Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December 8, 2014 Letter...

Hey Family!

That's sweet Zack got laid out hahaha... not kidding. It'll toughen him up... ah he is a freaking stud. Make sure to remind him to eat a lot of food to grow. I'm lifting again and I'm gonna buy protein soon... hehe. Yes. Good to hear you guys are doing family scripture and prayer. And yes challenge them to read their BOMs personally! Offer them an incentive! A knowledge of the Book of Mormon is so key for the mission, and the earlier the better:)

This week was good. We'll been working a lot this week getting all the things in place for the marriage of Gian y Adela. We are working really hard to make it happen so Adela can be baptized. There have been about 100 complications with their marriage and we are trying to work through them. We fasted for them this week that we can make their marriage and her baptism on the 13th. Pray for them that everything will work out. We have another baptism this week with an hermana named Celen. We have been teaching her for about 4 weeks, and she'll be baptized this Saturday. She is awesome. I can tell the Spirit has worked in her because I have seen her testimony develop. I love seeing this change happen. I love seeing people acquire testimonies of the restored gospel. Me and my comp focus most on developing the testimonies of the investigators. For this reason, we only use the Book of Mormon. If they don't gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon, they'll never accept this gospel. We focus really hard on the conversion of people, so they can know for themselves. I have learned a lot and I'm still learning so much on how to help people develop this testimony. Anyways, I'm really excited:) We have two baptisms this Saturday, one reactivation, and one marriage:) We're gonna make it happen. I'll be sure to send pics too. Please pray that everything will work out. The mission is the greatest thing in the world. 

Today for P-day we went to one of the richest areas in Lima called Miraflores, where we rented bikes and rode them by the beach and up hills as big as Suncrest. It was too fun. This area Miraflores looks like California.. not kidding.. it's amazing. There were were a whole bunch of North American tourists everywhere.. and it was weird. Super fun P-day and I'm sun-burnt, but also look Peruvian so it's alright, haha. I'll be sure to send pics. We went with the whole zone.. and they are a blast. 

This week was slow.. because we have focused all our time and energy in making these baptisms happen. We know Celen is for sure, but if we can't get Gian and Adela married, we'll have to postpone it, which we don't want. Please pray everything will work out:)

I love you guys and I'm glad to hear everything is good at home:) 

Elder Cluff

P.S. tell the boys I love them and to send me letters next time! Tell Zack to email me personally.

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