; he lives a Celestial law in which he literally could not save us unless we were 100% perfect, without a blemish of whatever sort. If he were to save us, he would break those laws; he would break HIS laws, and cease to be God. Here, on this earth, we're gonna make mistakes, I'm so grateful that, being imperfect and prone to make these mistakes, we can return to the presence of our father in Heaven. That he provided the medium between us and him. That our Savior was willing; that he understood the Plan of Salvation, and that he loved us enough to give himself. We need to use the Atonement every single day. We have something so great in the palms of our hands, and if we're not using it, we're not showing the Lord that we care. It's something so beautiful, the Atonement, and the more we use it the more we progress, and the closer we become to the Lord.

I love you guys :)

Elder Cluff

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