Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 26, 2015 Letter...

That story I asked you for.. yes it's probably recorded on FamilySearch, but I don't know who told it so I can't find it. I still want it, either the story or who told it! I'll let you guys know. But probably both. Anyways, I hate hearing that everyone is sick... :( that's never fun. Especially here in the field.. it's the worst thing of all time. I hope everyone gets better! Remember to ask dad for a blessing :)

And awesome.. I'll be in touch with Elder Chatwin, too! He is a stud.. (and a distant cousin, his mom is Cluff) so yeah we're gonna get that package figured out. Haha, keep praying that it will turn up :) it'll all work out!

And Kula and dad found a new trainer? That's a sweet story! Ah, I'm excited!!! I can't wait to see that dog when I get back.. such a stud. I bet dad's super pumped, too... haha, too cool. Definitely keep me updated on this. 

And yeah Zack's gonna kill it at driving.. he'll have fun. Tell him to be safe.

So this week were were super blessed. We were walking in the street, and this little boy sees us and he is like, "Are you guys the Mormons?" Usually the kids like to screw with us, so we're like, "Yeah... why?" Not really expecting anything, and he is like "Yeah, my mom used to talk to the missionaries before we moved and we went to your church, too." And we're like... "What, yeah... okay what's your name and where do you live?" So we got his info, and went and visited him the next day. We met his mom named Maribel, and she had received the missionaries from the Peru Lima East mission, and had a baptismal date and was all ready and everything, but moved so she couldn't be baptized. Anyways we're like... What? This is nuts. The Lord put this person in our way, so prepared and everything, and we were so pumped. We talked with her a bit, and she has a really cool story as to how she came to know the Book of Mormon is true. Anyways, she also gave us a referral of her sister, so we went and visited her and invited them all to church. This Sunday we had both families come. Maribel and her 4 kids, her sister Diana and her 3 kids, and her mom. It was a super special experience. We are super excited. Maribel and her oldest son will be baptized this first week or so of February, and her sister and mom, we are still working with, but they'll be baptized, too. We are so blessed that the Lord has given us so many prepared people. I'm firmly convinced that coincidences don't exist. But that everything happens for a reason; that we were walking in the street in the perfect moment so Maribel's son could see us and recognize us as missionaries. It was an answer to her prayers, and ours. The Lord answers prayers. We just need to be consistent and diligent. We need to first complete with our part, and he'll do his. He always has and he always will. The work is going good here and we're doing all we can to make the date of Feb. 7th a "White Night." I'll keep everyone updated. Keep your prayers coming, every one is heard, and every one helps. Love you guys. Tell the boys I love each one of them personally. Tell them to keep reading their scriptures and saying their prayers, because it will help them in more ways than they know right now. 

Elder Cluff

  Happy 2nd Birthday Franco!

Mean streets of Rimac, Peru!

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