Thursday, March 17, 2016

March 7, 2016 Letter...

Good to hear everyone is good motherrr :) I hope Ashley has her baby this week.. that would be cool. I got the shaving oil and YES I love it. It's solid and I thank you for it. Transfers are tomorrow and I'm about 100 percent sure I will be receiving a new comp. Idk if it will be a new zone leader or an old zone leader that will come. Either way it'll be a solid missionary. That's the good thing about being a ZL.. you always get good comps! I'm pumped to hear about Zack and the ACT. I'm positive he'll score much higher than me. I really hated that test to be honest... I''m glad I'll never have to take it again. Glad everyone is working hard and having funnnnn :)

Not much happened this week to be honest. We were able to find a lot of new people to teach and our current investigators are progressing really beautifully. We are seeing a lot of blessings right now! We have two investigadores that are pretty sure for this month. One is Rachelle and the other is Carmen. Rachelle is progressing wonderfully. The most solid family here in the ward, the Vicente family, are helping us a lot with her. One of the daughters from that family recently returned home from the mission in Brazil and is helping us a lot with Rachelle. They are doing a great job of befriending her and helping her go to activities and church. We honestly don't have to do much, well we do, but we don't have to worry about going and picking her up for church or calling her to remind her about appointments and things like that, the family does it.. it's nice :) My comp and I have been able to note a significant difference in her conversion as compared to someone who we have done everything for and members nothing.. She has been able to progress a lot faster and has been able to be more sure about the answers to her prayers and her questions thanks to the family who has completely adopted her into their loving home and dedicated themselves to her eternal well being. That's the way it should be! Members and missionaries... working TOGETHER. I love it.

We had an appointment with Carmen yesterday and she is rocking it. She is a single mother who works alllll day as a nurse in the house of a church member taking care of their old mother who is unable to do things for herself. Carmen is a very loving and patient and receptive person. I remember the second appointment with her she started calling us her angels. Haha. AWESOME. Anyways she went to church yesterday and the members did a fabulous job of befriending her and making her feel comfortable. Carmen LOVED IT. What a great spirit was felt yesterday. Then in the appointment we taught the Restauration and she accepted a baptismal date for this month! She has 3 older kids that live with her and we are going to be able to work with them also :)

We have a few other people who are progressing and possibles for this month. We are loving it. It's amazing to see how much the Lord blesses us when we are diligent and when we remember him.

I love you guys,

Elder Cluff

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