Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February 2, 2015 Letter...

Familia.... hi!

Guess what? I think I might need braces again.. no probably not, but I know I will need to take the permanent retainer on top off to fix one tooth a bit with the removable retainer. We´ll see. Anyways, Zack´s a stud and be sure to tell him I love him. Clothes and mass gainer for his b-day... hahaha, legend..... buy him Pro Mass Gainer (Optimum Nutrition), the big bag, from All Star Health, in chocolate flavor. Also tell him he needs to POUND the food. I'm not kidding.. he´ll never grow if he doesn´t eat. And he gets his license soon? Stud. Tell him to hot rod with chicks every day. (Am I allowed to say that)?

And hahaha, keep up the talking and the greatest friendship up with Carrie... she is too smooth. Their whole family are pure legends. You gotta meet them in person, haha. Believe it or not, carrie is greater in person.

And Brock Smith ... he is already home!?!?! What the heck. That went by supppppeeerrr fast. What a stud. Glad to hear he´s home :) and don´t worry, we´ll be coming back to Peru one day, I can promise you that.

AND MY PACKAGE GOT THERE?!?!!? Are you kidding? I'm pumped. I´ve been praying it would come, and look.. it came. The power of prayer.

And I saw the pics of the house on Drop Box and wow, it looks super, super good. I like how the couch is moved from the window, and it opens up that space and looks good. I'm serious, the house looks great. Next, you need to put the counter top on. Too bad I'm not there to get it done or it would be done by now haha.

Anyways, I love you so much, this week we are having baptissssmmmssss Saturday :) we are excited! I´ll be sure to send pics.. the hermana named Maribel.. who is so amazing, who has such a strong and powerful testimony, despite the challenges in her life, she knows that true happiness and peace comes from the gospel. All the help we need in this life comes from the Savior. Her testimony of that, is so beautiful... so amazing. We have visited her every day for the past week and we will continue until she is baptized this week... I have learned so much from her. A single mom of 4 (11 year old Alex, 6 year old Valeska, 4 year old Jacob, and 1.5 year old Soy), but so happy, so powerful, all due to the time that she encountered the Book of Mormon and the read about the restored gospel. We are seeing a lot of prayers being answered, and I feel the power of everyone's prayers. Always keep them coming. I love you guys and I´ll keep you updated on how this Saturday goes. 

Elder Cluff

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