Thursday, March 17, 2016

March 14, 2016 Letter...

Thanks, that makes me feel more comforted what you said about dad and his job. That's awesome. Maybe he can work on the side with Kula for the church or something like that:) Who knows.. but I'm glad to hear all is well and thanks for all you did with the room! We are going to have a lot of fun! Now I just need to see what job I can get to be able to pay for school and pay rent. But cool :) I'm super pumped. Life is a continually progressing. This week has had a lot of good fun things in it! On Tuesday I received a new comp, and I am now training a new Zone Leader. His name is Elder McPhie from St. George!! He went to Desert Hills HS and knows a lot of the same people I know!!! Like he was on swim team and stuff and he told me he knew Taylor our cousin! Such a small world. It's super fun. It's nice having a USA comp I'm not going to lie... Anyways. We are taking the Zone Limatambo to new heights and we have a lot of new things we are implementing here and we have already seen the differences! The investigators I told you about last week, Carmen and Rachelle, they both will be baptized next week! We are stoked to get it done! They have made such progress and especially Carmen, her conversion story is just amazing. She has received many answers to her prayers and she is just pumped. The ward is doing a great job of helping them feel comfortable also.

This Thursday we have a training from Elder Robbins from the 70 presidency.. it was awesome! I was definitely spiritually enlightened. He talked a lot about obedience and how we have to do it, even when we don't understand. He mentioned that we need to learn to trust in our leaders and those who receive revelation for us, and do what they say and trust in their promises. It was great. Then afterwards we had the leader council with Elder Montoya from the 70.. he was super direct and used a little bit of fire with us and it was awesome... it wasn't really fire for us, but rather in the mission, some things that have been happening that really shouldn't be. I enjoyed it. Then yesterday we had another meeting with my comp and I, Pres. Larson, the stake president, and Elder Alvarez from the 70. It was also a solid meeting. He gave us some new ideas to help the zone, and did some follow ups to make sure we completed with the assignments that he had given us the last time we talked with him. We went SUPER prepared and we able to answer all of his questions and defend the zone. Great experience. I love preparation. 

Anyways, I love you guys,

Elder Cluff

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