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April 27, 2014 Letter...

That´s sweet Michelle was here. Tell Serena to come visit, lol or come teach with us... lolol. Totally against the rule, but hey NORMAL. And Zack got an A- in drivers ed... ah crap. You and dad should go in to get it fixed. That irritates me. But hey who cares. And you need to get him signed up for the ACT. He needs to start studying and take it. It doesn´t matter a 4.0 if you have a good ACT and good essays. It would be a smart idea to hire Mrs. Jaynes again to help him if he wants to get into BYU.

Hahahaha, Josh repaired the fence.. that´s the funniest thing I´ve ever heard. Legendary. And that pic of that album cover is scary, isn´t it ? hahaha I thought it was me the first time I saw it. And my money is there!! Thank you mammamamaa :):)

Anyways, this month was really good. We worked really, really hard. We have a lot of people with baptismal dates for this month and they are all ready. The Lord has blessed us so much and I'm so happy :) It´s not always easy, sometimes I get super frustrated and irritated, but the Lord has really been trying to teach me patience. An attribute of Jesus Christ that´s so important. I really believe faith and patience are the keys to receiving answers to prayers. We have had a lot of prayers answered this week. Our investigator Paul is progressing insanely -- everyone is progressing. We found a family of three this week, and they are so prepared. They actually live with the president of the Relief Society, and every week they have Family Home Evening with them. The only reason I didn´t know the fam is because the mom works on Sundays, but her kids go to church with the Relief Society pres. But recently the lady, named Mercedes has been praying to find a new job to be able to go to church every Sunday, and we think she´s found it. The Lord always prepares the ways for us to complete and keep his commandments. He always answers our prayers :) So they all came to church this week as a family and it was amazing. She is a single mom with 2 sons of 11 years and 8 years. The whole family will be baptized on the 23 of May and maybe more soon :) We are really so excited, and so blessed to have found these people so prepared. Even more, this week, super weird, but I had a dream and I saw the name of a random girl in my dream named Christina (only a name), a name that I have seen once before, but had thought nothing of it. I woke up and went and found her name, that was actually in the area book, and then we got her address, went to visit her and found her brother Ivan. We didn´t find her, but we found her brother who had been an investigator and was going to get baptized and everything. He had all the lessons and had gone to church and everything for a long time, but started college so he couldn´t be baptized, and the elders quit visiting him. The sad thing is the other elders didn´t keep records of him like they should´ve. He didn´t exsist. No one knew of him, but we found him and he´ll be baptized really soon, this month! Cool stuff. It´s cool because he was completely forgotten of because records didn´t exsist of him, but the Lord directed us to him in another way :) So smooth :) Anyways the Lord always has his ways of reminding me to be humble and faithful and diligent, and that this is His work, and not mine. Anyways, get ready for a lot of baptismal pics :) We have 2 for sure the next week, and maybe 2 more additionals.

Love you all, tell the boys to write me

Elder Cluff
Franklin's baptism :) look how happy every one is. The first Elder who worked with him, Elder Price came back to baptize him. Elder Price has Cluff blood in him. 

Interchanges with Elder Pack, who has 4 months in the misión. He´s a stud.

Cluff Gym 

A garden with my son.

 Old library

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