Thursday, December 4, 2014

November 24, 2014 Letter...

Hahaha, oh man that was absolutely horrible with those leaves last time mom.. and you guys did 14 bags?!!! Holy cow, congratz... haha that's amazing. Skyler and Ash came, funnnn. They got to go to Circa Survive.. haha good for them that's smooth. I wouldn't mind a concert right now. Ya I'm on a mission though. Lolz. La Costa, wow now that sounds good. I can't wait to come home and talk to those workers at my favorite restaurant and blow them away in their native language... fácilito. Haha. Yeah, Hunger Games are cool movies, I've never read the books but I saw some of the movies.

About your job mom...what an awesome faith builder. Sometimes we have to take a leap of faith, but the savior is always going to catch us, and help us. When we have faith in him, listen to the whiperings and promtings of his spirit, we are always going to be okay. He is always going to lead us where we need to go when we walk with faith. I love you too mom and I knew the Lord would bless you... :)

Thanksgiving... haha what's Thanksgiving? Yeah, we have no plans. The mission doesn't do anything, but for Christmas, yeah we will have a lot of fun! And I think we get a Pday on the 31st.. which is a Pday on my Bday... COOL:) Have a good Thanksgiving though. This is my first away from home.. not cool but ya it's my life right now.

But yeah, this week was good. Okay the couple who I have been talking about Gian y Adela who have a little cute son named Franco, are so amazing. Me and my previous comp started working with them like my second day in the field, Gian being less active and his partner being an investigadora. When we first started working with them, it was difficult a little. They didn't want to change much, and didn't want to get married because they didn't think it was too important. Over the past 3 months of working with them, I have seen such a change in them. This gospel has made such a change in them; it's something very beautiful. The girl Adela, has progressed so far it's insane. She said she'll do anything she needs to do to be baptized, first marriage on the 13th. In this little family of 3, I have seen the foundation of the gospel set for the rest of their lives. I have seen how much closer as spouses it's brought them and that all the problems in their life have worked out as they've completed what we've taught. I just absolutely love seeing the change this gospel has in people, and that we are here to help familias be eternal. Nothing makes me happier than this. 

We are working hard, and committed another hermana to baptism last night named Ilda. Powerful lesson we had. She shared with us her love for us, and called us angels because we visit her parents (recent converts Ramon y Corpusa both 85 years old more or less who are purely amazing) several times a week.. Something I've learned is that people know us by our fruits. When we act in the way of Jesus Christ, people are going to see it, and be more deeply converted to what we teach, because we are showing His love. Loving the people is the key to converting them.

My companion is powerful and the connection we have when we teach really is awesome. My teachings are becoming more powerful, too, as I rely on the spirit more to guide me and help me to discern. 

December is going to be a busy month for us :)

Love you family, keep pushing forward.

Elder Cluff

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