Thursday, December 4, 2014

December 1, 2014 Letter...

Hi Family!

I love the family so much! Yeah, this week we didn't knock too many doors.. we were super busy with other appointments and stuff. And yeah! How was thanksgiving?! Glad to hear dad is still working Kula.. Security shifts too.. same ol' papa:)

Yeah, I'm gonna look at those pics! Sounds great Christmas and all. Thanksgiving here we had a multi-zone meeting and a training with the president and the assistants. It was really awesome. I got called on to speak and give my opinion (in front of 60-ish people) to talk about how we can find the people the Lord has prepared for us. I talked about how as missionaries we spend too much time worrying about finding these people, and don't give enough room for the Spirit. The way we find prepared people is through the spirit. Nothing more. If we can't feel the Spirit - if we can't feel the guidance, we aren't going to find anyone to teach. Yeah, we might find people to teach, but they won't be the people the Lord has prepared for us to teach in that moment. The constant companionship of the Spirit is the key to success. I have seen that here in the mission field, the smallest things drive the Spirit away, it is very sensitive. I have learned how important repentance is. People think as missionaries we have to Spirit always, but this is not true. We have to repent even more than other people. It may be more for little things, but through repentance we regain the companionship of the Spirit to help guide us to where we need to go (I shared something like this). Ahem...and all of this was in Spanish and yes, my Spanish is killing it.

Oh, Thanksgiving meal was five hot dogs, two bags of chips, an apple and water.. and more learning. It was good to spend it with President Borg and Hermana Borg though, because they are in the same position as I am, being away from home (Utah) on Thanksgiving in another country that doesn't celebrate it. I love them.. I'm going to be super sad when President Borg and his wife return to Sandy in June :( 

For a package, I have the info here: se llama Vanessa Cotreras y su numero telefónico es 801-548-0561, 1604 S. Prospect St. SLC, 6 dollars per lb. (I typed the first part in Spanish have fun lololol) Contact this lady and figure out wha's up and see if you can send packages with her. I think she works for the church.. but I'm not sure. I know she works though.

Yeah, I sent you another email about the money I need:) the things I want in a package is airheads extremes again, sour gummy candy, I WANT TO BUY PROTEIN FOR MY LIFTING TOO. I don't know, just put things in there that are heartfelt... :)

But yeah, not too much happened this week, we are working hard to complete with our baptisms we have for the 13th. We have two for that date that are going to happen. Sister Adela, and Sister Celen. With Celen, this week we prayed and prayed that she would come to church, because we couldn't go with her because she has school until the hour church starts. So we prayed and prayed, and with 10 minutes left in sacrament meeting, she walked in! She loved church too. She will be able to be baptized on the 13th, but we are still working really hard with her. Prayer is something very powerful, and when we pray with faith, the Lord is going to answer our prayers. With Adela, we are working hard to get her marriage papers done, there are a few complications, but the Lord will help us through them! Marriage on the 13th, then Adela's baptism the same day:) Big day no? Yeah goooood stuff. Oh and my bishop here is a stud.. I love his family.

Anyways, I love you all! Keep having a jolly prep time before Christmas!

Elder Cluff

P.S. Tranfers are tomorrow but I'm 99% sure I'm not going anywhere! I'll be here for a while:) Long live Rico Rimac!!!!

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