Monday, March 16, 2015

March 9, 2015 Letter...

Hey Mom! I love you guys, freal. That´s so weird Skyler´s friends are getting married.. I never thought it would happen. Lol, jk.. but congrats to them. Send my congrats or however you say that in English. Thank you for the pics of Gma and Gpa. Finally gonna complete my booklet :)

Tell Zack he is a stud and congrats! I´m glad to hear he´s killing it. Seriously I mean it when I say
he´s my hero. Hahaha dating days.. what a stud. Tell him to not worry about it and just give it all
he´s got and just be himself and have fun. Don't get caught up in the details. I often did and it´s something I really regret. Just have fun in high school and don´t worry about anything. I´m glad to hear tho that he got his license and is a priest :) tell him to go on group dates, it's a lot less pressure. Just tell him not to be nervous and just be himself; don´t over do it. 

Yeah, I don´t have pics today, but soon, don´t worry. Things are great here and I'm a little short on time today, but I love you all and I hope everything is well. This week Elder Waddel from the '70, (president I think) of this part of South America, came and talked at our stake conference because we got a new stake presidency.. and can I just say, it was one of the most powerful things I´ve ever heard. A true and living general authority, coming and talking to us. Ahh.. It was the coolest thing ever. It was cool too, because he talked to our stake, and wasn´t talking to a group of missionaries, so we all got to hear to a message not focused and missionaries and it was a refreshing change that was cool. He spoke on so many different things and I feel terrible, because I didn´t bring my notes, but one thing he talked about was the importance of showing our faith through actions and now only saying I believe. We have to have faith in the Lord, but faith is so much more than saying I believe, I believe. It's action. It's firm action. It´s showing that we believe, not saying so. If we have faith, which is one of the first principles and ordinances of the gospel, how are we gonna show it? What are we going to do to prove that we believe, through our actions? Something to ponder on this week that I liked. He talked about sooo much more stuff, but I don´t have my notes, but next week I´ll share more. This week was awesome, and we have two baptisms coming for this next week the 21st of March, andddd my comp rocks, he is learning a lot, and this sector really is a blessing. We´re really being blessed out here, I can feel all your prayers. A lot is gonna be happening in these comings weeks and months, so be ready. The work of the Lord is the greatest. Keep reading your Books of Mormon, personal and as family, every day when I read I'm filled with such a special feeling brought on by the spirit, that makes me want to never stop reading them. The book is true. And the promise is true, if we read it, we´ll receive the help and support we need in our lives. I love it. Oh yeah, today we went to Larcomar to ride bikes on the beach again, but my comp crashed bad, yikes, so I had to walk our bikes back while he limped by my side. Poor guy, but we went and played pool instead. Pray that Sebastian and Luz Maria and Jean Franco can be baptized this 21st :) Love y'all. I´ll keep you informed. 

Elder Cluff

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