Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February 1, 2016 Letter...

Suppppp mommmmmyyy. Well, I don't have my keyboard today because this week I have had literally zeeeerrooo time to write which is a bummer, but hey it's all good. So yes, I am here in my new sector and zone, as a zone leader of one of the richest and nicest and thee biggest zone in the mission, the famous Limatambo. Larcomar, La Costa Verde, Barranco, San Isidro, all those super nice and touristy places are in my zone. The work here is a lot more tough, but it just takes a stronger mentality and a good attitude to be able to have success! That's the key :) As zone leaders we gotta keep the elders and sisters excited and get them to work for themselves. It's a blast. Also, we have little time to work in our own sector, because we spend most of the time traveling in the zone getting a lot of admistrative stuff done and going on interchanges. My comps name is Elder Paredes from Bolivia.. he is a blast. We laugh a lot and that's good. He finishes in 1 more transfer after this one so he'll be going home soon. This will be his last transfer here then I'll be getting a new comp. The ward is really nice. There are really, really good people here. I'm excited to begin to work with them. My sector has a part that's pretty normal and then a rich part. There hasn't been a baptism in my sector for about 6 months, but we will be changing that very soon.

Moving my weights was terrible though. Holy cow. I'm done. I hope that this is the last sector haha, cuz they are so difficult. We did the dumbest and riskiest thing to get them here. So after we had got together in the offices with all our stuff to come here to the sector, we called a taxi and loaded it up, but all my stuff filled the taxi.. and we were like, uhhh what do we do? So we hatched an idea, we're gonna call another taxi and have the guy with all of our stuff follow us. In the U.S. that's a dumb thing to do, but here it's SUICIDE. Absolutely stupid. You cannot trust anyone here. At all. But in reality there was no other choice. So we got in the other taxi and told the dude with all of our stuff to go in front of us, we followed him, and I was praying the whole way, and ya know what, we got to our house safe and sound without him robbing us :) weeehooo.

Our house is awesome. It's on the third floor and the walls are drywall, and not brick. WUT. It's nice. I'm super happy. It's the nicest apartment I've had yet on the mission! I'm loving it. (bu bu buu buu baaa). Love you guys though. That's about all that's happened this week :)

And yeah I need to send pics.. I had the thought that I didn't want to send pics until the end of the mission, haha. ... but we'll see. I'll send them next week :) the only bad things is that my USBs and memory cards are full of viruses.. so I gotta take those offfff.

Love y'all, God bless y'all.

Elder Cluff

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