Monday, February 22, 2016

February 22, 2016 Letter...

Love you mom! Everything sounds really good. Good to hear about Skyler and Ash.. I'm pumped to be an uncle.. but I'll be honest, it's weird to think you are going to be a grandma.. you are way too young! How wild... that's awesome tho mommy, I love you lots. And good to hear about the job.. that sounds great. Keep up the hard work as always and you´ll continue seeing success.

Today I really don´t have a lot of time which stinks because we looked for an open internet for like 3 hours and couldn´t find one where there was room enough. Booo. But yeah, whatever.

This week the girl who I told you about two weeks ago or last week I can´t remember, will be getting baptized! I´m super excited! She has progressed a lot and the Lord has really blessed us with straight miracles. She was planning on traveling the 24th to go to college and stay there, but with the help of the Lord we were able to get here to stay until this 28th so she can be baptized and confirmed! She´s really excited and that´s what it's all about. I love seeing people become converted to Christ.

My comp is cool. I´m happy. My health is great. Next week I´ll be buying protein.. I'll only need like 113 dollars that's it. HEHE. I´ve been out of shaving soap for like 3 months now and it hurts using shaving cream, but it's okay, I'm almost home. This Wednesday me and my comp have to give a training to half of the mission and it's going to be fun. This week we had a meeting with my comp and I, Elder Alvarez from the area 70, the stake pres, and President Larson. Let me just tell you Elder Alvarez destroyed us with questions, but we held our own and we could answer them. I've learned so much from him. He is a great man and leader. He gave us a lot of great new ideas to help the zone and our own sector, that focuses more in giving service to others to arrive to their hearts.

This is something I have been thinking about a lot lately: I feel sometimes as members of the church we get on spiritual highs and we feel great at church and we learn a lot and we feel like we are on top of the world due to holy spirit that we are inviting into our lives, but then a few days pass and we get back to a, might I say normal, lower spiritual state; we digress and not progress. Why is that? And why is it so easy?

I had seen that a lot in my life before the mission, and still do see it in my mission, I believe that it´s a life long battle. So lately I´ve really began to analyze this concept and why it is that way. I´ve come to the conclusion that it has 100 percent to do with enduring to the end, being firm, steadfast and immovable; being forever constant in ALL we do (scripture study, personal dignity, family prayers, personal prayers, relationships with others, obedience, etc.) The Lord wants us to exercise faith, in order to become more constant and progress spiritually, but on the other hand the enemy wants us to be sloppy and not constant.. he knows he can't get us to completely stop choosing the right, so he gets us a little here... and a little there... and all of sudden we start going backwards. I believe that as we understand better the principles of constancy and firmness, we will then see a significant difference in our lives and more importantly, a difference as to what measure the spirit guides us and directs us daily.

I have been studying these topics while doing the Elder Bednar book of Mormon challenge.. and let me tell you.. I am learning A LOT. I invite you guys to have a family home evening about this topic, because its so important!

Love you guys, all is well in Zion!

Elder Cluff

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