Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December 15, 2014 Letter...

Thanks for the packages Mom:) I'm sure they'll get here fine! I'm really excited. I love you guys. Keep the personal scripture study and family scripture study up.. it's gonna help you guys a lot. In every aspect of your lives!

Glad you guys got to get together with Skyler and Ash and all the family... I miss stuff like that, but yea whatevs:)

Anyways, this week we had a baptism! Our investigator was baptized this Saturday. We are still working with Gian and Adela for Adela's baptism, because there were complications with their marriage for the 13th, so we pushed it way back for the 10th of January so we can put everything in place to make it happen. We are super dissappointed we couldn't make everything work, but I guess the Lord has other plans, and we are definitely okay with that. We prayed and felt that we should push their marriage and baptismal date to January 10th, 3 days before transfers. We''ll make it happen. But yes, Saturday our investigator was baptized! She is awesome and has a strong testimony of the gospel. I got to perform the ordinance and it went super smooth:) baptismal service was super beautiful and it is the first of many. This sector (before us) only had 1 baptism in the past 2 years. So we are working hard to change this pattern. Me and my comp and doing all we can to help people make these covenants with God. I love this missionary work :) It is super hard and super stressful, but seeing the fruits of our labors, seeing people change and draw nearer to the Savior is better than anything in the entire world. This is why we keep pushing, why we keep working. The Lord has more people for us to teach, and it's our job to find them:)

I sent pictures, too! Enjoy! There's one of me with 2 of my LP friends!! :)

I love you guys and hope everything is going good!

Elder Cluff

Elder Pedrera, Celen and Elder Cluff
(Elder Cluff's hair is getting so blonde!)

Members and investigators from the ward and other pair of missionaries from the ward :)

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