Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19, 2014, Letter...

Ahhh... that's crazy Dallin's home... I hope he's doing good now tho! I'll be praying for him. And that's great to hear Brigham gave a talk hahaha.. what a stud. Glad to hear he did a good job. And mama look at that.. working in the nursery.. that's gonna be.. interesting... haha have fun. That's too great. You rock mama.

Ya I didn't get transferred or get a new comp. Still here in Rimac.. I'm about 100% sure I'll get transferred the next change, but as always we'll see. We get a new president in July! His name is President Larson, and he is from Idaho, and has kids, and an elder in the mission! So that will be super interesting... gonna be fun:)

And yeah, Carrie the Mom #2 (Coon McEwan) is too legit. You gotta go hang out with her. You two would be purreeee trouble. And they live in Highland.. by... mountain ridge a bit ... That's crazy that Zack gets his license in like two weeks.... he's gotta get a handle on that driving thing, haha. But that's super awesome to hear he's in Mr. Nelson's.. that man changed my life. Really changed my life. Super solid guy.

HAHAHA and a .22 sniper competition? Are you kidding? That's great hahaha. I wish I could have been there to see. Hahaha and everyone's getting guns and gonna compete every Saturday.. the same ol' dad with big ideas that I love. haha good guy.

This week was good. We're working really hard with our investigator Walter. He has such a strong testimony of this gospel, and we have only known him for a week and a half (he has only known missionaries for a week and a half). He has the strongest desires to be baptized, but first we have to work over one little problem which is that he co-habitates. He wants to get married because he understands and wants to live the law of chastidy, but his partner has zero desire to get married, listen to our message, or anything like that. So we are trying to work through all these problems so he can be baptized as soon as possible. Please pray that all will work out. We are praying and working super hard so that the heart of his partner can be softened so he can make covenants with the Lord. I know that whatever needs to happen will happen. The Lord put this man in our path for a this reason, to help him make covenants with the Lord that will lead to his eternal life. We are doing everything we can to help him reach this goal.

Also Gian and Adela will possibly be married this week. We are still working super duper hard with them, and it has been the biggest stress and pain, but I feel that we're almost there. There still exists about every complication that can, but little by little we are working through them. Today they came up with the money to be married, and also they were able to get there papers. These were two of the biggest challenges, but now we have them. So yes, we are excited. After this, we need to work through all the red tape with the city to get them married. But we are all working together to get things done. Pray that this can happen, so Adela can finally be baptized.

Love you guys, this gospel is true. It truly blesses lives. I'm so blessed to be able to serve the Lord. It's not easy, but it's worth it.

Elder Caden Cluff

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