Monday, January 19, 2015

January 12, 2014 Letter...

Wow, I watched the video of me talking... I was SO awkward hahahahaha. Funny. Know that I'm normal and not really like that. hahahaha. crazy stuff. 

Transfers this week, but I'm about 100 percent sure I'm staying.. again. lol. And ya not kidding go to lunch with Carrie. I call her my second mom. You guys would be best friends I'm not kidding. She is super solid. GO MOMS. 

Tell Zack to take super good care of the car. I think when I get home I wanna buy a sick cheap car from the 80's that looks like a Volkswagen Amazon L5. (I saw one the other day and loved it). Put new speakers and all that good stuff in it. 

And such a blessing this new job with Dave Grant mom.. I'm not kidding. He is a stud. I'm so happy to hear you're happy, keeping working hard, and it will pay off mom:) I'm glad to see you guys are being blessed:)

Is Christian planning on serving? I'm glad to hear they're good.

Okay this week was awesome. Seriously. The work, has been super slow here, we haven't had that much luck. We have found tons of people to teach, but all of them are nothing more than a few lessons, and nothing more. It's super hard to find prepared people. What me and my comp have been doing is praying specifically to find prepared people. People who are prepared to receive this message and accept this gospel as the truth and as the only truth. This last Sunday, we received a reference from a girl in our ward of a man she met that wanted to learn a little more about the gospel. Anyways we thought, ya cool let's go visit him. So we passed by his house on Friday and talked a bit with him and we found out his daughter is a member, and was married in the temple. This man Walter, the reference, told us that he was able to go to the temple to see them when they came out of the temple. We were super excited to hear this. Anyways, he also said he had a Book of Mormon, and had been reading it.. WHAT? Are you serious? We were stunned. So we were like, ya can you come to church this Sunday, its at 8:00 a.m., and we're gonna come at 7:30 so be ready. So we came at 7:30 on Sunday, and he was dressed in his Sunday best ready for church. Which was a first, no investigator that I have had has dressed in their Sunday best for church. Anyways, we took him to church and he was pumped. He told us, ya I have been to church like 3 times... and we were like wait.. this is too good to be true, when were you baptized? Then he was like.. what? I haven't been baptized yet. And we're sitting here thinking.. how is that? This dude is SUPER prepared... how is he not a member? We walked into the church and he recognized the painting of Moroni and he remembered who he was. So solid. After church we put a baptismal date on him for this 24th of January. And he accepted. So get this, we met this guy Jan. 9th, and he'll be baptized Jan. 24th. He has never talked to missionaries before or anything. Wild right? This has been a huge answer to our prayers. I know that the Lord has prepared people for us to find, we just need to be in tune with the Spirit to find them. This is the Lord's work and he directs it. Please pray that this hermano Walter, that he can be ready and stick with his baptismal date for the 24th of January. Pray that everything will work out. Love you guys and I know this gospel is true with all of my heart:)

Stay safe, and have fun:)

I'll keep you updated.

Elder Cluff

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