Tuesday, January 6, 2015

December 22, 2014 Letter...

Hey Family -

I have not got the packages.. I'm still waiting. I'm super pumped for them! I'm super excited to see you guys on Skypeeeeeee! It's gonna be probably at 4:00 p.m. our time here... so yeah, be ready. And yes:) I am making many Christmas memories.. I do love it here. It's hard here and it's hard being away from home, but it's all worth it. In the end it's all worth it. I just always need to remember to work as hard as I can here and I'll be blessed immensely :) .. but yeah, crazy that I almost have 5 months? Then 6 months.. and then I start on a downward slope towards my year. Crazy. And yes, send me millions of pics from this Christmas please! I can't wait to see them! I wanna see everything.
And yeah, this week we have been working really hard. We had our ward Christmas party and we brought with us this less active member Richard that we have been working with. It was awesome. We sang Jingle Bell Rock in front of the whole ward in English and Elder Hiatt and I, the only two white guys who speak English, killlled it. Super cool party though in the ward. It made me remember how much the Christmas season is about the Lord, and only about Him. I've been thinking a lot about Him and his humble life lately.. the simple way He was born in a manger.. the very son of God born in a manger with hay; not in a mansion, not a spectacular way, but in a manger with hay.. His birth was a precursor to His humble life on the earth. The way He lived and served others. He gave us thee perfect example of a humble life, full of perfect love and charity. This Christmas season isn't just the time to remember Him, but it's also the time to make changes in our life's, so we can remember Him every day. Not just Christmas. Let this season of Christmas get us focused on the Lord, and let's continue in that focus for the rest of the year. I love you guys and hope you have a very Merry Christmas:) I'll see you this Thursday at around 4:00 my time:) I love you all! 

Have a very Merry Christmas:)

Elder Cluff:)

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