Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March 2, 2015 Letter...

Mi Familia!

Yes I movedddd.. my son is from Peru and he smells like fish. Lol, jk he is cool but we´re working hard so he can learn the ways of Cluff.... and the mission. And yes I got tranferred to Condivilla in San Martin De Porres.. where the parents of our cousin live! I don't know where, but around here somewhere :) cool eh? It rocks here. He are working hard! We had a baptism Saturday, a boy named Jose Miguel, that has an awesome testimony and the baptismal service was awesome :) I baptized him, and I'll send pics soon!

It´s great being a trainer and Sr. comp, to be honest... it´s a loootttttt more responsibilities, but I love it. I love it. The mission just keeps getting better.

Hahaha, so sorry about Bear and Kula.. that is one thing I do not miss.. that was always the worst to clean up. How ugly... hahahahaha. Anyways, congratz to Zack! He is a stud. He is working hard and I love to hear that. And I'm pumped he´s gonna start driving too ... what a stud:) and ahhh for real you made those cookies? Make them one day and send them to me. Sounds good. Oh, and also glad to hear all the boys are taking up sports. I´ll get home and ball so hard with them.

I´ll be praying for Adam.. ahh. I love him and know he´ll be okay. Glad to hear he´s alright right now.

Daniel is finally getting married? It´s about time... and who is Kaitlyn? Put pics of them on Dropbox. I'm excited Sky and Ash are gonna come up, have fun! :)

Know that I love you guys and I love the mission. The Lord has really blessed us out here. I´ll be honest, I miss my older sector a bit, and also the people, but it's alright. Oh yeah, did I tell you also that my old sector got shut down? 2 elders got sent home and there weren´t a sufficient number of Elders, so they made the decision and shut ours down. It´s sad because we had a lot of baptismal dates there, but yeah we can´t do anything about it. I hope it opens back up someday but we´ll see. My new sector has zero hills , purely streets and it's in an area with a little bit more money. We have a pensionista (mom #3, lol) who cooks dinner and lunch and it's just great having one :) our house is huge and I'll sent pics of it. The bathroom is super nice. Everything here is going good, and we have a lot of work to get done here :) I´ll keep ya updated!

Elder Cluff 

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