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February 29, 2016 Letter...

Yeah that's a great idea about the house.. be sure to stay in contact with Sue Mika and get her in on it so you guys can decide together!! That would be super awesome though. Let me know what happens.. and if I have to sign something electronically that's just fine. Good to hear the fam damily is doing well and everyone is playing lax and haveeeeinnngg fun. That's a straight blessing. I'm excited though for this package you sent! I want that shaving oil super bad! Its going to be cool. Anyways keep me update with Ashley also! I'm super pumped cuz I'll be a tiooooo! Uncle Caden.. coolest uncle ever. RM.. dope. Anyways your letter was good you can always make them like that if you desire. It's good stuff.

This week was cool. On Tuesday with half of the mission in Magdalena. It was a great training. Well it actually wasn't much of a training… more of a remembering things and getting everyone on the same page. Me and my comp had to give a 15 minute training on what Elder Alvarez recently taught us.. we did it awesome and it was a good time. The spirit was strong!! I absolutely love teaching people and training them. Before the mission I was terrified of speaking in front of people and especially teaching, but now, I love it. I teach with Dad's style.. without even trying.. it just naturally happens haha. We also found out the other day that missionaries from the East mission baptized someone from our sector.. that's apostasy, but whatever.. what are we going to do. He's actually an old investigator that the elders tried to teach but couldn't because he was too old to listen and understand. So yeah... que palta.

On Thursday at 6:30 AM we left with brother Miguel Quintanilla, the new water boy of the mission hahaha. I met him when I was in Amakella, because he is the ward mission leader of Proceres who shared a church with us. Anyways we had to go with him for 5 hours delivering water to the whole zone. It was so tiring, to be honest. We had to deliver like fifty, 20 liter things of water. Anyways we had a good time delivering water and seeing all the missionaries in our huge zone.. Then in the afternoon we had to go to Limatambo, the stake center and I interviewed one of Elder Caipo's (he is a DL here and was my old comp in Condevilla) investigators for his baptism. Soooo prepared and ready to be baptized! Wow. He surprised me. His name is Alejandro and he has such a strong testimony of this gospel. I love doing the baptismal interview because there I'm really able to see the conversion of someone. Such a great opportunity.

El Saturday was awesome! We had a baptism! Estefany.. she that was able to obtain a strong testimony of the gospel, and was baptized!!! We are super happy and excited! She was baptized in the stake center because there was an activity there of YSA and we wanted all them to be able to be there. Really spiritual baptism. I had the honor of baptizing her .. and wow it felt so good. There is nothing like performing a life saving ordinance! We are happy here and will continue baptizing our converts :) Also on Saturday we had lunch with the family Tafur.. the wife is an active member, but the husband isn't a member and wants nothing to do with the church. But during lunch on Saturday we were able to gain a lot of his confidence focusing on him and the things he likes and he was smiling and laughing and it was cool. Little by little.. the focus is on HIM. Not us, He is my goal before I go home.. help him come unto Christ!

Anyways, love you guys.. the time is coming to an end. :( Only 3 more transfer cycles.. and chau chau.

Elder Cluff

Estefany's Baptism 

A lady put this whole fish in hot oil and it was so delicious... I loved it! 

The Beach

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