Sunday, May 10, 2015

May 4, 2015 Letter...

Perfect. Love ya mom. Glad everyone is doing well and that all of you guys are happy. Zack... sophomores shouldn´t go to prom.. what the fetch.. smack him with love for me. But glad to hear he´s killing it in lacrosse. But make sure he participates in every single thing LP has to offer. It will make his high school life more memorable, I promise. Anyways, yeah at 6:30 Peru time I'll be calling you guys on an iPad this Sunday.. WEEEE:)

This week was insanely stressful, but we were able to pull off 4 baptisms this weekend :) We are stoked and so blessed out here. Remember Paul? The guy who I told you guys about who we bore such powerful testimony to the first time we met him about the Book of Mormon, and felt to put a baptismal date that would happen in 3 short weeks? In that moment, we felt the spirit so strongly, but everyone, him, and even his family who are members, doubted that he would be able to complete with his baptismal date because it was such little time, and he had a lot of doubts. But we didn´t, because we knew it was the spirit who had told us to invite him to be baptized in three weeks. Well, I can really testify that it was the spirit who told us to put the date when we did, because this weekend he was baptized and I honestly have never seen anyone so happy in my life. He really cannot take the smile off his face, and his family.. wow I LOVE THEM. His aunt Flor, about 80 years old is such a strong member of the church who has taken Paul under her wing, and prepared him so much. I love her. I feel like she is legitly my grandma. She calls us her little angels :) I'll send pics with them. Anyways, with the help of the members and his family, we prepared him in 3 short weeks, helped him gain his own testimony, and defeat all of his doubts. The spirit has done such wonders on him. Such an amazing experience. I'm going to remember this hermano Paul for forever and how important it is to listen to the spirit when it tells us to do something, in this case it was putting the baptismal date so soon, even though the odds told us it wouldn´t happen.. I want you guys to always be aware of the spirit, and always live in a way that you´ll be able to feel it. Sometimes we might not recognize it, but as we begin to live our lives in the way that Jesus Christ taught us, full of charity, meekness, and always giving service to those who need it, and with obedience to the Lord's commandments, we´ll learn and it will become more easy. And the more we listen, the more in tune we´ll become. This is the promise from the Lord, not from me:) I love you guys so much and am so glad you are all happy. The other 3 baptisms were super awesome, too. Yuly Ramirez and her sister Nallely Ramirez, and another little guy named Jose Luis :) Such a great weekend fulll of blessings from the Lord :)

Super pumped to talk to you guys.. my best homie Gavin Clark got home and it´s so weird how fast 2 years went.. I can´t believe it.

Elder Cluff

My favorite Pday place -- Parque de las Aguas

Me with Elder Jake Irving from LP 

 My mission homies! Me, Elder Austin Richards and Elder Jake Irving (LP baby!!)

Paul's baptism -- with his family :) 

Paul's Baptism :) 

Jose Luis' Baptism :)

Yuly & Nallely's Baptism :) 

 Yuly & Nallely's family :)

Elder Cluff, Sister Yuly, Elder Mera

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