Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February 8, 2016 Letter...

I love you mommmm! I only have a like a half hour to write and I don't have the keyboard today because all day we have been busy doing stuff and oh my heavens what a tiring day. What I've realized is that Pday is the most tiring day of the week. Jaja. Today we went to the church as a zone and cooked this food called purpusa (I think) that a sister in our zone from Honduras wanted to do. So we helped her make them from scratch with corn flour for tortillas and home made refried beans and salsa and cheese and all that. They were legittttt. Then we got together and played capture the flag with water balloons... it was a good time. We had fun :) and GOOOO Broncos! And good for Zack getting glasses! He looks like a stud. Tell him I love him a lot and that he looks good in the glasses, no joke. We don't have a pensionista.. what we do have though is a sister from the ward who cooks every day in a marketplace.. and we go to her everyday to eat. Then there is another member who washes our clothes. So it's all good. Baby Jet is going to be awesome! I'm super excited freal. February is going to fly by and then it's going to be March.. I can't believe it. But it's cool.

This week we have been extrememeeeely busy. I literally have zero time to think or do something for myself, but it's okay because I love working and serving. We had a baptism this week! His name was Bryan! He is one of the smartest and funniest 14 year old kids I've ever met. He has been listening to the missionaries now for like 3 years, and finally he made the decision to be baptized. We worked with him super closely and intelligently and now he is a member of the church :) The cool thing is, is that the baptism we had this week was the first that was had in this sector in 7 months :) we are breaking the streak up not having success and it feels good to see the fruits of our labors. We are super blessed! I also had a baptism in Rimac a week ago for Carmen, the lady we met a while back who wanted to learn more about the church, and was baptized three weeks after. THE LORD BLESSES US WITH PREPARED PEOPLE IF WE DILIGENTLY SEARCH. In this zone and sector, I've realized that the way of working is a lot different. We worked in a supppperrr rich sector in the middle of the city and the people are a lot harder and worldlier. We are figuring it out though and seeing the way we can get to them. The Lord really is shedding blessings over us and he is blessing us for our work. We should have more baptisms this month. If you can please pray that Severo, Luis, and Estefanny can be baptized this month. They are all ready. Especially Estefanny and Severo. We just need to find Severo a house so he can live here, and Estefanny just needs to complete with her goal for this month. I really am so happy to be here on the mission. I love the missionaries in my zone also.. they are wonderful and I learn so much from them. I absolutely love training them and giving them advice, because in the end it helps me learn more about the gospel and what I need to do to become better as a missionary. I hope all is well at home, tell the family I really love them!

Love you,

Elder Cluff

 Carmen, our most solid convert of all time.

 Best taco makers in all of Peru!

Our last apartment in Rimac with our elder roomies.

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