Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 13, 2014 Letter...

Congratz on the job mom! It's so good to hear that.. haha real estate.. thats so cool! I'm sooo glad to hear:) Haha you legitimately have to most extensive resume I've ever heard of.. I love it. You´ve done it all mom and I love you very much. I think about you a lot and always want you and the family to stay safe and healthy. Eat healthy :)

Dad is a stud.. working with Julie.. I'm glad that is working out. He works so hard and it's really an inspiration to me. I love him very much. Don't move to LA tho.. keep it in Alpine, haha. Thanks.

Hahahaha at the thing about me setting the bar high with school.. tell the boys I'm sorry.. Just work hard and have fun.. don't worry too much about it, just pray for the Lords help and he will give it.. he always does! That's how I got through all my work in high school. High school ended up being the greatest experience. I loved it. Tell the boys to serioulsy live up every last moment! Especially zack. You blink, and then it's over. 

Zack.. I'm glad he´s lifting.. stud. He´ll grow. But he needs to eat more. He needs more healthy complex carbs and should shoot for around 400g a day, with around 150g of protein. He can get that from drinking shakes with a cup of raw oats, and eat eggs, potatoes, drinking two scoops of protein with a cup of oats right after lifting, and then eating an hour later. He´ll grow, he just needs to eat:) Also creatine monohydrate will help... turn him on to that. If he has questions tell him to talk to me:)

Anyways, not much happened this week. Just the usual in the beginning of the week, then Thursday we went to the temple! Ah, it's such a pretty temple. The session was in Spanish, but I understood everything until the end.. lol. It doesn't help when the worker is from the US and speaks white man Spanish, lol. But, yeah I loved the temple. I bought the missionary reference library and also these smooth scriptures cases with my name and mission emblem that are gonna be here in a week. They are super cool, I'll remember to send a pic. But, yeah the temple was SUPER spiritual.. I learned a lot and received a lot of revelation. Really great experience. Conference this week was good too! We watched it all day Saturday and Sunday with the stake! A lot of good messages! Again, all in Spanish, so I didn't get everything. Haha on Saturday when the MTC choir sang I saw 10 people I knew from the Provo MTC hahaha. Including Grant Lyman that you know.. and Jake Downs.. haha legendary. I love my friends.. I am excited though for The Liahona to learn more from the talks! I challenge you guys to do the same in FHE :) The work here is going forward!

Next week is transfers.. there is a chance I'll get a new comp and be the new guide of our sector because my comp has 6 months in this sector.. but we´ll see. I wouldn't mind that. Tomorrow are interviews with the president; I'm super stoked because our pres is the greatest man ever. Such a stud. Oh yeah, I GOT THE PACKAGE. I loved it. I also hung the decorations up :) The Twix... oh my heavens have been perfect. All the candy! I loved the letters too.. thank you :) I love hearing from the fam!

Anyways I love you guys. Keep killin' it!

Elder Cluff

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